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Happy Birthday To Me!

306584_10151615187831917_1634381670_nI’ve never known anyone in my life who was 60 that I didn’t consider old. There you have it. I’m officially an old broad … in a few days. I guess it was inevitable, if I was to be one of the lucky ones.

I must confess that turning 60 feels a bit daunting to me. I’ve never once been intimidated by a birthday, but this one may be the exception.

If you were to ask me what life was all about, it would take little thought from me to answer you: life isn’t about the future or the past. It’s purely and simply about the now.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I must say that I like it like that. I’m still venturing, trying new things, and new ideas. Old habits are hard to break.

I don’t think I look my age, but I’m not sure it would be a bad thing if I did. Age really only matters is you’re a fine wine or a cheese. I’m neither.

I must admit that I imagined myself thinner, richer and having a butler by the time I reached 60. I remember the TV show Hart to Hart. I loved Max, and vowed I would have someone just like him by the time I reached 60. All right, fine. The closest thing I have to a butler is my scraggly little dog that does my beckoning. When she damn well feels like it. But … it’s good to have goals.

I knew that by the time I reached this wonderful age, my child would be grown and off on her own. This would afford me the chance to travel the world and have exotic adventures. I didn’t count on my 27 year marriage ending in divorce. It all works out, as love found me again a few years later and while we have so far traveled to Alaska, Spain, New York, Sedona, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Carmel, Phoenix, Breckenridge, Hawaii, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and La Quinta…we have big plans. I love big plans!

I’m not particularly fond of the speed with which the days fly by. All those wonderful memories we have in our lives; our first bike, first sleepover, school awards, parties, first love, children, family, they are all with us for what seems like a fleeting moment of time. Small slices of life which seem so long when we are in the living of it, but are, in fact, as brief as the vanishing vapor.

My life has been about taking chances, living honestly, laughing loud and often, loving earnestly, sharing, eating, learning, exploring, and helping others when I can. And chocolate. Let’s never forget the chocolate.

As I approach this milestone birthday, I pause at the thought of running out of life’s moments too soon. Am I perhaps too old to travel, hike up to Machu Pichu, walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, eat greasy food, and ride roller coasters?

I pray not.

I’d like to live my remaining years (may they be many) to the hilt. I wouldn’t mind living long enough to benefit from a facelift, new boobs and a butt lift. In view of the fact that I’m not particularly fond of doctors or needles, I may need a fifth of vodka to pursue this dream. Still, if you want something bad enough …

This year we will be spending my big day reminiscing as we drive the beautiful central coast of California to the wine country and Hearst Castle on our 4 day road trip. I visited this amazing estate when I was 23, and loved it so very much. I promised myself that I would return the following year. This trip will be my first time back since that first visit 37 years ago. Where did the time go? Better late than never.

And so, THAT is my motto for my 6th decade: better late than never! Because I’ve often allowed my life to become clogged with an onslaught of appointments, deadlines, business meetings, obligations, luncheons, endless hours of social media tracking, countless hours of freeway driving and a slew of “have to’s”. It’s all about balance. I work on it every day.

I figure that I should have some advantages at my age. What they should be, I haven’t a clue. Other than getting a free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s, my expectations are wide open.

Turning 60 doesn’t feel like I had expected it to feel. I don’t foresee my slowing down any time soon. I’ve got a lot of things on my bucket list and I don’t think God could stand the whining if I wasn’t able to get to most of them.

Here’s hoping!


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mercyn - A very happy birthday and many, many more.

I have two thoughts on turning the big 6-0 – by this time in our lives we should do what we want when we want, and
should not put off until tomorrow what we want and can do today.
And (a third thing!) keep on dreaming, adding to and checking things off our bucket list!

Scott Morgan - Happy Birthday, shoog 🙂

Tammy - Thanks, Scott. Wonderful to know you are out there!

Tammy - Thanks, Mercyn. ALL great advice. It seems like just a moment ago that I was touting with my girlfriends that we would never trust anyone over 30. Ha! Go figure! Appreciate hearing from you!

James - If this is what 60 looks like, I’m all about it! Happy Birthday Witty Woman. Thanks for rocking our world with your weekly prose!

Jenny - Happy Happy Birthday. I will help you celebrate and have one, two, who knows maybe a bunch of candy chocolate kisses just for you!

mickey - Happy Birthday!!
60 scared me silly, but here I am, about to celebrate 62 years young. You, my wonderful, beautiful, brave friend will brazenly skate through your 6oth year with all the grace and fearlessness you’ve always shown!

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen - Hi Tammy:
LOVE the photo of the cake and the sentiment. You’re just a few years ahead of me… Let’s grow older, you go first!

The thought of me (or you!) being 60 simply blows my mind! But I love it compared to the only other alternative, so here’s to those that wish us well and all the rest can go to hell!

Vicki - My dearest Tammy,
Many Happy Birthday’s to you..and didn’t you know that 60 is the new 30? May you have a magical day!!
Love you to bits!

Frankie K. - Happy Birthday Tammy! We are only as old as we feel and I’m not slowin’ down either anytime soon either.

Tammy - Thanks, Vicki, I’m trying like hell to buy into the hype that 60 is the new 30. But something inside me screams. Hell, I don’t want to go through that again! Love you to bits too! Thanks for popping by!

Tammy - Hi Laura Lee, the photo WAS funny, wasn’t it!? I imagined what my cake would look like if I plastered 60 flaming candles on it. Okay, I’ll go first and report back to you about this aging business. I’m with you, my mind is blown each time I think about little Tammy Jean turning 60. Oh my! Lovely to hear from you, thanks ever so for the comment!

Tammy - Thanks, Mickey, I’m not scared silly yet, but do fully expect to be hit by the impact. Martini’s are on stand-by. I appreciate the vote of confidence. Grace? I’m not so sure. Fearless, ridiculously so. I will give it my best shot. Mostly because it’s my ONLY shot. I love you.

Tammy - Hi Frankie, there are days I feel 100 and others I feel 21. We are probably all like that. You and have the right idea….keep moving forward. We are then a more difficult target and it keeps our arteries flowing. Thanks for the kind wishes and for the endless support.

Tammy - Hi Jenny, thanks for that. Add an Apple-tini to those chocolate kisses and you have an almost perfect lunch! Appreciate the kind thought and the comment!

Mel Glenn - Yes, 60 is daunting, but you have a lot of things going for you, principally your spirit and pluck. Though the present is the only thing important, I like the way you look to the future – to what you will do.
What should I say? – I hit the big 70, just had an operation, and feel the passing of days. I could use more of your optimism.
So Happy Birthday and take care. You have many more exciting columns to write.

Tammy - Thanks, Mel. I have pluck? I LOVE pluck! I always look to tomorrow. It helps keep it interesting. My grandpa would always tell me the trip of a lifetime starts with the dreaming. Happy belated 70th. Sorry to hear about the operation. I’ve had a couple so far and will look forward to foot surgery in my near future. Oye! I will use it as an excuse to get chaperoned around and waited on hand and foot (get it?). I’m happy to share my optimism with you any day of the week, my friend. I appreciate YOU.

Suerae Stein - A very happy birthday to you, Tammy!!! You have a wonderful outlook and that is what is most important in life. Age is just a number, unless you can turn it to your advantage, of course. When I turned 40 I decided that my sleeping arrangements should always be comfortable. Gone are the days when I would be willing to sleep four in a room on a girls weekend and have to share a bed with one of the girls in order to save a little money. I want my own bed, damn it! Now I have 50 looming around the corner and I’m trying to keep my mid life crisis down to a mid life issue, but am not sure I’m doing the best job! Lol! Enjoy this birthday and just keep living, laughing, and loving, as you always have. 🙂

eileen - Happy Birthday! And think about all the things people might say about you if you were a 60-year old bottle of wine – great legs, bold, appealing, tasty, complex. So enjoy that you have “medium maturity” and know that more is just going to be better.

Tammy - Thanks, Eileen! I like the way you think! You forgot sassy *giggle*. Age is but a state of mind. My mind will enter a mild state of panic come mid July. No worries. I am ready. Apple-tini’s, chocolate, my dog and my man (not necessarily in that order) will help the day go down smoothly. Wonderful knowing you are out there. Truly, thanks for that!

Tammy - Thanks, Suerae. You’re funny. I’m with you…don’t compromise the sleeping comfort! You will find 50 a breeze. I figured that when I reached 50 I was automatically considered wise. Damn if it wasn’t true. Hard not to be wise after living 50 years, unless you simply weren’t paying attention. And I paid lots of it. To everything. I’m here for you should your mid-life issue work up to a dull roar. Follow in my footsteps and just try to be the best damn 50 there ever was. I have a feeling it won’t be too hard for you to pull off. Thanks for the well wishes and the comment.

Carole - Happy birthday, Tammy! I enjoyed my 6oth last year and am looking forward to #61 next month. Thanks for that humorous birthday cake photo!
I like learning new things and taking chances as well. To that end, I just passed my certification test to become a natural health coach for cats and dogs. It’s never too late to dream new dreams and learn new things. Keep on doing what you are doing!
Enjoy your drive up the coast and your visit to Hearst Castle. If I may suggest, plan to stop in at the Madonna Inn and get a tour of some of the rooms there.

Christine - Happy Birthday Tammy!! May you have 60 more beautiful years!

Joan Cooper - Take it from someone who has been there – you are just a kid.

The things you love most will be more and more dear to you as you advance in age.

Many many more B Days.


Pamela O'Mack - Happy Birthday, Tammy! I had no idea! If I had known, I would have included you to the other birthday celebrations on Saturday, even though you couldn’t attend. We all could have sang to you! Love you, Girl! You are a great looking 60! Lv, Pamela

Tammy - Thanks, Carol. I LOVE that you just completed your certification test to be a natural health coach for our furry friends. THAT is awesome! Congrats to you! You’re right, it is NEVER too late to live our dreams. Never. I admire you. And am happy and proud for you. I will certainly stop in to see Madonna Inn. I’ve heard about it and was in a hurry last time around…all 37 years ago. This go around, I’m taking my damn time! So very happy to have you here. And thanks for the sharing.

Tammy - Thanks, Christine. From your mouth … to God’s ears! Thanks for stopping by!

Tammy - Hi Joan, I LOVE that you call me a kid. LOVE THAT. I wouldn’t mind sharing many, many more Bdays … with you.

Tammy - Thanks, Pamela, yes I’m a July 15 birthday girl. Right smack dab in the middle of the month. Thanks for the birthday wishes….you can sing to me anytime. As far as being a great looking 60, I’d have to ask when the last time was you had your eyes checked….but I’d rather just kiss you on the cheek and say thank you. *blush*

Cynthia Jordan - Well, well….You finally caught up to me…It took you a year (ha ha)….Happy Birthday my dear friend..60 wasn’t the easiest birthday and I still have trouble saying that I am that old…I sure don’t feel it or act it! I always loved the Hearst Castle and Madonna Inn is quite a unique place…and when I think about how long ago I was there it simply amazes me….the years do go so quickly, don’t they? As we know..”we’re born, we do lots of stuff and then we die” (personal joke to those who might think that sounded rather remorse). Love you Tammy

Marilyn - Hey! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! Take that day enjoy it to the finish……also….drive carefully!!! Love you

TanaBevan - “I’ve got a lot of things on my bucket list and I don’t think God could stand the whining if I wasn’t able to get to most of them.” Haha. That says it all!

As they say in the Old Country, may you live “until 120!”

TanaBevan - PS: Happy Birthday!

Tammy - Hi Cynthia, yes, I’m always trying to catch up to you. This is NOT an easy birthday, and I certainly don’t feel 60…or act like it. Immaturity has it’s balance. Yup, we are born, we do stuff and then we die. I remember the first time you said that to me. I was taken off guard and giggled nervously. Because you were so very serious about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that you were right. BUT, (you knew there would be a ‘but’) it’s all that wonderful “stuff” in the middle that makes our life so worth living. I love and miss you, my dear, dear friend. Here’s to us…and all our stuff!

Tammy - Thanks, Marilyn. I absolutely intend to enjoy EVERYTHING to the finish. I won’t be driving…I’ll be telling someone how to drive (giggle), napping and chatting. Thanks for popping in and sharing. Love you too!

Tammy - Hi Tana, yeah, I thought that summed me up pretty well, too. Thanks for the kind thought … from your mouth to God’s ears!

Tammy - Haaa! I knew your intention. But thanks for the official birthday wish!

Lee Lefton - Dear one, 60 is the new 30 if you ask me. I’ll never see you as old, but rather as that 27 year-old fireball who never backed down when faced with the wrath of Sam Barth.

I hit the big 6-0 two years ago and can honestly say, I’ve never felt better. The bucket list is starting to be emptied and refilled at the same time. Less work with less worry about it. More fun things every day. Long walks with wife and doggins. Gym and/or swim every day. Lots of great movies, both on Netflix and at the real theater, which I never tire of. Well-written books. And some great trips ahead. Spain in September. Austin in November for a big UT football game–which is much more Annie’s thing, although I will say that I’ve become addicted. To the point where I wear Longhorn t-shirts and hang out at the local sports bar during FB season. Costa Rica in February. And surprise of surprises, although you need to keep this under your hat, Thanksgiving to Christmas in Santa Monica. We’re taking the lovely dog. Please don’t let on to the wife that I told you. She wants to surprise everyone. But I will give you a heads up when we get there and the four of us will spend a great time.

Life is good, ain’t it? I’m just glad we all have each other to celebrate it.


Kitt Crescendo - Happy Birthday, Tammy!

It’s strange, I think I’ve always had older friends… And these days it’s really hard to tell who’s at the 60 mark and who’s not.

Considering most of my grandparents/great-grandparents made it into their 90’s, I say you’re just now hitting your prime. 🙂

Tammy - Hi Lee, so good to hear from you! I’m no longer 27 but am still a bit of a spitfire. Hard to argue with a God given trait. I LOVE how you manage your bucket list. A little give…a little take. Awesome! So very excited to hear of your travel plans. Steven has wanted to go to Costa Rica for some time now. Can’t wait to get the skinny from you guys. Also excited to see you both on your secret trip to the city. Shhhhh. Life IS good. And mine is better because you are in it. Miss and love you.

Tammy - Thanks, Kit. There are days when I think I’m living my prime. I’ve never felt more confident, smarter, calmer and self assured. Then there are days when I listen to my bones creak and think ‘what the hell?’. As for being in my prime….I’ll take it! So happy you pooped in to share. Great hearing from you!

Jim Lunsford - OMG! First of all – you look F#@$ing fabulous. Notice I used a dollar sign as one of the symbols to help hide the F-bomb – that is a secret butler bithday wish from me – doh! Well not so secret after all. I love what you say about – well everything in this post, but especially about – taking chances and helping others. Have a great, long overdue, return trip to Hearst Castle. I was just there for the first time a few months back. So amazing! It was one of the things on my bucket list – and as I turn 50 in a few months, I thought I should get started. It’s a fairly full bucket. Happy birthday!!!

Maureen - Happy Birthday! 60 isn’t so bad – way better than turning 40 felt! I am much more aware of the finite-ness of my days, and try not to let opportunities slip by as I once might have. And getting older is definitely better than the alternative! Thanks for another good read!

Tammy - Thanks, Maureen. Forty was a cake walk for me. Come to think of it … they’ve all been pretty easy to take. Except perhaps this one. *gulp* Sixty? Really? When did that happen? The bucket list gets fuller and there appears to be less time to empty it. No pressure! Growing old is definitely a privilege I am hugely grateful for. Every. Single. Day.

Tammy - Thanks, Jim. You made me smile (and giggle). I appreciate a well placed F-bomb as well as the next guy. Am SO excited to spend a few days at the Castle, the wineries and just sleep in and wander about. No computer in sight. Hope I don’t go into a spasm. YES, get started on the bucket list. If life has taught me anything it’s taught me that it grows almost as fast as time flies. Thank you…for being here. I appreciate it tons.

Tammy - By the way, Jim, I’ve tried to subscribe to your AWESOME BLOG….but this is what I get when I do “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”. You may want to check that and enable an email subscription feed. Yes?? Would love to be on the ComingCleanDad train.

Melanie Kissell - You have more spunk at 60 than some 40-yr-olds I know! Happy [belated] B’Day, Tammy. I hope you enjoyed that Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s! 😉

I wish you and your new love all the joys in life, loads of travel, and lots of vodka!

Tammy - Thanks, Melanie. I will celebrate the official day this coming Monday. I prefer to think of it as the National Martini Day. Yes, I just made that up. Spunk is something I’ve never had a short supply of. Common sense, well, that’s another matter. Thanks for the good wishes, I will pack them with me. YOU have a fan in me!

Melanie Kissell - I could use a “fan” right about now so thank you! (No, not for hot flashes – said adios to those eons ago). I’m in the process of making a long distance move and let me just say … moving SUCKS. You can cut the humidity with a scalpel here in SoCal today and my bra is sticking to me. LOL!

I was trying to recall when we first crossed paths in the blogosphere, Tammy, and my dinosaur brain isn’t computing. But I’m glad to be here again … kinda like coming home … minus those pesky house rules. 🙂

Stacey Joy - Hope you had a fabulous birthday and a wonderful trip! You definitely deserved it! I love the idea of better late than never especially when it comes to things that we planned to accomplish, but may have taken a little longer than expected.

I went to Napa recently for the first time. I had not been to SF since 2006! Better late than never. And to think it’s so close. I am not working this summer, unless it relates to my writing or my marketing. Better late than never.

Thank you for another great read!

Tammy - Hi Stacey, thanks so much. Actually not leaving until Saturday. Super excited to see the old Castle again, hang with my loving man, sleep in and partake in the wineries of the region. The Better Late Than Never mindset forgives our tardiness and allows us to pursue those things that others might shake their heads at because we are attempting them a little too late in life. Screw them. Go for it, my dear. You have much to offer and while you are still young, time flies like a beast. Thrilled to have you here!

Tammy - Melanie, I don’t remember when you first popped in to say hello. But I’ve missed you and am happy to have you back. Welcome home! I live is SoCal that has recently been labeled the South Florida of the West. Yuck! Where are you headed, my darling?? I’ve done 3 cross country moves. None of them were awesome but all of them were a kick of fun in the adventure department. Eating junk food from the cooler in the backseat, stopping to let the dog pee and checking in to hotels along the way with a kid and three animals. Are we having fun yet?? Keep me posted … on you!

Pam Weston - Oh, sweetie, you’re still a baby — I, on the other hand, am five years ahead of you. Now, THAT’S something to cry about!

Tammy - Pam! So good to see you here. I have to confess, I kinda like being the baby in the crowd of two. Hard to believe, isn’t it, that we are 60 and 65? What the hell happened? But if living well is the best revenge, I think we got that covered. SO wonderful to know that you are on the other side of my blog. Thanks for the read AND the comment!

Pam Weston - Soooo depressing to now be eligible for Medicare. I need some chocolate….

Melanie Kissell - I think I’ve got it, Tammy! Have you ever joined a 30-day blog challenge? Maybe two or three years ago? I have a hunch that’s where we met initially.

Hold on to your seats, hold on to your hats, folks — I’m moving to Arizona. Yes, I know it’s damned hot there this time of the year. No one fails to tell me that fact. LOL!! And I’ll be traveling with my two four-legged furry friends. Thanks goodness they love the car.

Long story short, I’ve reconnected with a man I fell in love with thirty-six years ago … and he happens to reside in AZ. And now, so will I. 🙂

Tammy - Melanie, just sent you a PM via your yahoo email. Yowzers! What a story! Arizona is about to get a whole lot hotter!

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