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Lipstick isn’t just for lesbians

I’ve never really cared too much for the phrase ‘lipstick lesbian’. If I were a lesbian, it would feel like an insult. Lesbians who wear lipstick are evidently more acceptable to society. I guess if you don’t like something, you try and dress it up. It might be an American thing. Europeans don’t have those […]

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Kesha Brown - I sometimes wonder where terms like these come from myself. Some jealous idiot created it 🙂

Though I don’t contribute to the lipstick fund, I do buy a bunch of lip glosses so really it’s no different!

btw: I have an affair with nail polish in any economy LOL 🙂

Fun post!


Tammy - Kesha, I also am a huge contributor to the nail polish fund. Oh my gosh, I must have at least 30 bottles. I’m ridiculous. By the time I want to wear a color, it’s usually all dried up. Lipstick, not so much. I find a couple of colors I like and that’s good enough for me. Could be my confidence … or just me being lazy. You be the judge. At any rate, I think I am not a very solid economic indicator! Thanks for posting!

Cynthia - Just buried my mother yesterday. She would always say, “if you’re feeling down, put on a little lipstick and you’ll feel better”.

Tammy - Cynthia, I’m so very sorry. Your mom was right … lipstick does help us to feel better. I never walk the dog without it. I may not have any makeup on and my messy hair is in a clip, but hey, I’ve got my lipstick on so I’m rocking it. Thanks for posting. Sending good loving thoughts your way.

Kellie - Always have that little tube or jar of gloss of color magic in my purse. Like American Express …never leave home without it! It’s my little pick me up and cheaper than BOTOX!

Suerae Stein - Maybe it’s because I live out in the boonies, but I’ve never heard that term before and I can’t imagine what it means. Just another label. I think my daughter is contributing to the nail polish increase trend! Thanks for a great post – you always make me think! ~ Suerae

BlueHost Code - Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

Jeff Davidson - I definitely do not contribute to the makeup economy indicator. However, I remember in the past that the length of a woman’s hemline was an indicator of prosperity.

Not certain how or why some people come up with term or expressions that have absolutely nothing to do withthe intended target! Oh well.

Tammy - Jeff, I have a feeling there is probably not a lot you can relate to in this post about lipstick and lesbians. But isn’t it interesting that lipstick and nail polish have become such economic indicators. Yes, I remember when it was said that when the economy is down, hemlines are up, and vice-a-versa. I do believe we are dating ourselves a bit here, and I agree with you, I have no idea either how these silly indicators get started. Until then, I keep buying lipstick and nail polish. Just doing my fair share. Thanks for the post!

Where’s the fire?

The estimated life span of the average woman is 85. These days, I’m not sure that’s good news or bad news. I’m kind of excited that I am expected to live to 85, but worry how I will be able to work that long.  I mean, at the rate things are going, I will surely […]

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Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur - Note to self:

Return to this post every year on my birthday for a big fat dose of inspiration and a reminder I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. 🙂

Happy blogging and enjoy the UBC ride!

Jenn - When my Dad was in the hospital…for a week before he was passing, everywhere I went this played:

An’ he said: “I went sky diving, I went rocky mountain climbing,
“I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu.
“And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter,
“And I gave forgiveness I’d been denying.”
An’ he said: “Some day, I hope you get the chance,
“To live like you were dyin’.”

He said “I was finally the husband,
“That most the time I wasn’t.
“An’ I became a friend a friend would like to have.
“And all of a sudden goin’ fishin’,
“Wasn’t such an imposition,
“And I went three times that year I lost my Dad.
“Well, I finally read the Good Book,
“And I took a good long hard look,
“At what I’d do if I could do it all again….

Maureen - Beautiful post from Jenn – I’ve never heard that before, what is it?

This is my favorite:
“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways – champagne in one hand, strawberries in the other – body thoroughly used up and totally worn out, screaming: WOO HOO! What a ride!”

Thanks for the daily thought-provoking words Tammy!

Lee Lefton - Steve Jobs.
Israel next April. God willing and floods don’t come.

Everything you’ve said doesn’t simply strike a chord of urgency. It bangs a gong.

Now I simply have to choose to listen.

Not so simple. It means giving up a lot of habitual nonsense.

All of that aside, you are awesome.

Tammy - Melanie, LOVE your comment – thanks! I am always on the lookout for that random bus that is sure to run amok as soon as I step off the curb. You just never really know. So very happy to have you here! Thanks for posting!

Tammy - Jenn, I see I struck a chord. Hope it was a positive one. I’ve never heard this before – is it a song or a poem? Sure makes you think doesn’t it? I think you have a reader that wants more info about it. Check back to the comments. So, Jenn, what will you do with this one wonderful life of yours?

Tammy - Maureen, It was a crazy good post from Jenn. Your post is not too shabby either. I’ve heard this expression before- LOVE IT. Let that be our new creed. I have a favorite quote that you can check on the website sometime about meeting God and being able to tell him that you used everything He gave you. I hope so. Thanks for posting.

Tammy - Lee, so happy to bang your gong! I don’t think you have a problem in the listening department, I think you have a problem in the do-ing department. I’ve learned that it’s not enough to listen to your heart; you have to follow it. I think your heart is waiting for your courage to catch up. And YOU sir, are awesome too! Israel is on my list, hopefully sometime next year (if the creek don’t rise). I know you will have a spectacular time. So happy to have you here.

Jenn - Maureen,

The song is by Tim McGraw “Live Like You Were Dying”. You can find the official video on Youtube. I believe this song is associated with his father, who was diagnosed with cancer, and passed nine months later.

Tammy - Maureen, visit the comments section again. Jenn left you a message.

Anne Tichauer - Once again, you have hit us right on the spot! Life is short and in fact, right now, I am already making amends, baking from scratch and just loving, loving, my family, friends and even kinder to my “enemies”!
I don’t think I will live up to my 80s, and if I do, my hips will still be shaking – salsaing away!
Great article, Ms Tammy!

Tammy - Anne, you are way ahead of the rest of us. For those of us who have suffered a loss, it’s a lesson learned all too well. I always thought that when the hurt went away clarity would take its place. It doesn’t happen that way. We must always be courageous and vigilant against time wasted. We simply don’t have it to spare. Thank you, Anne, for being here.I believe you will outlive us all. Loved your post.

Cynthia - Tammy, tammy, tammy… timely is this blog…and you didn’t even know. And then you and I spoke this evening about my mother’s death just this morning…and on Yom Kippur nonetheless…You wrote. “estimated life span of a woman is 85”.Our mom was 4 weeks from being 95 and was pretty cognicent until about 85 or 86 when she began her repetative thoughts and speech..My sister and i held her and loved her to the end….She was “full of fire” as you described. XO

Tammy - Cynthia, words cannot describe how sorry I am for your moms passing. My heart goes out to you. Of course, I had no idea when writing this blog. I never met your mom but judging from you, my guess is she was a pretty spectacular woman. The apple never falls far from the tree. Life is temporary. How temporary … well, we just never know. Am sending lot’s of love your way. It is a new year for you, my friend. May your name be written in the Book of Life. Thank you for sharing.

Suerae Stein - My mother-in-law died in her 50s and I never even met her. From stories I’ve been told, I know she was an amazing woman full of life and love and a love of life. She didn’t know she would die young, but it wouldn’t have mattered to her. I believe she would’ve lived the exact same life she did and regretted nothing. If only we all had that spirit. What a heart-felt post, Tammy, I don’t know how you do it! Thank you,

Jenn - Oh Cyndy,

I’m so sorry for you loss. I am thankful you had the time that you did, and that you were able to hold and love her till the end. Always thinking of you…always.

Jeffrey Davidson - I have always felt that if you save everything for that special occassion you will pass on before that special occassion occurs.

Consider the future but definitely enjoy likfe NOW!

Sue Cove - So sorry for your loss cynthia…..:(
Great blog Tammy…you are doing great stuff!
I will continue to light my match and run until my end.
but….I will try not to run too fast as I may fall and break my hip!

Cindy Maier - Oh yeah, I plan to keep on going and doing until the parts give out!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Brian Williams

Who doesn’t? You’ve got to love a man who visits you everyday dressed in his Sunday best and is always so well mannered and well informed. Did I mention his hunky broad shoulders? Everything I need or want to know of the world’s activities that day, Brian (we are on a first name basis) is […]

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Kellie - OK sorry raining on your Brian parade. I am the Anderson Cooper type. Who would not just fall for his baby blue eyes and Prada garb. Not to mention is connection to Mama Vanderbilt! Hello …I. could be well dressed for life as Mrs Cooper!

Tammy - Kellie, I can understand that. Anderson is quite a spiffy guy. But you are aware that he does not favor women (not that there’s anything wrong with that), which pretty much limits your chances. Still, you could go shopping with him and his mama. Just a thought. thanks for the post, it made me laugh.

Jeffrey Davidson - I enjoy Brian too, just not quite in the same way.

Would we feel the same way if Brooke Burke Charvet delivered the news the same way Brian does?

Kellie - Yes I am aware he does not play for my team. However, I am willing to be a beard..just for the fabulous clothes …always thinking ahead!

Alex - I was very pleased to find your website.I wanted to thanks for your time for this nice article!!

I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

Best regards Alex

Tammy - Jeffrey, Since I don’t know who Brooke Burke Charvet is, I can honestly answer: No. Besides, there is no one who reads the news as well as Brian. Duh?!

Tammy - Alex, Thanks! I love getting bookmarked. Hope to see you back.

Ban the Baby?

Malaysian Airlines has just banned babies in their first class section.  Brilliant or unfair? Personally, I didn’t know you could ban babies. This information would have been helpful for me to know about twenty-five years ago. Never underestimate the baby! They can out think you, out yell you and out stare you. We are simply […]

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Kellie - Oh since I only have a dog and a cat …my only qualified response is meow and woof!

Tammy - Kellie, you have just opened up a whole new can of worms. I can’t tell you how much I resent having to pay $100 to have my little dog travel with me so that I can shove her under the seat in front of me (by the way there is barely enough room for my feet there) and lose the privilege of taking a carry-on piece of luggage. Bunk! I’d rather sit next to my pup that a small child if we are all traveling across the country. I’ve asked to pay for a seat for my 11 pound dog but am told it is too dangerous. Yet we can hold an infant on our lap. Over my head. I feel another blog coming on. Thanks for the post!

Maureen - Did you hear about the bus driver that put the mom & baby off his bus due to the infant’s screaming? Said he couldn’t keep focused on his driving with that going on….

Jeffrey Davidson - I have sat next to or near babies that were better traveling companions than grownups! I would much rather sit next to a nice dog than an average person. Unfortunately some people give our pets a bad name as they are real “dogs” too!

Tammy - Maureen, I just heard about it on the news this morning. Who knew I would write such a timely piece? I don’t agree at all with what the bus driver did, maybe I need more info. But sounds like she kicked the mother and baby off the bus because she was too annoyed by the babies crying. Let us hope the bus driver is not a parent. Sorry, but if we kicked babies and kids out of cars and buses when they became annoying, the road would be littered with children. Not okay. Perhaps the driver needs a vacation.

Tammy - Jeffrey well said. I’ve known a few dogs in my life (the two legged kind) and I think I’m related to one or two. Give me a dog or a kid any day of the week. Thanks for posting.

kellie - oh don’t I know it. On the trains in Europe you are allowed to travel with pets on your lap or sitting on floor in your compartments with others. Only requirement …must have a dog muzzle if any aggression shown by pet. Let me tell you, the dog was an Angel …the owner …not so much! The muzzle should have been used on the owner! Give me animals any day!

Tammy - Kellie, I run into the same kind of bull when I travel with Maddy and go into hotels. I patronized this wonderful place in St. George, Utah and the manager advised me that he would rather have dogs as guests than most people. Smack! And to that I say; Amen!

Kesha Brown - Tammy, girl, when I walk in the terminal and see babies, I immediately start praying to whomever will hear that they sit NOwhere near me!!! So I’m for the ban and love your idea to have a section just for them and toys and juice boxes 🙂


I’ve really done it now

I’ve signed up for The Ultimate Blog Challenge. The what?!? Oh, it will be so fun (she says grimacing and pulling hair out)! It’s a vast and wonderful program for bloggers who want to show their chops. I couldn’t hide my chops if I tried, they are inherited and I’ve already had them pulled up […]

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Kesha Brown - Look forward to your posts! I love challenges and this one will really get us all to create more content, ultimately resulting in more blog success overall!



Tammy - Kesha, I’m all for more writing, but I come from the school of “Deadlines Amuse Me”. Haaa! Now I have a daily one. Let’s see how this pans out. All good things happen when writers ban together. I shall be looking for and reading your posts with great interest. Go girl!

Jeffrey Davidson - Now you know why your face looks so good and you do not have any wrinkles!!!

Tammy - Jeffrey, Hahahahaha, no secrets between us. But the real reason I have few wrinkles is because I am 25 pounds fluffy-er than I should be. A blessing and a curse. But now you know why my little cheeks don’t sag, it’s because they were lifted and staple gunned behind my ears (although the surgeon denies that accusation). I should have gone full throttle for the whole face but I had no down time and thought I would wait until I really fell apart. After having gone through this procedure, pigs will fly before I do anything like that again. As always, thanks for posting and I hope you hang in there with me on these daily rants.

Maureen - Wow, not an easy task! But I know you have the ‘write chops’ and I’m totally excited that there’ll be something new every day!

Sue Cove - I read whatever you post! You go girl.
If I was’nt working 50 hours a week….i would be writing all the shit that happens in a doctors office. Sometimes i laugh soo hard i cry!
Wouldn’t have it any other way!
Oh…dear Tammy…i saw those face staples…remember! You were so brave!
You write away my dear! Love you!

Tammy - Maureen, you’re funny… “The write chops” hahahaha. It should be fun (in a getting a root canal kind of way). I’m hoping it will whip me into a stronger writing discipline. I’m not exactly sure why I would wish that on myself….I keep telling myself I’m awesome just the way I am. Clearly, I don’t believe it. Do stay tuned; I could use a friendly face on the other side of my posts. Thanks for being here!

Tammy - Hi Sweet Sue, Thanks, I love that you will stick with me on this goofy (but in a good way) challenge. Oh my gosh, you are right. You were there when I had my chops lifted. I remember two days later going to work then heading to the Victoria Secret semi-annual sale with my cheeks and chin black and blue. I didn’t have the good sense to be embarrassed about how dreadful I looked, just told everyone I had been in a bar fight. The scary part about that story was that they believed it. Ahhh, good times. Thanks for posting. See ya tomorrow.

Cynthia - I will most certainly look forward to your blogs…why are these any different than what you think and speak daily??? Except that you have to publish them on this website…oh yeah, guess that’s it. Hee hee. Regarding your beautiful, stunning face….I was also there for the fluffed up bit…and remember it so well….you had nothing done…just looked refreshed…RIGHT??? And to tell you the truth…you looked just as beautiful the week before…Your inner beauty shines and glimmers over your outer elegance..

Tammy - Cynthia, you’re funny. Yes you were there for the “It seemed like a good idea at the time cheek lift” episode of my life. I still think the guy used a staple gun. You are beyond sweet to say such nice things about my chubby cheeks BS (before stapling). Wait … I glimmer over my outer elegance? Wow. That would be super. I’d love to glimmer. Thanks for calling me elegant and thanks, as always, for being here! Good night, Gracie.


Maryjo Morgan - Good for you! I’ll here reading. 🙂

Jenny - Write away! I am excited!! I will also feed your fish! Love, me

Carmen - I am just thrilled and look forward to the most wonderful daily reading I could ever imagine……if anyone can do it…it is you, your wittiness, savy, charm, unbelieveable insight plus smarts!!!!
Write away!!!!Hasta Manana

Suerae Stein - I’m there with you Tammy! Sweating about it too! No one will get tired of you that’s for sure. Looking forward to reading your thoughts! ~ Suerae

Tammy - Suerae, thanks for the kind thoughts except I’M already sick of me. Haa! It is a hot stew; let us hope it is flavorful. Here’s to us!

Tammy - Carmen, after reading your post I literally almost looked over my shoulder to see who you were talking about. My, my, such lovely words. Let us hope I don’t disappoint. Great to have you here, you are assigned the official “cheerleader” position. Good luck with that. Yes .. see you manana.

eosgrafx - Nice post, Tammy! And it’s 31 days, BTW 🙂
The good thing is that I find it easier to write, with every new blog post. Eventually, we’ll get there!

Tammy - Esografx, yes, we are getting there. But I’m kicking and screaming the whole way. I love blogging but finding it hard to love being on this schedule. It’s messing with my creative vibes. Yikes. Thanks for posting!

Cindy Maier - I love reading your blogs . you are an inspiration to me and you always seem to “get it”. You go girl……and let it flow………..

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