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Dear God … we need to talk

  Dear God … we need to talk I learned a while ago that you have a rocking sense of humor. Something I’m kind of excited to talk with you about when the time comes. You are so big on the accountability thing that I know you will appreciate where I’m coming from. Yes, we […]

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Vicki - Love, love, love you!! Are you sure you are not writing about me??? I’m telling you – you ought to go out there and talk about this – and I mean on stage!! Heck, I’ll drive you – I’m good to represent!! I’m just sayin…… xoxoxox

Janet - Ahh, so true. Reminds me of Menopause the Musical. So much truth here, must find something Special about each day.

Cynthia - You have such a gift to describe what happens in life. I love reading your thoughts.

T K - Miss Tammy, I love you!! You hit growing old right on the mark! Of course, you haven’t said one thing about the men…they’re not looking any younger either! We have to look at life with a sense of humor. tk

Jennifer - Oh you never fail to make me laugh. I’d also like to talk about WHY I still break out like a prepubescent teen! Or gravity..yes, what’s the deal with that?

Pam Weston - Don’t forget those pesky chin hairs (aka “witch whiskers”)! hahaha!!

SIS - OMG….such a hoot ! I guess it’s only funny cause we can all relate !! You are the best at putting the vision right in my brain !
Love you…..x

kriti - Hi Tammy – this was an amazing post!!! Just love your humor!!! So thankful to Diva Cafe which is where I learnt about your blog. LOve it

Marlene - You make me smile knowing that we are all in the same boat trying to survive the aging process with humor and class. I need someone to throw me a lifesaver and hopefully it will fit around my middle.

Jacqueline Rizk - ROFLMAO. I think I shed a few tears there. Even read it to my husband who is also lamenting the loss of his hair so he totally got it. Me, as a beauty addict clinging to the last of my thirties (yeah right…) I totally get that I am about to write my OWN letter…. Yep, you guessed it, the arms are getting a bit wing link!!!

Sharon Westmoreland - Hey Tammy, Susan forwarded your Blog link to me – loved it and posted a comment on my Facebook wall. I may not be single but I sure am aging! I keep wondering where the years have gone and how I got here!

Janine Aguero - Tammy
You are too funny! Love reading your blog…it’s soooo true. This age thing sucks!!!!

Melanie Rowell - Thank you Tammy for a hilarious way to look at the things we hate about growing old – now we can just give a chortle when we look at our cellulite, flapping arm fat, liver spots, thinning hair(and skin too!) and all the other things that we notice as we grow older!!! I needed a really good laugh when I got this!! Thanks!!! You really should take it on the road – ever heard of Chonda Pierce??? I hadn’t until some friends of mine sent me a link to her on Youtube – she’s hilarious!!! This reminds me of her!

Lisa C - This is hilarious and way too true! I have entered my 40’s and I am having problems finding my lips-I think every day they are disappearing little by little….
Thanks for making me laugh!

Jim - This is a hoot for sure. ! And about God’s sense of humor ? I got my Dad’s hair- NONE !

tammy - Well, thank you, Vicki. Yes! You can represent me anytime!

tammy - Have to confess…I had to ask around as to what ROFLMAO meant. Awesome, glad I was able to do it for ya. Thanks for the post!

tammy - Melanie, If Chonda is hilarious and I remind you of her…I’m flattered! Maybe one day I WILL take it on the road…the back road! Thanks for posting.

tammy - Hi Jim,
Great to have a guy chime in! You’re right, of course, God doesn’t play favorites…at least I don’t think she does. Thanks for reading and come back!

tammy - Lisa, you’re too funny. That’s why God invented lip liner! Thanks for posting.

tammy - Hi Janine, I’m thrilled you are enjoying the read. I enjoy knowing you are on the other side of the computer!

tammy - Thanks, TK…..I love you too!

tammy - Pam, not sure how I missed that one. Clearly we will need to revisit this subject on another day!

Colleen - I am ROTFLMBAO! Who’d a thunk of keeping all the receipts and presenting them to the almighty when the time comes. I think it would make a good visual.

tammy - Colleen, A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. It all counts, right? Thanks for the post!

Gloria Helmer - I LOVE your sense of humor! Very refreshing!

tammy - Thanks, Gloria. Funny thing happened on my way to 50; I learned that a sense of humor was worth more to me than money in the bank. Well, okay, maybe not that much…but a lot! Hope you are following!

Adrian - Tammy, it’s all looking great. Keep up the brilliant posts!

Boomer Humor | The Boomington Post - […] Dear God…we need to talk Boomer blogger Tammy Bleck has a little one-to-one with God about the changes she has been noticing […]

linda erdy - Tammy, I swear girlfriend, you looked into my life and described it to a tee. You, my new friend, are able to put into words just what I have been feeling and saying for many years. I look forward to hearing so much more from you in the future. You are a trip, but one that is most enjoyable, keep up the good work.

tammy - Hi Linda,
Us broads need to stick together. A sense of humor goes a long way in the aging process, don’t ya think? So happy you are following! Thanks for the post.

Betty E Smith - Love all your writings….fun to read…will continue to follow and read the book.

tammy - Hi Betty, Thanks for joining me here, so glad to have you! There is always something fun to talk about.

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tammy - Well, thank you very much Drum and Bass. Appreciate the kind words. Thanks for the post!

Lian - lol. that is a cool idea! 🙁

Venita - haha. this is a cool idea! 😀 - Insightful writing=) I will need a bit of time to examine the story.

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tammy - Thank you Chennai, I shall undoubtedly await your return. Thank you for the post.

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tammy - Thank you! And thank you for being here.

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Tammy - Yo….you’re welcome!

Leslie Abshire - Hiya. Mainly would like to place a short note and ask where you received your web publication theme I might be starting out own blog page and really like your model.

Tammy - Hi Leslie, my blog page was created by Adrian Tomkins, a brilliant young man who provided me with something a bit out of the ordinary and above the rest at a reasonable cost. His info is on the bottom of every page. Give him a jingle if you are interested. I wouldn’t use anyone else. I wanted something a little special, something that would stand out enough. He delivered. Good luck to you. Hope you get that blog up and running.

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View from a (non)Jew

View  from  a (non)Jew I’ve been called an honorary Jew, having been married to a Jewish man for over 25 years. I’m not sure that counts, seeing that in all those years my ex-husband never attended Temple or practiced his faith. No high holidays were ever observed, no Hanukah candles lit. So, why, does most […]

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Vicki Diamond - I loved what you had to say! Very inspirational!!

Vicki Diamond - Tammy,
Your mensch is very lucky that you are in his life! Your write beautifully and I so enjoy reading your blog!!

Debbie - Thank you for these words. These are the characteristics that I saw in you oh so many years ago. You are such a positive and inspirational woman. One whom I am happy to say would be welcomed into our Jewish community.

Maryjo Morgan - Well Said!

Jennifer - I love how you made me feel as if I was attending synagogue right along side of you. I too, am religious in the way that I believe strongly in doing right, loving each other…I don’t claim to be this or that religion, I fear that would make me feel like I’d have to stay in some little stereotypical box. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t welcome the peace you feel. Oh, and as you mentioned the food. Mmmm.

Dede - I love your acceptance of all religions. That is what “religion” should be about and sadly digresses from.

Your blog is fantastic!!!

Janine Aguero - I found you over at Diva Cafe. Love, Love, Love your blog, especially being over 50 myself, I can relate! I was brought up as a “Catholic School Girl” but no longer practice that religion. I just started studying Kabbalah and am very motivated by the “thankfulness” that is taught so much like you mention in your blog post….so much better than the doom and gloom!

kriti - Hi Tammy,

enjoyed reading your post a lot! I got to know of you from Divas Club and will be following you too. Loved your style of writing. I am at

Tracy Majeski - Very well said! You are such a talented writer and so down to earth – I am excited to follow along and read your words of much wisdom!! Thanks for sharing

kourtnie - yeah nice

tammy - Debbie, what a very sweet thing to say. Thank you so much.

tammy - Tracy, not sure how wise my words are but am so very happy that you are following! Thanks for the post!

tammy - Janine, Us Catholic school girls need to stick together. And yes, thankfulness is so much better than doom and gloom. Thanks for the post!

tammy - Jennifer, We are of like minds. Faith is an affair of the heart. Religion seldom plays a big part in it. So happy you are following!

Marriage or single-dom, that is the question.

Books telling us how to find a man, flirt with a man, marry a man; are a dime a dozen. What no one is telling the single woman is that they are smarter, have more friends, get more sleep, achieve more in life, have better sex, travel more, are less depressed, have better bodies, and […]

View full post » - Hi. I am only 34 and I can not say I know much about life at 50 can’t even anticipate what it might look like. I just want to say that it just beautiful to see older people give a second chance to love when they come but I believe that if a woman is single it’s admirable if she can still hold her own, pursuit some dreams, reinvent herself. Sometime being single can be a gift for a season because we can grow and hear ourselves and learn to know ourselves when we are alone but love can do that too when it’s the right person. I met a 81 years old man who got remarried 3 weeks ago after being single for over a couple of years. The lesson I got from that is that love doesn’t have an “age” and that no matter what we desire in life ” it’s never” too late!

tammy - Hi GoodhealthDiva, Yup, you’re doesn’t have an age. Neither does the mind. Unfortunately, the body didn’t follow suit with this logic. Damn gravity!Thanks for posting, happy to have you here.

iphone 5 - I can’t really help but admire your blog” your blog is so adorable and nice “    

Socially unsocial

I give up…where is the sociability? As I sit here looking out the vast window of my local java joint I’m feeling like a social animal. I look around, and it occurs to me that all of us here found our way to our local coffee house to meet up with a little bit of […]

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Lee Lefton - So true. So true. I was stunned when sitting at a coffee house last week and a nice gentleman at the next table actually spoke to me. Someone had left their iPhone on the table (unbelievably!), and we were both so surprised by this, we struck up a conversation which went on for about fifteen minutes. We both bemoaned the technological age and remembered that we all got along just fine without computers, cell phones, et. al. Whatever happened to good, old fashioned conversation?

kyle - your good

tammy - Thanks, Kyle. Appreciate that. Happy you are following!

tammy - Lee, What? Did you say something? Haa, just kidding. Well put, actually. The technology that makes the world a smaller place I think also makes it a bit more lonely. Thanks for posting!

Colleen - Well indeedy. But before the age of laptops and ipods I wasn’t prone to being social to strangers in coffee shops if I recall correctly. And I can usually manage to make a friend or acquaintence look up from their laptop.

Sue - I love my cats!

tammy - Where would we be without our critters?! I love my Henry and Charlie dearly; if only I could get them to take out the trash or pay the mortgage! Thanks for following!

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Growing Old is a Bitch

We have no problem dropping 80 bucks for an itty-bitty vial of miracle wrinkle remover cream. I guess we figure that if we go to the poorhouse, we want to make damn sure we look good doing it.

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math games - thanks

Mari Sterling Wilbur - Love, love love this post. I so identify with this. BTW – I found you on Diva Cafe.

Dawn Simpson - Thanks Tammy for this little dose of reality. I’m 51 this year and it’s not at all what I imagined :/

tammy - Hi Mari, I love, love, love that you are reading along with me! Us girls gotta stick together…there is power in numbers. Thanks so much for the post.

tammy - Dawn, I’m 57 and downright appalled. Still, humor helps. Hope you read my letter to God post. Hang on tight, it’s going to be a hell of a ride, and better than the alternative!

Adrian - Not quite there yet. But I hear you.

tammy - Thank you, Adrian. I relay on you more than I should, but you never disappoint!

Chang Everton - You are a very intelligent person!

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