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Marriage or single-dom, that is the question.

Are we better off single?Books telling us how to find a man, flirt with a man, marry a man; are a dime a dozen. What no one is telling the single woman is that they are smarter, have more friends, get more sleep, achieve more in life, have better sex, travel more, are less depressed, have better bodies, and do less housework. So why, exactly, are we all looking for husbands? The answer is: we’re not.

According to a recent survey of 100 single women past 50, 98 out of 100 states that they will not remarry. While husbands are off the radar, lovers are not.

So, if the single woman is so much better off without the benefit of marriage, why are on-line dating sites surging with over fifty users? Good question.

Forty nine percent of us couple up to have someone to talk to and do things with. Eighteen percent of us date to have fun, and five times as many men, compared to women, date to fulfill sexual needs.

While the value of a marriage certificate can be argued, the value of a loved one to share our lives with cannot. As it turns out, being single doesn’t mean being celibate and lonely.

Looking for love doesn’t come naturally. We have to work at it. The hardest part of this quest isn’t really the search for a mate; it’s the being open to one when he arrives.

As anyone can testify from reading my book; Single Past 50 Now What?, I’m a big proponent of the single life. That being said, sharing love is a very good thing. I wouldn’t turn down a happily ever after if it found its way to me. And I’m thinking…any day now. Whether I will marry for the privilege; well, that remains to be seen.

Facebook Share Tweet Post Pin Post +1 Post - Hi. I am only 34 and I can not say I know much about life at 50 can’t even anticipate what it might look like. I just want to say that it just beautiful to see older people give a second chance to love when they come but I believe that if a woman is single it’s admirable if she can still hold her own, pursuit some dreams, reinvent herself. Sometime being single can be a gift for a season because we can grow and hear ourselves and learn to know ourselves when we are alone but love can do that too when it’s the right person. I met a 81 years old man who got remarried 3 weeks ago after being single for over a couple of years. The lesson I got from that is that love doesn’t have an “age” and that no matter what we desire in life ” it’s never” too late!

tammy - Hi GoodhealthDiva, Yup, you’re doesn’t have an age. Neither does the mind. Unfortunately, the body didn’t follow suit with this logic. Damn gravity!Thanks for posting, happy to have you here.

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