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Growing Old is a Bitch

Who are these 22-year-olds selling us anti-ageing cream? Seriously? Are we buying into that? Evidently, and in this economic crunch when many of us are having problems coming up with the mortgage/rent and utility bill, we have no problem dropping 80 bucks for an itty-bitty vial of miracle wrinkle remover cream. I guess we figure that if we go to the poorhouse, we want to make damn sure we look good doing it.

They say that vanity is our worst vice. I beg to differ. While I agree that we need to have our priorities in check, I see no sin in trying to preserve what we have left. And in my case, it’s not a whole lot. At 57, my body is not my friend. It’s considerably mushier; a lot more freckled, and rarely works to peak capacity. This is my new reality and dealing with it is in no way a cake walk.

I now understand the true meaning to the term Tough Old Broad.  I’m okay being tough on the inside as long as I look soft, supple and ever so approachable on the outside. And if buying that $80 jar of cream will calm my nerves and sooth my wrinkles, well, I say have at it. Let me live in my make believe world where I’m 25 pounds lighter, my breasts are still perky and I can look face down without looking like a Shar-Pei puppy.  Yup, growing old is a bitch.  Pass the anti-ageing cream.

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math games - thanks

Mari Sterling Wilbur - Love, love love this post. I so identify with this. BTW – I found you on Diva Cafe.

Dawn Simpson - Thanks Tammy for this little dose of reality. I’m 51 this year and it’s not at all what I imagined :/

tammy - Hi Mari, I love, love, love that you are reading along with me! Us girls gotta stick together…there is power in numbers. Thanks so much for the post.

tammy - Dawn, I’m 57 and downright appalled. Still, humor helps. Hope you read my letter to God post. Hang on tight, it’s going to be a hell of a ride, and better than the alternative!

Adrian - Not quite there yet. But I hear you.

tammy - Thank you, Adrian. I relay on you more than I should, but you never disappoint!

Chang Everton - You are a very intelligent person!

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