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A Halloween Poem

This is a fun little ditty that came to mind after speaking with my 26 year old daughter tonight about her plans for Halloween. The picture is home grown. I hope you enjoy the read.


When my daughter was just a wee one,

Reading scary Halloween stories was such fun.

Ghosts and goblins and witches galore,

Our scary stories were never a bore.

She dressed as a lion, a pumpkin and a witch,            

Those were the days when laughter was our ‘rich’.     

Now she is grown and living a great life,

Life still is fun but not without its strife.

There is work to do and bills to pay,

Not much time for fun in her every day.

But once a year this young woman does recall,

How she was a princess, a devil, the belle of the ball.

She throws caution to the wind and allows her child inside to shine,        

Teaching me that make believe and dress-up are all still divine.   

Growing up doesn’t mean you stop having fun,

For if you resign you are as good as done.

And with Halloween upon us once more,

It is time for greeting monsters and fairies at the door.

We learn from our children, what we so easily forget,

That time is a thief and fantasies our best bet.                                

Make believe has its place and you need not be a child,

Believe for a moment, let yourself go … be wild.

When we are all grown up its important for us to remember,

That our childhood is something we should never surrender.

Happy Halloween.


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Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen - Cute Tammy! Very cute!

Just be glad you aren’t back here in Colorado today: Eight inches of snow on the ground, and you can hear the trees breaking off outside…sad.

Laura Lee

Tammy - Hi Laura Lee, Eeeeaak it sounds awful! I sit at my home desk looking out to a sunny 70 degree L.A. day. I was missing the snow until I got your post. Not missing that! I would walk my little 11 pound dog in snow, sleet and frigid temps. I much prefer sunny warm walks. I’m sorry I never had the chance to meet you when I lived there. You are awesome and I thank you for posting. Now go light a fire and make some hot chocolate with brandy. It always helped me!

Liz - Great poem…. your “kid” looks adorable in her costumes – I recall when my daughter was a bat and a witch. Thanks for taking us down memory lane.

Tammy - Liz, It was such great fun, wasn’t it? Amanda always would ask me why I didn’t make her costumes like the ‘other’ moms. A sewer I’m not, but I’m crazy good with a glue gun! Still, I always tried to do right by her and she always rocked her little outfits. Still does I might add. It occurs to me that dress up shouldn’t just be for the kids. I may dress up as something wild and bizarre … for Xmas. Hahahaha! Happy to have you to wander down memory lane with. Thanks for posting.

Lori - Beautifully awesome!! Love the pics!

Suerae Stein - Beautiful poem and beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

Tammy - Thanks, Suerae. The poem was such fun! Perhaps I should try writing cards for Hallmark – ya think? Thanks for posting!

Tammy - Lori, it WAS awesome. Still is. But I do miss the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating. I look forward to answering the door every year. Some of the little babies are just so wonderful. I hope I never grow up. It seems I’m off to a good start. Haa! Thanks for being here!

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen - Tammy:
Yes, I have a little 11 pound dog too, but he’s scared of the great outdoors. He’s inside with me drinking hot chocolate!

California dreamin’…. Laura Lee

mel glenn - a very sweet piece. Happy Halloween

Jeff Davidson - Nice poetry and a little touching. I remember the days of dressing up for Halloween.
Keeping a little kid in you helps to keep you young!
Keep up the good work.
Jeff Davidson

Tammy - Hi Jeff, it was such a fun little ditty to write. But I especially relate to not ever surrendering our childhood. I shall be a kid until the day I die. Thanks for posting, so happy to have you hear. Happy Halloween!

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