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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

So, how are ya?

First off, I want to tell you how proud I am, and have always been, to be an American.  As a people, there are none better.

A country is a lot like a family, we have our wonderful relatives and we have those that are crazier than bedbugs, meaner than a badger and stupider than a brick.  We’ve learned it’s best to focus on the ‘good relatives’ and not pay too much attention to the challenged ones.

I respect you, your office, Congress and the Senate. My grandpa always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.  But I have to ask …

What the hell is going on over there?!

I listened the other day as you scolded Congress for their stance and stubbornness. You talked about pulling the band-aid off and eating our peas. I’m pretty sure my mom gave me the same speech when I was nine.

My grandpa also taught me to never take a stick and poke a bear. When you chided Congress on national TV, it kind of felt like that’s what you were doing. Not that they didn’t deserve a good talking to. But I learned a  long time ago that if we have to play with these kids in the same sandbox at recess, we  better find a way of playing nice so we don’t get the crap beat out of us. Let me know how that worked out for you.

I was a Democrat in my younger years. Then I was a Republican. After that, I took a stint at being an Independent. I don’t know what the hell I am now. It’s all so confusing and negative.

I won’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of politics; I know there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that it would make my head spin. But I do know that politicians are supposed to represent their communities, their states and our country’s best interest.

It’s a lot like a marriage; be honest, do what you say you are going to do, be faithful and know that compromise is essential if the relationship is going to work.

I’m pretty sure this is not the government our forefathers set out to establish. Pork spending, rampant lobbying, big company pay-offs, false promises, preferential treatment, dishonest reporting and unchecked policy making. It’s all just so sickening. I know you are feeling it too, since you probably have coffee with a lot of these guys on a daily basis.

It feels to me that the Republicans and Democrats do nothing but divide the nation.  I’m ashamed of how they have all conducted business, and truth is, if they were in the real business world they would have been fired for insubordination and massive acts of stupidity a long time ago. I’ve long said that if we want a good health care package for the American people, all we have to do is take away the current plan enjoyed by Congress and the Senate and give them the same one we have. I’ll bet big money that the health programs would become vastly improved, less expensive and there would be no pre-existing conditions.

I have to confess, I didn’t vote for you. That’s okay, because as soon as you were sworn in, you became my president. I stand beside and behind you in all you do. I’m hoping you are doing the same for me.

When 2012 comes around and it’s time to vote yet again, I’m at a quandary as to what to do. I wish there were a political party that was simply “American”. That would be the line I would stand in.

I think you are probably a pretty nice guy and I wouldn’t mind having you over for dinner one day. (You can bring the dessert). I would love to talk with you about loyalty to our allies, negotiating with the ‘other side’, unemployment, education, gas prices, the Middle East, crazy Charlie Sheen, Harry Potter, the top 10 book sales, the ladies of The View, our weird weather and the fall line-up on TV. You’ll have to take your shoes off because for some reason we purchased white carpet (it seemed like a good idea at the time).

You’ve got a lot on your plate and I sure don’t envy you. I am a small cog in the wheel but I’m hoping everyone over there on your side of the fence respectfully remembers that’s it’s the cogs that make the wheel move.

Keep your chin up, do the best you can, play nice, and when you speak, speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far (I borrowed that from Theodore Roosevelt).

Say hi to the wife and kids for me. And don’t get discouraged.

I’ve got your back. I hope you have mine.

A confused, angry, worried, standing strong American,


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Suerae Stein - Hi Tammy! When you said a letter to the president, I got a little worried… I had started to become a big fan of your blog posts and I didn’t want anything to get ugly. Because I feel the way you do… it’s SO divided. But I should’ve known not to worry. You said my very thoughts, only more eloquently and with more wit and better humor. Thanks for sharing your terrific letter – I hope you are really going to mail it! ~Suerae

Connie - Thanks for being a voice for many Americans. We are standing in the same line you are…whichever line that is…as you said, it’s become so confusing. You have a beautiful way with words! Well said.

Lee Lefton - Tam, I absolutely love this post and everything you had to say. I do have to take issue with just one thing. Every once in awhile you have to take a stick and poke the bear. Otherwise the bear will eat you. Which is exactly what Eric C, John B, Mitch M. and all of the rest of them whose orthodoxy doesn’t allow them to admit the facts. More pointedly, the fundamentalists are putting their beliefs over rationality. It’s time someone (read: Obama) needs to pick up the big stick and speak loudly. And in doing so, stick up for the rest of us Americans. Speaking softly hasn’t gotten us anywhere. My two cents worth.

Maureen Armentrout - Hi Tammy! Exactly- at the heart of it, it’s all just grade school stuff! But you always manage to blend the perfect mix of humor and disbelief. I’ve always said it would be nice if they would actually ‘represent’ us – sad to say what the people want is a foreign concept to most of them. Gotta wonder what kind of kool-aid they’re drinking in DC….As always tho, thanks for giving voice to our thoughts in such a perfect way!

tp - I hope you’ve sent this to the president and every other person in our government. Somehow the people working in government have got to get real and understand that, we, the people, have had it with them all. Stand up and do the right thing!

Jeffrey Davidson - Dear Ms. American,
I would be proud to call you “my fellow American.” You said it like it is without the “BS” rhetoric that so many politicians use today. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If the opposite of “pro” is “con,” is the opposite of progress – congress?
Good work!!

Shirlene Vitale - Bravo Tammi ! Well spoken. I agree with all of it.

Carol Horowitz - Tammy, one of your best!!
I’m in the same line as you, so well put!

tammy - Suerae, LOL, you were worried. Funny. Yup, I did send it off to the President. Kinda doubt this stuff ever gets to him, but ya never know. Thanks for the post, great to have you here!

tammy - Connie, Well, there might be a lot of us looking for ‘that line’. Let us all hope we find it. Keeping my fingers crossed for us all. Thanks for the post!!

tammy - Lee, Well, thank you sir. Coming from you, it’s quite a compliment. Your points are well stated and needed to be said. The American people deserve so much better than what our representatives are delivering on Capital Hill. Keep good thoughts.

tammy - Thanks, Carol. Great to have you on the other end of my posts!

tammy - Thanks, Jeff, I am a no BS kind of girl. And proud, still, to be an American. Thanks for your post!

Jenny - I just came back from watching the shuttle launch. Never felt so proud to be an American. Still will be proud with whatever “launches” by beginning of August but I wish I felt everyone making the decisions was thinking about everyone who isn’t. :/

gary - Tammy Girl,
Re. your letter to the Prez…You done good!…You almost have too much common sense for your own good…Love ya!

tammy - Hahahaha, Gary, you crack me up. Haven’t seen you in these parts of the woods in a while. Glad you are still with me.I’ll take common sense any day over book smarts. But I’d rather have both. Grateful for your post, thanks!

tammy - Jenny, your post was brief, powerful and poignant. And to this I say … Amen.

kriti - Tammy – one should learn to be a diplomat from you – you are terrific. I would knight this letter “loaded innocence” if I could – LOL. Lovely to be here as usual..

Kriti –

tammy - Hi Kriti, haven’t been called innocent in years, um, decades. Thank you for that! And … as always, lovely to have you here.

Evette - It seems that everyone except members of Congress understand all of this mess they have created. I am at the point where I will not vote for an incumbent Representative or Senator – and the President? Well, I’m not sure yet – maybe if there was someone running that I thought could do a better job…

Sue Cove - Great letter Tammy.
I wish everyone could just get along!
I believe in Obama. His work is difficult.
Please Social Security…. be there for me!

Carmen Kane - Tammy, great article. Right on the money. I would like to invite all of our friends to forward a copy of this letter to President Obama in support of this article. We should also forward a copy to our respective Senate and Congress representatives. Maybe if they will listen!!!!

tammy - Evette, I agree…it would be hard to vote for any incumbents at this point. As far as voting for someone who could do a better job, let them step up and be heard. I’m thinking the “common man/woman” is needed in Washington. Thanks for the post, it’s good to have you here.

Vicki - As always Tammy, you make me laugh. Love, love, love your writing and what you have to say. You take my nickle thoughts and turn them into dollar words (if that even makes sense).. Keep up the good work! Love you (BNIALW)

tammy - Vicki, dollar words are good…so are nickel thoughts. it’s all money in the bank. Love you back (BNIALW)! Good to have you here, thanks for the post.

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