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Reality Bites

The hard thing about being a grown up is having to face reality on a daily basis.  It’s not easy. Mom doesn’t make our bed or do our laundry, dinner isn’t waiting for us, we have bills to pay, kids to raise, dogs to walk, bosses to please and lives to share with our spouses […]

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Suerae Stein - So true! A rocking sense of humor is of utmost importance and hard to find when things get rough. I believe that there will always be someone with a harsher reality than mine at any given time and try to count my blessings often. But there are plenty of times I forget all that and get caught up in the day to day with plenty of bitter bitch moments as well! Thanks for another great post, Tammy! ~ Suerae

Cynthia - Hmmmmmmmm….get it.

Love you Tammy

tammy - Love you back Cynthia.

tammy - Thanks for sharing your voice. Reality is a bitter bitch much of the time. No coincidence that it shares it with us. The thing I’ve noticed about reality is that it is such a time and energy suck. You’re right, we all get caught up in it from day to day. Laughing and loving….two great answers to life bitch moments. Thanks for the post!

kriti - Tammy – I for one have been spared the bitchy Tammy in these posts and have always been delighted with the great sense of humor. So much so that it is difficult for me to even imagine the other “reality” in you. The reality in me is sometimes even though my inner voice speaks the language of reality – the other voice is screaming stupid stuff – that’s me : ))). Loved being here. - One of those lines were just the one I need to read today! I have a few projects in mind and yesterday the reality hit me that I better do something about it or they just will never be done and I would get just what I deserved if I do not act soon! Thanks for the words of wisdom!

Sarah - A kick ass sense of humor along with the bitter bitch we all know so well, relality, is what makes the world go round – just ask my kids. I find I may not always have what I want, but somehow always get what I need – and that’s the good stuff. Thanks Tammy for the wise words and the smile, girl!

Carmen - Oh Boy!!!!!!!Great article… true–how true . Reality bites hard!!!! Yikes!!!!

Tricia Linden - Holding life and people responsible for the things that do or don’t happen to us is like drinking a pint of vodka and expecting the other person to feel its effects. It’s unreasonable and it simply isn’t reality. …..
Love that part, had me choking on my DewRita (Diet Mountain Dew and tequila) ymmmy.
Anyway, that’s a problem with reality, it’s never the way we imagined it.
Enjoy always, T

tammy - You got that right, Tricia! Perhaps it’s our imagined perception that needs re-tooling. Now you’ve done it…I’m so in the mood for a Mountain Dew. Thanks for being here!

tammy - A humorous bitter bitch…hmmm, I like it. I’ve been called worse. So happy to have you here, thanks for the post.

tammy - Reality is her own mistress, that is no lie! It’s a little like death and taxes, there is no escape! Thank YOU, dear goodhealthdiva, for being here.

tammy - Kriti, I’m so happy for you that you’ve been spared the bitchy Tammy. I wish the same were true for me. Wait…that would be impossible. Yes, it’s exhausting being me. If it makes you feel any better…I have a voice inside of me that screams stupid stuff all the time. Sometimes, I even listen. Thanks for you post, always enjoy reading you.

Sid Sperry - Sometimes distance is a reality, too. It’s simply impossible to describe a much-needed ‘hug’ in such detail that it can be ‘felt’ from 1,500 miles away. But there is no doubt that sometimes – sometimes – a chance encounter, an immediate understanding, a willing to listen friend, will reach across the miles and say, “Here, Tammy, let me give you a hug, a warm embrace, a tall and steady shoulder to lay your head upon – holding you just long enough that you know without a doubt that you are experiencing the reality of a true friendship.” Oh yeah…feel free to laugh and smile, too…because it’s who you really are.

tammy - Sid, what a wonderful sentiment. What a wonderful reality. I’ll take the long distance hug and friendship and raise you a couple of laughs and a guaranteed smile of true friendship back. So happy you are here, Sid. Thanks for posting.

Talita - A wonderful post, Tammy. As always, your way with words gets right to the point and speaks for many of us. Well done and thank you.

Time will tell

If time is of the essence, why do we spend so much of ours squandering it? I’m pretty sure that if time were a person, I wouldn’t like her. She is unforgiving, relentless and waits for no one.  She is also very sneaky and will take you out without warning or discrimination. Harsh. I never […]

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Darbie - Beautifully put- and ouch! 🙂 I get it! Ok ok!

Sue Cove - Thank you. It was nice having time to sit and read all my emails!
Time goes by so darn fast. I really hope that I am making a difference for just one someone and then my time spent here is good. Oh, if I could save time in a bottle!!!

Suerae Stein - A very thoughtful post. Yes, time is tricky, a friend and foe. It goes by oh-so-slowly at the dentist and oh-so-quickly on vacation! Thank you for making me appreciate the time I have a little bit more – great writing! ~ Suerae

Connie Pshigoda - You are so on time with your timely wisdom! I love your new name . . . very fitting, my friend! I enjoy the time we visit on the phone. Thanks for the reminder to treasure every second!

tp - I know I’ve become less lazy as I’ve grown older. So much I want to accomplish. I want to fill my grandchildren up..with love and what wisdom these years have allowed me to gain. I do put away the need to make the bed, to clean house twice a week. Or rather to clean house at all. What difference does it make? Not doing it gives me time with those I love. I chose to live and not to sit around waiting to die!

tammy - Darbie, thanks! The names and faces of this post have been changed to protect the innocent (and guilty). Happy it spoke to you. Good to have you here!

tammy - Sue, I’m quite sure you have touched many. Call it a hunch. And if you do ever find out how to bottle time … put me down for a thousand bottles. Thanks for posting.

tammy - Suerae, I truly appreciate the compliment, thanks for that. And I truly love having you here. Every once in a while a thoughtful post is called for, don’t ya think?

tammy - Tp, you bring up a good point. Housework is a whole lot less necessary than spending time with family. Less lazy is good. I’m right there with ya. Keep hugging those grandchildren and filling them with your wisdom. Thanks for your post.

tammy - Connie, you are a pretty awesome lady and I’m happy to have you on the other end of my posts. I hope to live up to my new blog name. No pressure. (gulp)

Cynthia - Time truly is the essense of life, isn’t it. And some of us really do spend too much of it trying to fix things that cannot be. Thanks for your wisdom. Lotsa love.

Jenny - TIME to tell you how many I love our new friendship and how much I love the name of this blog changing!

tammy - Thanks, Jenny. It is wonderful knowing you are on the other side of my posts. Thanks for being here.

tammy - Cynthia, Trying to fix ourselves is rarely a lost endeavor. Trying to fix others is ususally a futile exercise that generally ends in disappointment and loss of precious time. That’s my two cents. Thanks you, as always, for being here!

tammy - Appreciate the nice review! Thanks for being here.

Anne Tichauer - Tammy,

What a great article! I can relate to this. I find that every minute of my life is now very precious. One of the reasons, I gave up a well-paid job to enjoy life’s small pleasures.
Having lost a son, and still wish and wish I had spent more time with him, is never going to happen! Just enjoy your articles as they always ring true in my ears!

tammy - Hi Anne, We both know that losing your child is something you never get over, you just get through it. It appears that I am wrong…and that time was a thief to you and your family. I know for a fact you are making the most of it now. And, NOW, Anne is pretty much all we have other than our heart’s memories and the love it holds for us. Thanks for your post, loved hearing from you!

Kris Henderson - It’s all those lessons of life that time teaches us, isn’t it. No truer words ever written.

Kris Henderson - Thanks for the “timely” message!

tammy - Thanks, Kris. Love your word play. Thanks for the post!

SIS - Tammy….you really do always seem to hit it right on ! I agree on every point, and when all is said and done, may we remember to love those we love, care for those we care about, and for goodness sake….show up on time…always !!!!

tammy - SIS, from your mouth to God’s ears! Let us all adhere to YOUR words of wisdom. Thanks for posting, great having you here!

Carmen - Hi Tammy, Time…such a great word with an impact we don’t realize! To Qoute a few:
Time will tell, Time is a good friend, Time tells all, Time is of the essence, time is worth money, Time is infinite and so on and on. An amazing article as usual.
Thank you.

tammy - Thanks Carmen! I appreciate very much having you on the other side of my posts. As a woman who speaks her mind (I should know) I am happy you speak it here. Thanks for posting!

Marie - Great post. Time goes by. We can’t manage it, stop it, find more of it or make it. We can only use wisely the time we do have.

tammy - Marie, great having you here. There-in lies the rub: using the time we have wisely. I fall victim to many moments of lag time and after the days end I reprimand myself for not using my time better. It’s exhausting being me! Thanks for the post.

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, So, how are ya? First off, I want to tell you how proud I am, and have always been, to be an American.  As a people, there are none better. A country is a lot like a family, we have our wonderful relatives and we have those that are crazier than bedbugs, […]

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Suerae Stein - Hi Tammy! When you said a letter to the president, I got a little worried… I had started to become a big fan of your blog posts and I didn’t want anything to get ugly. Because I feel the way you do… it’s SO divided. But I should’ve known not to worry. You said my very thoughts, only more eloquently and with more wit and better humor. Thanks for sharing your terrific letter – I hope you are really going to mail it! ~Suerae

Connie - Thanks for being a voice for many Americans. We are standing in the same line you are…whichever line that is…as you said, it’s become so confusing. You have a beautiful way with words! Well said.

Lee Lefton - Tam, I absolutely love this post and everything you had to say. I do have to take issue with just one thing. Every once in awhile you have to take a stick and poke the bear. Otherwise the bear will eat you. Which is exactly what Eric C, John B, Mitch M. and all of the rest of them whose orthodoxy doesn’t allow them to admit the facts. More pointedly, the fundamentalists are putting their beliefs over rationality. It’s time someone (read: Obama) needs to pick up the big stick and speak loudly. And in doing so, stick up for the rest of us Americans. Speaking softly hasn’t gotten us anywhere. My two cents worth.

Maureen Armentrout - Hi Tammy! Exactly- at the heart of it, it’s all just grade school stuff! But you always manage to blend the perfect mix of humor and disbelief. I’ve always said it would be nice if they would actually ‘represent’ us – sad to say what the people want is a foreign concept to most of them. Gotta wonder what kind of kool-aid they’re drinking in DC….As always tho, thanks for giving voice to our thoughts in such a perfect way!

tp - I hope you’ve sent this to the president and every other person in our government. Somehow the people working in government have got to get real and understand that, we, the people, have had it with them all. Stand up and do the right thing!

Jeffrey Davidson - Dear Ms. American,
I would be proud to call you “my fellow American.” You said it like it is without the “BS” rhetoric that so many politicians use today. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If the opposite of “pro” is “con,” is the opposite of progress – congress?
Good work!!

Shirlene Vitale - Bravo Tammi ! Well spoken. I agree with all of it.

Carol Horowitz - Tammy, one of your best!!
I’m in the same line as you, so well put!

tammy - Suerae, LOL, you were worried. Funny. Yup, I did send it off to the President. Kinda doubt this stuff ever gets to him, but ya never know. Thanks for the post, great to have you here!

tammy - Connie, Well, there might be a lot of us looking for ‘that line’. Let us all hope we find it. Keeping my fingers crossed for us all. Thanks for the post!!

tammy - Lee, Well, thank you sir. Coming from you, it’s quite a compliment. Your points are well stated and needed to be said. The American people deserve so much better than what our representatives are delivering on Capital Hill. Keep good thoughts.

tammy - Thanks, Carol. Great to have you on the other end of my posts!

tammy - Thanks, Jeff, I am a no BS kind of girl. And proud, still, to be an American. Thanks for your post!

Jenny - I just came back from watching the shuttle launch. Never felt so proud to be an American. Still will be proud with whatever “launches” by beginning of August but I wish I felt everyone making the decisions was thinking about everyone who isn’t. :/

gary - Tammy Girl,
Re. your letter to the Prez…You done good!…You almost have too much common sense for your own good…Love ya!

tammy - Hahahaha, Gary, you crack me up. Haven’t seen you in these parts of the woods in a while. Glad you are still with me.I’ll take common sense any day over book smarts. But I’d rather have both. Grateful for your post, thanks!

tammy - Jenny, your post was brief, powerful and poignant. And to this I say … Amen.

kriti - Tammy – one should learn to be a diplomat from you – you are terrific. I would knight this letter “loaded innocence” if I could – LOL. Lovely to be here as usual..

Kriti –

tammy - Hi Kriti, haven’t been called innocent in years, um, decades. Thank you for that! And … as always, lovely to have you here.

Evette - It seems that everyone except members of Congress understand all of this mess they have created. I am at the point where I will not vote for an incumbent Representative or Senator – and the President? Well, I’m not sure yet – maybe if there was someone running that I thought could do a better job…

Sue Cove - Great letter Tammy.
I wish everyone could just get along!
I believe in Obama. His work is difficult.
Please Social Security…. be there for me!

Carmen Kane - Tammy, great article. Right on the money. I would like to invite all of our friends to forward a copy of this letter to President Obama in support of this article. We should also forward a copy to our respective Senate and Congress representatives. Maybe if they will listen!!!!

tammy - Evette, I agree…it would be hard to vote for any incumbents at this point. As far as voting for someone who could do a better job, let them step up and be heard. I’m thinking the “common man/woman” is needed in Washington. Thanks for the post, it’s good to have you here.

Vicki - As always Tammy, you make me laugh. Love, love, love your writing and what you have to say. You take my nickle thoughts and turn them into dollar words (if that even makes sense).. Keep up the good work! Love you (BNIALW)

tammy - Vicki, dollar words are good…so are nickel thoughts. it’s all money in the bank. Love you back (BNIALW)! Good to have you here, thanks for the post.

Have you heard about the zipper phenomenon?

It would seem that men are having a hell of a time keeping them up. Hey!  Jesse, Arnold, Tiger, David, Anthony, John and Eliot … I’m talkin’ to you! Are these men really that stupid or are they just arrogant? And if they are our policy makers and doing a good job, should it matter? […]

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tp - You are SO good!!

le - Yep, Super Glue worked for me!

Anne - I always said that they don’t make stronger zippers anymore! Great article, again!!

Connie - You hit the nail right on the . . . well, you got your point across and rightly so! Well said! I applaud you.

Lori Miller - Awesome!

Shirlene Vitale - Could not agree more! Poignant as always…

tammy - Hi Connie, I laughed when I read your comment. You’re funny! Thanks for the post!

tammy - Hi Le, I always say; when all else fails use duct tape or crazy glue. There’s not a lot one of those two things can’t fix. Haaa! Thanks for your post. Wonderful having you here.

tammy - Anne, Yes, I agree, they don’t make them like they use to; zippers and men! Thanks for your comment!

Carmen Kane - Great article right on the money. I suggest that individuals desiring to run for office go before a committee of individuals from all walks of life to be evaluated. The committee should require that they go through a battery of tests both physical and physcological prior to meeting with the committee. Upon recommendation by the committee — they can run for office and represent the great people of this country!!
A little harsh — let’s raise our standards!!!

tammy - Hi Carmen, yes harsh but I like it! I will go you one further, and say that your idea may not be a bad one for parents to be. How many times have we said that parenting should require a license? But thats a whole other blog! Thanks for your post!

Sharon Westmoreland - Great one, Tammy! I can’t believe the incredible stupidity and arrogance of these guys. How many examples do they need to realize that it’s going to trash their lives (since clearly that’s the only thing they care about) and the Internet guarantees that no one can get away with anything anymore!

SIS - I just don’t get it . These men are so stupid and selfish. Don’t feel sorry for any of them…..hope they lose all their $$$$ to the good women that have left them.

Gooooooo women !!

tammy - Hi Sharon, yes you are so right. The Internest is the watch-dog of today. Like it or not…Big Brother is watching. I bet if a law were passed that if one was caught cheating on their spouse, they forfeit everything…hmmm…bet it would become a largely faithful crowd. What do you think? Thanks for your post!

tammy - SIS, yup, it appears that stupidity knows no bounds. Neither does arrogance. And the halls of congress is filled to the brim with both. Somebody get a broom! Good to hear from you!

Maureen Armentrout - How true!! And what shining examples these jerks set for the next generation….Again and again I say – well said Tammy!!

Cindy - Amen

tammy - Thanks, Maureen, you make a good point. The example they seem to be setting is that you suffer shame but you still get away with it. Look at Letterman and Spitzer just for starters. Not awesome. Believe this: Karma is a comin’!

tammy - Cindy – Sing it out Sista! Haa!

Suerae Stein - Great post! And so well said! I’m a new follower from Diva Cafe!

tammy - Hi Suerae, Always thrilled to welcome my fellow Divas! The DC is the best! Thanks for the post….hope to see you back.

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The Change

When my doctor first told me I was going through the change I waited for the money. I didn’t get any. Then I thought, wow, this won’t be so bad. I’d change into something better. I would be like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. I would fly wistfully into my golden years even wiser […]

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tp - Amen to all the above. tk

Sue Cove - Dearest Tammy,
I love this change stuff!
My patients tell me the funniest things that happen to them. I ask them if they want me to put their head in our fridge at work!
I am so thankful for my patch i change twice weekly!
Yes, change is a comin’.

Shirlene Vitale - Wow Tammy! I think you captured it pretty well. I can almost hardly wait until I get there!! YAY!

tammy - TP, Yup, there is no stronger common ground. Thanks for posting, so good to have you here!

tammy - Hi Sue, I’m on the patch too! We are twin-sies. If there is strength in numbers, we are a mighty group. Thanks for being here. Love hearing from you.

tammy - Shirlene, I love your positive and cheerful attitude. It will come in handy. So will a fan, ice-cream, and excedrin. Thanks for posting. Great having you here!

Cynthia - Oh I DO remember when the “patient is suicidal” was put in your chart…you were livid….oh happy days. Love ya - Awww sorry you went through all that and thanks for giving younger ones like me a glimpse of what await on the road ahead…hope I will have at least your sense of humor.

Maureen Armentrout - Too Funny!! I was whining to a younger friend about my hot flashes – she was appalled and said How often do you get these, once or twice a month?!

tammy - Good grief, some memories are left better untapped. Great that I had you there to share it with….and re-share it with. Love ya back!

tammy - If I didn’t have my humor I’d be sunk. It gets ya through the rough spots. When it’s your turn, take it all in stride, a few laughs, a lot of chocolate and a handful of good friends. Thanks for the post!

tammy - Maureen, if only that were the case. Oh, she will find out. No one escapes! Too funny, thanks for sharing and being here.

Jeff Davidson - Obviously not female but grew up with an older sister and mother. I saw first hand some of the “changes.” I can only imagine.
Kept my Glock and Prozac separated and under lock and key. Couldn’t tell which one was required so I opted for safety.

Vicki - Oh how I love how you write…it’s like we have one mind….it’s exactly how I feel. I anxiously wait for your blogs to come out. Geez..I think I need a life!! Oh well – Your writings make me smile!

tammy - Hi Jeff, You’re funny. I have often wondered what it was like for those around me. Thanks to you, I just got a glimpse. They say change is good. When I’m done changing…I’ll let you know if I agree. Thanks for the post!

tammy - Hi Vicki, That’s funny, cuz I anxiously await your reply to my blogs. Haaa! You are a loyal reader, a sister from a different mother, and I’m so happy you are here to share all this “stuff” with. Until next time…keep smilin’.

kriti - Wow Tammy that really must have been difficult!!! In spite of all the wonderful humor that you always have I can see the nagging annoying sensation crawling all over you when you had to go through this. I hope it is all over and you are good again. Needless to say – I love reading you (even in your miseries!!)

linda erdy - Once again Tammy you have hit the nail on the head, your humor is over the top. Keep it coming!

Adrian - Another great post Tammy. Keep it up!!!

tammy - Thanks, Adrian, appreciate knowing you are still with me here. You are an inspiration!

tammy - Thanks, Linda. Wonderful having you here and very much appreciate your post!

tammy - Kriti, I remember hearing when I was a little girl that I was “the one with the sense of humor.” It has yet to fail me, and I’ve learned that humor lies in everything. Thank God for small favors! Thanks for being here.

Suerae Stein - Oh, Tammy, how well you write and with such good humor! Even about the most painful topics. Thanks for posting and I’m glad I found you – you’re a breath of fresh air!

tammy - Suerae, thrilled to have you here! What I think we have here … is a mutual admiration society.

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