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An Open Letter To The Republican Party … (oh, boy!)

GOP(We are not supposed to discuss politics for fear of alienating our readership. Well, I guess I’m throwing that rule out the window! Hang on to your hats, this is going to hurt … one of us).

Dear Republican Party,

I am embarrassed to be counted among you.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Global warming is not a hoax. Get a clue and open a window. Denying it only hurts our earth and all those who live on it (not to mention it makes all Republicans look like idiots).

I am sickened by your bigoted intolerance of gay and lesbian people marrying. It’s not all about you. It’s about humanity and doing the right thing. And stop blaming God for every narrow-minded thought you cannot suppress. God, my friends, is about love, acceptance and forgiveness. Sharing, caring, and moving forward with non judgment is the name of the game of life. Perhaps you should live it and stop telling others how to.

Why do Republicans have an obsession with standing in the way of a woman’s right to choose? I have never believed that old white men should make laws that govern women’s choice and bodies. When you grow a vagina, we’ll talk. Until then … it’s called freedom of choice, also known as the American way.

What are you thinking when you talk about deporting millions of immigrants? YES, we need stronger borders. We need a government that stands by its states and helps protect its people from renegade immigrants that cross our borders with drugs, guns and violence. But don’t lump these people in with the millions that are here seeking a better life. Even a third grader will tell you how moronic that is. I am a child of an immigrant. Most people I know are.

Instead of threatening to “round them up” (smacks of Nazism) let us use our intellect and resources to find a way to legalize the immigrants who are here, so they can contribute to the tax base, vote legally and have a stake in what happens here. Ditch the “I’m here so close the gate” mentality. America was built as a melting pot. It’s time to initiate a far more efficient system to accept immigrants into this great country or ours. Pass laws that encourage and welcome immigrants, require them to assimilate to our country, speak the language and embrace its freedoms. If they don’t like it, they can leave. It’s about choice.

And, for the love of all that is holy, get a foreign policy. The American people want a strong military; one that is at the ready to defeat any foe, but warmongering doesn’t fall in to that category. Those “boots on the ground” are someone’s sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Deploy with great care and utter urgency. War is a losing battle for all sides but there are times when a fight must be fought. Anyone who doesn’t think so should view the footage of our troops liberating the Nazi camps.

GOP, please stop pandering to the wealthy and offering unprecedented tax cuts to them while you are threatening to cut school lunches, social security, and defunding teachers and fire fighters. If you need to make cuts, start with your inflated salaries, perks and elitists insurance policies. Stop acting like you are above the law.

It’s sickening. All of it. Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan are rolling over in their graves watching how you are systematically desecrating the GOP.

I will go on record and share that I have not always been the biggest fan of President Obama. I believe in my heart that a lot of the policies he has implemented have demeaned this country’s status, strength and respectability throughout the globe. How anyone can read the statistics about the Iran deal and still condone it is beyond my understanding. That alone could vaporize the world in the days ahead.

However, he IS our elected president. Stop being such babies, holding your breath, shutting down the government, and manipulating the masses, so you can win. Governing is not a game. Get on with the business of it.

We are sick and tired of the extremists that are running under the banner of the Tea Party. If it walks like a bigoted racist duck and talks like a bigoted racist duck, chances are pretty good it’s a bigoted racist duck.

I’m out!


An apologizing former Republican (newly registered Independent)

And so it goes ….. your thoughts?


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Marilyn Tichauer - BLECK for PRESIDENT!!!!!

Tammy - Marilyn, this made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that. For the record: I will not seek, nor will I accept the nomination for President of the United States. Unless there is substantial chocolate involved. xo

Tammy - Thanks, Sharon. That makes two of us! Happy to have you here!

Toni @ Debt Free Divas - Well said. Well said. We don’t all have to agree on everything, but we can start by finding the ability to respect one another. I think the media is just as complicit in the hostility that’s so pervasive. Good old respect and decent debate doesn’t get ratings. Oh boy…what’s a political junkie who abhors the current state of discourse to do.

Here’s an idea – read great blogs like this one! Thanks!

Tammy - Toni, THANK YOU for the kind review! You are SO right and make a marvelous point; the media is culpable to the highest extreme. And the ratings go up and the coverage gets even more moronic. God help us all! Here’s hoping that respect for one another finds its way to Washington.

Gary Siegel - Shades of coincidence. Did I once know you in a prior life? I too changed to Independent out of total disgust of the GOP. The only problem I had was not being able to figure out how fill out the change of political party form. Perhaps you should publish simple instructions and get a “grass roots” campaign going in that direction.

Tammy - Hi Gary, go figure, that makes two of us! I have a feeling there are many more of us yet unspoken. I still believe in the mantra of less government that the Republicans hold true. If there was a grass roots effort I’d join it. We are birds of a feather, my friend, happy to have you here! Thanks for that.

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
Couldn’t agree with you more! Which begs the question – how come you are a Republican? Any chance of conversion to the Democratic party? And what do you say to Donald Trump? I am not
saying that the Dems are perfect, but but the GOP
is a party without grace, hope or vision.

Sheryl - You are NOT stupid. You ARE brave. And, you are so RIGHT. (Not right-wing, but right in the sense of what you are saying makes such sense!!!)

Tammy - Hi Mel, the fact is, I have voted Democrat almost half my life. It’s always been about the person instead of the party. However, that being said, I truly believe in the Republican’s view of less is more when it comes to government meddling, handouts and programs. I grew up just knee high from dirt poor. No one gave us anything. I learned to earn my way and it made me. Dems have taken that lesson away from so many with their liberal program offerings and tax sucking programs. Not a fan. However, you are RIGHT, the GOP is a party without grace, hope or vision. To add salt to the wound, they have lathered up a good dose of hate, bigotry and racism. From this day forward I cannot, I will not, call myself a Republican. Those are NOT my ideals. Will I ever become a Democrat? Never say never.

Tammy - Thanks, Sheryl. It makes sense to me too only because it’s so basic. Sometimes we have to go back to basics to see what is right and what is wrong. The stands the GOP are making are just WRONG. I cannot stand beside them and call them my party. Far from it! Great to hear from you!

Tam Warner Minton - Ah, a 1980s Republican! The kind I used to be able to have a discussion with. Now, I absolutely cut off, and abhor, any discussions with Republicans. I find them strident, angry, and self involved. Except for the middle and lower class Republicans, I think they are just not too bright. Why vote against yourself? That is what they do. I despise the judgmental bullshit.
Yes, I am a liberal democrat. And I voted for Obama. And I would vote for him again against people like Palin and Mitt.

Kitt Crescendo - Honestly, my friend, I’m pretty tired of all of them. Never mind disappointed. I keep hoping that someone’s going to run at some point that I can completely get behind, but so far, no luck. I may agree with some of their views, then they’ll throw something pretty big and extreme out there that is completely the opposite of how I feel…

Tammy - I’m right there with you, Kitt. Perhaps it’s time to save those dollar bills for that little island in the Pacific. Then I could be my own President. If only it were that easy! So happy to see you here! Thanks for popping in and sharing with me.

t - Great article and one that made me think! I vote for the person, not the party. Having said that I will say I have no idea who I will vote for and am not thrilled with any of them. By the time the election gets here I will be so sick of the commercials I probably won’t like any of them…but I will vote. I’m a former history teacher and my dad served. I don’t understand people who don’t vote.

Have a great day Tammy and hope to see you at BAM!

Theresa Wiza - Great letter! I hope some of the Republican presidential candidates read it. I don’t consider myself a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent. I vote strictly on the person running. I know for sure that I will NOT be voting Republican, however, due to all the poison that has been leaking out of the mouths of people in that party. Right now, I’m leaning toward Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, and I’m looking forward to the debates to make my final decision.

Anne - Tammy,

All I can say after reading your article is “Wow”. Fantastic article!


Maryjo Morgan - Way to go, Tammy!

This thread is the most SANE political discussion I’ve seen in AGES! Good for you for engaging respectfully and truthffully. We SHOULD be able to do this! you know, talk, agree to disagree sometimes, be surprised to find ourselves in agreement or disagreement when we didn’t expect it.

What thrills me about this thread is flagrant love of country enough to have the courage to question, to seek additional information and above all, to exercise our hard-won right to vote and case knowledgable votes.

You totally ROCK, Tammy!

Tammy - I’m right there with you. I vote for the person too. Problem is, no one of great quality is stepping up. And my Grand Old Party had turned into a hate mongering, bigoted lynch mob. Good grief! We will all be sick of the process before it’s over. I’ve never officially been an Independent before and it feels a bit like a betrayal. Then I remember that it was the GOP that changed gears and betrayed us. Bah! There’s no winning this game!

Tammy - Theresa, I am leaning that direction as well. More time needs to be given to the candidates so we can get a better idea of who they are. Trump seems to take the center stage. Entertaining but not all that enlightening. Fingers crossed!

Tammy - Thanks, Anne, so happy you enjoyed the read. It was therapeutic to write. Sad for me, really. I am fiercely loyal and it feels a bit like I’m abandoning my party of choice. But the truth is, they have wandered off into crazy-ville and have abandoned many followers such as myself. I just cannot abide the hate mongering, name calling, negative nuances that pour out of their mouths. Enough! So happy to see you here, Anne. Thanks for that. xo

Tammy - Thanks, Maryjo! I’ve noticed that even the peeps that don’t agree (and I’m sure there are millions) here, at least, they are quite civil and wonderfully expressed. I’m with you….it should be like this! Truth is, it pains me to see my party of choice get so off track. I just can’t abide by their hate mongering and negative tactics towards women, gays, immigrants. It’s crazy to me. This is NOT the GOP I have faith in. Not by a long shot! I am thrilled to hear from you. Thrilled! Thanks for that. xo

Kerry Mellin - After reading your thoughts, I’m inspired and hopeful that a new generation of enlightened republicans may emerge from this political chaos .

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