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I’ve really done it now

I’ve signed up for The Ultimate Blog Challenge. The what?!?

Oh, it will be so fun (she says grimacing and pulling hair out)!

It’s a vast and wonderful program for bloggers who want to show their chops. I couldn’t hide my chops if I tried, they are inherited and I’ve already had them pulled up once. They looked cute when I was little but as I grow older they drooped. Believe me; THAT’S not cute. But I digress.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge means that I am required to write a blog once a day for thirty days. Holy Cow … I can’t even imagine it.

So, for the month of October, I shall be sending out a daily blog. I’m already sick of myself; I’m just hoping you won’t get sick of me.

I predict there will be some wild rants, some wonderful wisdom, some irreverent thoughts, occasional whining and some venting. There will definitely be venting.

Wanna join me? Aw, come on, if I can do it …anyone can do it.

Check it out:

I’m already exhausted. Yes, I’ll stop complaining now.

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Kesha Brown - Look forward to your posts! I love challenges and this one will really get us all to create more content, ultimately resulting in more blog success overall!



Tammy - Kesha, I’m all for more writing, but I come from the school of “Deadlines Amuse Me”. Haaa! Now I have a daily one. Let’s see how this pans out. All good things happen when writers ban together. I shall be looking for and reading your posts with great interest. Go girl!

Jeffrey Davidson - Now you know why your face looks so good and you do not have any wrinkles!!!

Tammy - Jeffrey, Hahahahaha, no secrets between us. But the real reason I have few wrinkles is because I am 25 pounds fluffy-er than I should be. A blessing and a curse. But now you know why my little cheeks don’t sag, it’s because they were lifted and staple gunned behind my ears (although the surgeon denies that accusation). I should have gone full throttle for the whole face but I had no down time and thought I would wait until I really fell apart. After having gone through this procedure, pigs will fly before I do anything like that again. As always, thanks for posting and I hope you hang in there with me on these daily rants.

Maureen - Wow, not an easy task! But I know you have the ‘write chops’ and I’m totally excited that there’ll be something new every day!

Sue Cove - I read whatever you post! You go girl.
If I was’nt working 50 hours a week….i would be writing all the shit that happens in a doctors office. Sometimes i laugh soo hard i cry!
Wouldn’t have it any other way!
Oh…dear Tammy…i saw those face staples…remember! You were so brave!
You write away my dear! Love you!

Tammy - Maureen, you’re funny… “The write chops” hahahaha. It should be fun (in a getting a root canal kind of way). I’m hoping it will whip me into a stronger writing discipline. I’m not exactly sure why I would wish that on myself….I keep telling myself I’m awesome just the way I am. Clearly, I don’t believe it. Do stay tuned; I could use a friendly face on the other side of my posts. Thanks for being here!

Tammy - Hi Sweet Sue, Thanks, I love that you will stick with me on this goofy (but in a good way) challenge. Oh my gosh, you are right. You were there when I had my chops lifted. I remember two days later going to work then heading to the Victoria Secret semi-annual sale with my cheeks and chin black and blue. I didn’t have the good sense to be embarrassed about how dreadful I looked, just told everyone I had been in a bar fight. The scary part about that story was that they believed it. Ahhh, good times. Thanks for posting. See ya tomorrow.

Cynthia - I will most certainly look forward to your blogs…why are these any different than what you think and speak daily??? Except that you have to publish them on this website…oh yeah, guess that’s it. Hee hee. Regarding your beautiful, stunning face….I was also there for the fluffed up bit…and remember it so well….you had nothing done…just looked refreshed…RIGHT??? And to tell you the truth…you looked just as beautiful the week before…Your inner beauty shines and glimmers over your outer elegance..

Tammy - Cynthia, you’re funny. Yes you were there for the “It seemed like a good idea at the time cheek lift” episode of my life. I still think the guy used a staple gun. You are beyond sweet to say such nice things about my chubby cheeks BS (before stapling). Wait … I glimmer over my outer elegance? Wow. That would be super. I’d love to glimmer. Thanks for calling me elegant and thanks, as always, for being here! Good night, Gracie.


Maryjo Morgan - Good for you! I’ll here reading. 🙂

Jenny - Write away! I am excited!! I will also feed your fish! Love, me

Carmen - I am just thrilled and look forward to the most wonderful daily reading I could ever imagine……if anyone can do it…it is you, your wittiness, savy, charm, unbelieveable insight plus smarts!!!!
Write away!!!!Hasta Manana

Suerae Stein - I’m there with you Tammy! Sweating about it too! No one will get tired of you that’s for sure. Looking forward to reading your thoughts! ~ Suerae

Tammy - Suerae, thanks for the kind thoughts except I’M already sick of me. Haa! It is a hot stew; let us hope it is flavorful. Here’s to us!

Tammy - Carmen, after reading your post I literally almost looked over my shoulder to see who you were talking about. My, my, such lovely words. Let us hope I don’t disappoint. Great to have you here, you are assigned the official “cheerleader” position. Good luck with that. Yes .. see you manana.

eosgrafx - Nice post, Tammy! And it’s 31 days, BTW 🙂
The good thing is that I find it easier to write, with every new blog post. Eventually, we’ll get there!

Tammy - Esografx, yes, we are getting there. But I’m kicking and screaming the whole way. I love blogging but finding it hard to love being on this schedule. It’s messing with my creative vibes. Yikes. Thanks for posting!

Cindy Maier - I love reading your blogs . you are an inspiration to me and you always seem to “get it”. You go girl……and let it flow………..

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