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Oh, the sights of summer

Bathing suit season is soon upon us. Let us pray. Clearly I was born too late. If I were born in Roman times, I would be a goddess. I would have been revered; maybe even a legend (and not just in my own mind). Instead, I am considered by many to be a little fluffier […]

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Jeff Davidson - Very entertaining. A little reminder of Erma Bombeck!

tp - Oh my gosh!! How did you know what I have to go through getting a swim suit. At the same time, realizing that you’re never going to be perfect and accepting that concept is refreshing. The younger people in my life are not ashamed of how I look, why should I be. Cellulite must be “in”.

Shirlene - Boy, Tammy, you got that right for sure! I laughed hard reading….My black slimming swim suits are ready to put on in a few weeks. Can hardly wait myself! I look at it this way….If you don’t like it then don’t look! Look out summer, here I come! - This is so funny!!! I was just thinking about bathing suits as I am preparing my vacation to South Carolina! I have taken the stress out of shopping for bathing suits a couple of years ago! First I bought many at the end of the summer as they are cheaper and then I purchased a bunch that work well for me! So like this, no more thinking about shopping for some any time soon! I don’t like shopping for clothes anyway so I always purchase many colors of the same thing when it fits great! I swim often at my gym so it forces me to be aware of my ‘appearance’ before hitting the beach during the summer, but I still wish I looked like Halle Berry in a bathing suit!

Jennifer Eubanks - Now this….THIS is why I live in the mountains. No beaches. No worries of swimsuits. Except for the indoor pool filled with little teenagers who look like they came off the cover of Vogue. And yes, a one piece + having to pee= disaster!

tammy - Hi Jeff, Thanks mucho! I loved Erma Bombeck and consider that to be one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my writing. Happy you are here!

tammy - TP, There are many things us women have in common. Fear of facing ourselves naked is up there on the list! You’re right …. have no shame, let your beauty shine! Thanks for your post.

tammy - Hi Shirleen, LOVE your attitude. I once lived in a condo that could easily be viewed by other units. I loved having my shades up and thought a lot like you do; if they didn’t want to see a 55 year old woman in her skivvies, they shouldn’t be looking. Have a great summer in your black slimming suits. Thanks for being here.

tammy - Hi Healthdiva, I’m not entirely sure that even Halle Berre looks like Halle Berre, although I’d take it! You are such a clever shopper. I bet your Xmas shopping is done by September. If I ever find a suit that compliments me and is comfortable, I’m buying ten of them! Unlikely…but a girl can dream. Thanks for the post!

tammy - Jennifer, it IS a blessing living away from the beach, although I would miss it if I didn’t have it near me. But I see the advantage. Kudo’s to you for holding your own among all the young whip-er-snappers in their cute little suits. And, yes, we all have learned to either “hold it” or do it before you swim. Duh?! So very happy to have you on the other side of my posts.

Rach (DonutsMama) - This is great! Thanks for the laugh. I so dread swimsuit season. Just as I got comfortable in a 2 piece, I went and got pregnant and had a baby! Oh well, I love the beach and the pool so that’s not gonna stop me!

Carmen - Just love all your articles so insightful with reality attached to them. My saving grace is I neither sun myself or know how to swim. That being said, at least with clothes I can hide bulges better!!! I totally agree with Jeff, Erma Bombeck lives on!!!

tammy - Thanks Carmen! I love being called ‘insightful’. Been called a lot worse! I agree with you….I spend my time staying out of the sun; big hats, long sleeves. Far cry from the girl who grew up on Santa Monica pier. Oh, Erma…..did you hear that? What a privilage to be lumped in with such company. I hope I do her justice. Thanks for being here.

tammy - Hi Rach, us moms know that we usually compromise drop dead body for simply gorgeous baby. It’s God’s sense of humor and it all works out in the end. Absolutely not….you go to that beach and you take that beautiful baby with you. Don’t forget the sun hats and sunscreen. Thanks for your post.

kriti - Tammy – sometimes I really wonder if you are for real – this was so much that I really need to put some ice on my cheeks. It hurts from all the smiling : ))

Cynthia - Well, you’ve done it once again…laughed so hard my face hurt…It’s all so true…I still have a one piece black suit that is threadbare, the elastic is worn out and cracked at the straps…yet I still put it on.

tammy - Cynthia….we are sister’s from different mothers! So happy I was able to put a smile on your face. Thanks so much for being here!

tammy - Hi Kriti, If I were any more real it would be scary. So happy to have you following. Thanks for the post!

SIS - Yep, a bit like Erma ! So many laughs, and incredible visuals !…hehe ! Keep up the good work….you are the best at what you do !

tammy - Hi SIS, yikes….the visuals are scary! Thanks for being here…so glad you are.

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The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

The other day, a man yelled from his car window “you mother *&%*” as he waved his finger at me. I just smiled. It’s good to be somebody’s mother. Where would the world be without us? I agree that we can sometimes be bossy, overbearing and worry-warts. But I need to interject that it’s in […]

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Carmen Kane - I totally agree with you. No matter how old you or your children are — you never stop being a Mother — I believe even after death!
That being said I would not trade, gift or sell any of my 5 children — however, my advise is to stop at 2!!!!! And no you worry the same with boys or girls. Thank you for your beautiful article. VIVA all moms!

Darbie - Beautifully said!!! You spoke for all us moms out there who often feel unappreciated and definitely underpaid!! Great sentiment and right on the money!! Being a mom is not for the weak of heart, but it’s not something you would want to miss out on in life! As always your writing is inspiring, touching and motivating! Thanks for your words!

Maureen Armentrout - As usual, I’m absolutely snorting one paragraph in!! You are just too funny for words – and always spot on. When’s the next book??

TK - How true, you are truly amazing in your wisdom! tk

Tracy Majeski - Thank you Tammy for saying it for all of us MOMs! I love reading your posts! Happy Mother’s day to you and all mothers and Grandmother’s too! - Wow this is the one of the most beautiful thing I ever read about mothers, I am a young mother of three and can relate to sooo much already and I feel you on the fact that the biggest accomplishment in life is raising them, I am up it’s 1:46 am and watching over my daughter who is not feeling the best so reading this article is like a comforting sweet personal note! Thank you sooo much for writing this beautiful thing!

tammy - Carmen, We are a special lot aren’t we?! I’m so happy you are following. Yes…Viva all moms! I hope your day is a special one.

tammy - Darbie, Thanks for YOUR words. You’re right, being a mom is not something I would have wanted to miss out on. No way! Still, we can complain a little about the tought spots, yes? Thanks for your post. So happy to have you here. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

tammy - Working on the new book, it remains un-titled. Perhaps I should name it: Snort-worthy! I’m SO happy you enjoyed the read. Thank you for being here….and have a very Happy Moms Day.

tammy - Hi TK, So love knowing you are on the other side of my posts, and enjoying them. Thanks for taking the time to let me know that. Have a great Moms Day!

tammy - Tracy, And I love that you are reading my posts and enjoying them!! Thanks for that. And thanks for contributing here. It means a lot. Have a great Mother’s Day!

tammy - Hello Diva, A young mother of three has much to celebrate. You must be exhausted! I am so very happy that this piece spoke to you. Nothing could please me more. I hope your sweet little girl is feeling better. As you sit there past one in the morning … we are all there with you, in spirit. The reward at the end of the road called Motherhood is simply a glorious one. Looks like you are well on your way. Thank you for being here. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

mickey - tammy-i read your latest, crying all the way.
so true in every respect. you said it best.
brings back so many memories, many of which you and our girls shared together. thank you.

Kayla - So very true, Tammy. I fear my mom but my fear of disappointing her is the far greater terror. We had a conversation recently and she had to tell me to stop living my life to make her and Dad happy. She was proud of me, my choices, my life goals and who I was. Needless to say I was in tears after she utter the little phrase, “I am proud of you.” Mother’s words are powerful and profound. Your daughter is blessed to have an articulate mother like you. 🙂 Happy Momma’s Day.

Lori Miller - Wow! That was very beautiful and touching! I know I am just starting out but I already understand that this is the biggest and most important job anyone can ever have! It has made me appreciate and understand my own Mom so much more. Thank you for articulating it so well!

Jenny - Happy Mom’s Day to my new friend!!

Cynthia - The joys, the heartaches, the sleepless nights, the thrilling days…even when they are grown men, they still need their mommy. Those early days are challenging and sometimes unbearable..and often we think it will never improve and wonder what we did wrong. As our children grow, we realize that many of those decisions we made were the right ones and those that were not, we all learned from. But, in the end, it is SO worth it! I am very fortunate to have two wonderful, attentive, loving sons who I love so dearly. Your words dear friend, are always special….Happy Mommy’s Day.

tammy - Mickey, Those were the best of times. Those were the worst of times. I am ever so grateful I spent them with you. We are so far apart these days … and yet, always, so close. Happy Mom’s Day!

tammy - Kayla, Your sharing brought tears to my eyes. I have lived that scene with my daughter. So glad you are here. I appreciate your posts. Wish your mom a happy mother’s day … from me.

tammy - Lori, it is only when we become mother’s that we truly appreciate our own. You’re right, of course, your job IS the most important one a person can have. No pressure! Thanks for your post. Have a wonderful Mom’s Day!

tammy - And the very same to you Jenny! Thank you for thinking of me 🙂

tammy - Cynthia, you ARE a very lucky woman indeed! Truer words were never spoken than those in your post. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you are on the other end of my weekly blogs. Happy Mother’s Day my friend.

kriti - Happy Mother’s Day to you too Tammy! It is so true what you say about mothers – it will be foolish to challenge them. My mother knows what I am going to say just when I call out to her. I say – “MAAAAAAAAAA” and she says “sending a sandwich your way”. Love her to bits.

auto ru - Nice topic – respect !

Cindy - You seem to have a knack for making me cry…………………
Happy Mother’s Day, Tammy!

tammy - Cindy, I hope it’s tears of joy and rememberance. I am right there with you. Happy Mother’s Day to you, my friend.

tammy - Kriti, It’s no secret; mother’s have a magical sense. It annoys even us! While you are wishing your mom a happy Mother’s Day, tell her from me that she obviously did a wonderful job raising you. My congrats to her, and thanks to you for being here.

Sh*t happens

Sh*it happens. Clearly something somewhere has gone terribly awry. Okay, so I’ve got to share with you that I am one of the nicest people I know. No, really, I am. I do unto others, I donate a dollar each time I buy pet food at PetSmart, I always let the merging car in, I […]

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Vicki - As always Tammy, you leave me chuckling (or is it chuckeling) and even an occasional snort. I too am a good, no great person and why, dear g-d, why do I come up sometimes feeling short? Well, maybe it cuz I am only 5 feet. No really, I love your blog, I love how you write, how you express yourself – I so identify – you are amazing!!!!

tammy - Vicki, Snorting is good, so is chuckling. I think we all bemoan our situation at one time or another. Life doesn’t always give us what we deserve (thank God). So happy to have you here…following…and inputing. YOU’RE amazing!

Maryjo Morgan - You rock, Tammy! Great post.

I hope tomorrow holds some nice little surprise just for you. 🙂

tammy - Thanks, Maryjo. Oooohh, that would be so wonderful. I won’t hold my breath, but must confess that every day tends to be a blessing. Sometimes it just takes me a while to figure that out. Thanks for your comment, so happy to have you following!

Trenna - Tammy, you are awesome. Not only do I laugh out loud but you also have so much wisdom. Keep these coming! Trenna

Brenda - I have been reading your new posts everytime I see them on Bloggers on DivaCafe. No matter how bad my day has been you always remind me, I am not alone and it’s always better to be a good person… even if sh*t happens! 🙂 Thank you so much for another giggle at the end of a crazy day.

tammy - Hi Trenna, SO happy to be part of your day and bring a little smile to your face. YOU are pretty awesome yourself. Thanks for posting!

tammy - Brenda, Bad days run in cycles. Pooh! I’m happy I can be on the other side of yours. You are definitely not alone! Happy you are here….think it’s time you became an official follower? A toast … to more good days!

Susan Baker - Hey Tammy- So Miss your laughter. Glad I get to still read it !

Jolene - Thank you for the laugh. I going to have read on! I’m sure there is more laughs, snorts & giggles in store for me.

Cynthia - What fun to read while drinking my morning coffee. Thinking of all the sh*t that has happened in my life and all the sweetness that can follow quickly behind. Love to you my friend - You got that right bad things happen but as we say in French ” Apres la pluie le beau temps” (the literal translation would be “After the rain the nice weather”) Like Cynthia put it above sweetness can follow quickly behind! Bad things will happen and it’s a blessing that there are ways to cope or overcome especially when one is blessed with some good friends!

Jenny - So do you too yell at the automated Sears lady on the phone when she keeps asking “what would you like me to help you with” I yell “get me a real person”? Once a voice answered “I am, what would you like me to help you with”. I couldn’t even tell the person what I wanted, I was laughing so hard.

Cindy - Wow, your blog, Tammy, spoke to me this morning…….I too wondered why no one has accidentally run over the ex………..I know we must always look forward, but every once in a while, frustration overwhelms and the tears come……..this morning was one of those times, thanks for making me feel I am not alone…………

Mary Alice - As always, hilarious! Sometimes I wish I could cash in all my good karma “points” that I have accumulated over they years for one big payoff. I have been told that this is not how it works. They are my points after all … I should be able to spend them as I choose. 🙂

tammy - Hi Susie B! So happy to have you here. Love that you “get me”. We are kindred spirits-my sister from another mother! Thanks for the post.

tammy - Hi Jolene, Apparently there is a lot of snorting going on out there. Thank God I’m not the only one! So happy to have you as a member of the girl’s tribe.

tammy - Cynthia, one of my favorite things is having morning coffee with you. Reflection is a hard thing, best we have a sense of humor about it all. Love back to you!

tammy - You are right, good friends are crucial. So is a nice merlot and dark chocolate. Loved your input. So glad you are following.

tammy - Hi Jenny, now THAT’S a funny story! I once asked an operator to please let me talk with someone who speaks the English language, I was so frustrated after waiting over 30 minutes on hold and couldn’t understand her to save my life. She then apologized and explained it was her first day back from having a stroke. Ya. I’m pond scum. Never will I ever say anything like that again!

tammy - Cindy, perhaps we should exchange ex info and hope that they can’t trace tire tread. I understand those days, I’ve had a few lately myself. If only I drank or did drugs, but sugar and potato chips are my vice of choice. We can cry and munch together…what could be more fun than that?

tammy - Mary Alice, I agree, and I’m behind you 100%. By the way….how would you spend those good karma points?? Something to think about.

Lee Lefton - Tam, I sure hope nobody runs over Rob. I haven’t been able to get the money from him that he thinks I want. Anyway, here’s how I’m dealing with what you’ve described. I turned the big 6-0 today and did something I haven’t done in years….I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and had not one, but three of my very favorites. Diabetes be damned!

tammy - Lee, and a VERY happy birthday to you! You don’t look a decade close to 60. LOVE that you went to Dunkin Donuts. Hope the sugar rush doesn’t give you grief. The real question here is: which three did you have?? I gots to know.
ps- if someone does run him over, it will be like an old Columbo feature where the ex wife writes it, and boom, the deed is done. I’m innocent I tell ya!

Ida Block - I love your funny and inspirational advice. All so true and nice to remember!

tammy - Thanks Ida. And thanks for calling me inspirational. It’s so much nicer than the other things I’ve been called. Good to have you here, thank for the post!

Lisa Carter - Thanks for your book Tammy-I just read it. There’s a lot I will take to heart and try to remember. I appreciated the part about sex….I got involved too fast with a man seven months after my separation and right when my divorce was final. It really messed me up again when it was over. I am finding hitting the singles scene and making new single girlfriends really hard. I also have a controlling ex. I know I just have to keep living….keep going forward….your book will help.

tammy - Hi Lisa, happy you enjoyed the book! Just remember that mistakes are our learning ground. Some lessons are harder than others. We end up being our own teachers. Not easy. Without failure we would never realize success. It’s coming. I hugely recommend joing a club of your interest; book club, dog club, bridge club, and what about the Red Hat Society club?! Also you can go to (no it’s NOT a dating site) and join groups and outings for free. It’s hard breaking the “I don’t know anyone” barrier, but you CAN do it. Baby steps. Glad to have you here, and thanks for the post.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever. Well, maybe spandex. Anything capable of enclosing and containing large quantities of excess fat and holding it in for hours at a time, that’s some pretty sturdy stuff. Yes, I’m quite sure that spandex will be found in land-fills thousands of years from now and will be identified as some type of […]

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Jeffrey Davidson - Entertaining, and well written!

tammy - Hi Jeff,
Thanks, so glad you enjoyed. And, so happy you are following. Thanks for the post!

Carmen Kane - In reference to Karma–let us say that I am not sure it exists. I have been waiting for over 31 years. Let’s just hope I do something not nice every so often so I can live long enough to see Karma take place. Love your site!!! Just love it and enjoy!!Keep it up. Thank you.

tammy - Hi Carmen, Trust it, it exists. And payback is a bitch. The punishment always fits the crime and the reward always exceeds the deed. So glad you are here…thanks for the post. Love the input!

Michele - Spandex and Leggings are my friend!!! lol As far as the farting, I once saw P.Diddy on this talk show, and they were talking about being comfortable in front of your mate with bodily function, so he was like let it out, it’s a part of life. He also said that if he lives with a woman and she can’t fart/poop in front of him, it’s indicative that she can keep other things from him, which would make him wonder. I thought that was interesting.

tammy - Hi Michele, I’m not all that secure in the notion that if you share your bodily functions with me it means you aren’t hiding anything. Personally, I’m a fan of the bathroom door closing. Still, isn’t it interesting how different we all are? Thanks for the post! Happy to have you here.

kriti - I choked on my wine just 3 paras down and the rest of the paras did more than the wine did : ) Splendid Tammy : )

Michele - I know what you mean, but there are a lot of people out there, who don’t feel comfy with their partner to do so, which I feel says a lot. I mean it is a natural thing. If that person has seen you naked and knows all your secrets, then why hide this aspect?

tammy - Kriti, Haaa! Well, this girl speaks the truth. Hope it put a smile on your face. Love having you here, thanks for the post!

Dede - I choose not to wear spandex lol. I think that we have to embrace our 50’s. It has been hard for me to accept but it is a reality none the less. Hard to believe that it caught up with me. I have not caught up with it lol.

Loved your post!

Cynthia - You continue to make me laugh, dear friend.

tammy - My dear Cynthia, happy to be able to do it. Thanks for following and sharing!!

tammy - Dede, I’m with you on this. I own a pair of Spanx, but have not been able to wear them for over 20 minutes. I have this little quirk … I like breathing. Thanks for post!

Jennifer Eubanks - I love it. As usual. You never fail to make me laugh….or give me renowned hope. Especially about the farting. Sigh.

Michele Halle - Loved your post and keep it up !
50 is the new 35 in my book ! lol !!

tammy - Hi Jenn,
Hope is good. So is laughter. Farts, well, not so much. Although without them, I’m quite sure we would implode. Happy to be able to make you smile. Thanks so much for the post!

tammy - Hi Michele,
Yes! 50 IS the new 35 … in dog years. Haaa! I don’t know about you…but I’m getting younger every year and fully expect to be a legend (in my own mind) by the time I’m 60. So glad to have you following!

Mickey Landau - Love, love your unvarnished and original point of view- keep those thoughts coming-

tammy - Hi Mickey,
That’s me all right … unvarnished and original, haa! So happy you are following and enjoying. Thanks for the post!

N'na@goodhealthdiva - Something you said just hit home like never…so much wisdom mixed with your great sense of wisdom
“that the impact of kindness is forever” this is so true and looking back I realize it’s kindness that fueled my endurance and success at challenging times of my life!

tammy - Hi N’na, Thanks for that. There are always serious thoughts mixed in with my humor. Life is a bit of both, isn’t it? I’m glad you could relate and laugh. I’m so happy to have you here and participating. Love your feedback.

Holly - Loved the post. Agree with most of it for the most part. I am one of the lucky few. Our first date was a fishing trip. No pretense, we were what we were. 28 years later we’re still fishing plus one rugrat. Some tough years, to be sure, but it did strengthen the marriage… to death do us part.
Lil Bub says,”Mom, you’re poofy now coz Dad feeds you better than your mom did.”

Mary - I get a kick out of reading about struggling with the 50’s & 60’s. I’m 76 now, in the 13th year of my 5th marriage. Fortunately, he’s 8 yrs. younger. At each marital ceremony, I became hysterical with uncontrollable giggles that dissolved into tears. It was always triggered by the solemn act of swearing that it would last- how could I know that? The “till death” part just killed me. I felt like a barefaced liar to God!
Now I think the hysteria was because I knew in my heart of hearts that marriage was not for me; yet I felt compelled- by society or whatever to do so. Five times.
We are all told in countless ways that we need or should somehow seek to be married, or else we’re missing something. Ultimately, we trick ourselves into believing that our life is easier, better somehow, if married. Sometimes, that is the case. There are some men who bring good stuff to the table…(s’cuse the pun).
My choices were pretty good ones, overall.

But here’s my final conclusion: it’s all about hormones. At 75, I’ve become fairly unaffected by most aspects of sex. It’s much like being 12 again; before the insanity of (hormones) took over my intelligence. Looking at the crazy things women do- (including myself), I am convinced that were it not for the hormonal factors, and they operated logically, the world would be an unrecognizable place. (That bit of wisdom & $2.00 will buy a cup of coffee, granted) but it’s true. We are simply nature’s creatures doing what we are designed to do. Mate and reproduce. Nature at work…compelling us all toward sex & reproduction like all Her other animals.
Viewing marriage logically, it is utterly obvious that men and women are entirely different creatures. When the sexual component is taken out of the mix- and no one would be inclined to live with someone utterly opposite to themselves! Why? Without the glue of sex, you have a situation that is rarely fair or mutually rewarding to both parties. (Thus the oft-given advice re. marrying a friend.)

Having said all this: Do I love my 5th husband and all the other ones? Damn straight! Madly! But-if I had my life to live over, would I be the “monogamous serial-marrier” (yes, like Liz)? No. I am not judging anyone else: but, personally- looking back, I admit each marriage was a copout of my soul of some sort- (mostly) to sex, romance, vanity, social mores, financial betterment; some of all those things and more. They are less than exemplary reasons.
I honestly believe that remaining single requires all kinds of courage that I simply never had; even at 62. I admit life without marriage was simply too daunting for me; marriage too irresistable. I feel I could’ve done better, that and deeply admire women who live their lives without a man by their side. I think they are brave and strong and unsung heroines.

tammy - Holly, your Lil Bub is brialliant. I’m so happy for you that you both found each other and hung in there. Grace is a beautiful thing, and you are blessed. Loved hearing from you.

tammy - Hi Mary, Thank you for sharing such amazing insights. So glad you are here. You are right, opting to be single is not for the weak of heart, but just a heart in waiting. It sounds as if #5 is a keeper and your heart is well taken care of. Good for you!

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Goodbye, so Long …. Please don’t go!

Goodbyes suck. I’ve never had one that was much fun. Unless, of course, you count the dates I’ve been on where I wanted to stick a red hot poker in my eye just to end it early. Those were excellent goodbyes. I think goodbyes are there to teach us stuff. I will belligerently share with […]

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Trenna - As usual, this was exceptional! You are the greatest! We all miss you. So happy I’ll get to spend some time with you this fall! Love, tk

gary - Tammi Girl,

You know I still miss you and hold a grudge for the guy who took you away! 🙂
As always you are overloaded with common sense, insight, and suttle humor. I love your posts.

Lee Lefton - I’m blown away as always. But that’s never a surprise.

Sam Barth

tammy - Gary, Thanks so much for the support! Common sense, insight and humor (not at all subtle) are all good things. I’m so very happy you’re are following and enjoying.

tammy - Dear Sam, It is YOU, sir, who blow me away. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the post!

tammy - Trenna, no one could ask for a better fan! I’m beyond flattered. And so look forward to seeing you this fall. Good times ahead! Thanks so much for the post.

Cynthia - Your words always leave me with a smile…you are gifted….I miss you.

Evette - Tammy, you are amazing. Somehow you are able to read my heart and put my feelings and thoughts into words. Thanks for another great blog!

Michele - Goodbyes can be difficult. But what we have to understand, is that most things that leaves us are making ways for greater things to come. So yeah break-ups, losing jobs hurt, but that means fantastic things will be coming soon enough!!

kriti - Tammy – wish there was a way to say goodbye to goodbyes … The part of your Dad and cat brought tears to my eyes… Excellent read this was. So glad I came by. Please keep your posts coming. Lotsa love

tammy - Gee, Michele, you are so wise. When I grow up, I want to be like you. Thanks for the post, glad you are following!

tammy - Kriti, what we have here is a mutual admiration society! Thanks for stopping by.

Dede - That was such a super great post!!! I read every word of it and normally I skip around:)

tammy - Dede, I’m delighted you didn’t skip around! Thanks so much for the post. Glad you enjoyed!

Jenny Paulsen - I can say “hello” to my new friend!

tammy - Jenny, Hi Back! Happy to see you here. Hellos are wonderful! Thanks for following!

Debbie Happy Maker - Hi Tammy,
I try not to say goodbye, but when I have to I just keep in mind that when one door closes a better one opens. It softens the blow for me. That is my story. Love your humor by the way.

tammy - Hi Debbie, A positive attitude goes a long way. So does the ability to laugh at yourself. If I can’t have one … I lean towards the other. It appears that you, my dear, have both. So happy to have you following!!

Ronisha - Well, i will be the first to tell you that I’ve never had to say a single goodbye in my life…well maybe except the one to my mother when i was 18 months. The day i saw her again, i was 19 years old telling her goodbye as they lowered her to the grown in her casket…and another time when i had to say goodbye to my brother only to see him years later just to say goodbye again, then all those goodbyes to my past “significant others”…oh and the goodbyes i had to tell my family and friends on my way to afghanistan. Operation Enduring Freddon, my butt. My next goodbye will be to the U.S military. Goodbyeeee to being an active duty member of the armed forces and hellooooo to pursuing my dreams. So yes, I’ve never had to say any goodbyes besides those so I’m dropping you a line. Do I make the cut?

: ) Thanks Tammy. I loved your blog as usual. God Bless

tammy - Hi Ronisha, It seems to me you’ve already had your fair share of goodbye’s. Tough business. Sounds like the next one will be a good one as you follow your dreams. And…THANK YOU, my darling, for your service. You more than made the cut…it’s been MY pleasure.

Mary Alice Brown - Goodbyes can be good, necessary, and best for everyone involved. But, it doesn’t take the sting out of it. My parents just divorced two years ago, after 42 years of marriage, and I have never seen either of them happier. I am a true proponent of marriage … and divorce. 🙂

tammy - Hi Mary Alice, You ARE a smart one, aren’t you? I could not have said it better. I also believe in marriage….and divorce. Thanks for the post!

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