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These past two years I’ve made a LOT of enemies (some things never change), received death threats, countered some vile and disgusting accusations, and I’ve been unfriended by the best haters in the business. I’m good with that.

Since we last spoke, active shooters have become the new norm. When it began to escalate, I reacted with a very resounding Oh, Hell No! After spending a year working with legislative movements to help initiate laws that would better protect our children and loved ones, I became painfully aware that it was not going to happen.

I fell back to my lifelong motto of: If you can’t prevent something, prepare for it.

I went one better.

I started a company called Survive The Madness whose sole purpose is to provide FREE comprehensive, not for sissies, training on how best to survive an active shooter should you encounter one in the workplace, school, or out in public.

It hasn’t been easy. There were endless hours of one-on-one active shooter survival training. Certifications to earn, facts to learn, and trauma and medical techniques to master. I tried, cried, and persisted. I was not at all sure I could have chosen a more depressing path.

It was worth it.

If might shock you to learn that 75% of injuries incurred in an active shooter incident are survivable, yet are we dying at a much higher rate. We all need to learn every method, technique, practice and procedure at our disposal that can increase our chances of survival when confronted with an active shooter!

There is a LOT you, our kids, and loved ones need to know, conversations we should be having, norms that should be shattered because they no longer apply.

We are dying because what we don’t know is literally killing us! Because we don’t have the tools or the know-how to stop the bleed; we are bleeding out before help can get to us. A person can bleed to death in as little as 5 – 8 minutes.

On a good day it will take law enforcement 5-11 minutes to get to a reported incident. The average active shooter event lasts 5-12 minutes. When law enforcement enters a building, they are not there to save you. They are there ONLY to take down the shooter(s). If they see you bleeding in the hallway, they will pass you. Their sole primary mission is to disengage the shooter(s). Full stop.

Help will come. Our job is to keep ourselves alive long enough for the EMT’s to get to us.

We can do that. We MUST do that.

If you told me five years ago that I’d be hanging out with trauma nurses, dealing with excessive bleed issues, training with LAPD and ALICE on how to encounter an active shooter, squirting mace, and shooting tasers, I likely would have spit my Diet Coke out from my nose.

Yet here I am, on the verge of retirement, going full balls-to-the-wall with a new undertaking; to provide training and an affordable product line that can save lives. Streaming Netflix while eating Bon-Bons will have to wait.

If you know me at all, you know that when I take a stand, I hold the line fiercely. Following your passion and standing up for what you believe in is easy. Making it a sustainable business is another deal altogether. I’m going for broke.

While I have re-started my monthly life observations here on Witty Woman Writing, I invite you over to my new place of business and hope you consider being part of my tribe by subscribing to my monthly blog at Survive The Madness. I will deliver the goods: great info, real life stories and updates, and, of course, sarcastic humor (you wouldn’t believe the stuff that comes my way).

Wish me luck and help a girl out by clicking here and subscribing to the Witty Woman/Survive The Madness team! What you learn just might save your life one day.

LAPD Run, Hide, Fight program drill with Sargent Campbell

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Steven - This is so important for the greater good of all of us. Kudos to you for taking this on.

Tammy - Thanks, Steven, hoping a lot of other people ‘take it on’ too.

Susan Melchiori - Great article Tammy. I find it so said that my eight year old Granddaughter knows what to do if there is a shooter on campus. But it’s a fact of life we shouldn’t have to live with. Keep up the good work.

Tammy - So agree, Susan. It’s devastating on every level. NO, we shouldn’t have to live like this! Thanks for the support, appreciate it tons.

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