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Rush to Judgment

Dear Rush Limbaugh,

What the hell were you thinking?

When we were kids playing in the sandbox we learned pretty fast the rules of civility; don’t hit, don’t spit and don’t use bad words. If we did any of these things, there would be repercussions.

Clearly you need to go back to kindergarten.

But this is really about me. And all the people like me.

I reserve the right to speak my concerns, my ideas, my worries and my beliefs without having to suffer ridicule and slander.

I believe in a fair America where we all have a voice and none of us speaks louder than the other.

I want to live in a world where bullies are held accountable for their actions. No exceptions.

I would like to have an America where political parties actually work for the common good of all. I’m still waiting.

I would hope that if a person holds a position of power in the media, they would utilize that position to enlighten, to encourage and to bring forth topics for open discussion as opposed to humiliate, discourage or judge. Intelligence never stoops to insults, it doesn’t have to.

I don’t believe that degradation, slander and intimidation is a good way to bring others to my way of thinking. Respect is an awesome thing, when given it is often returned.

I hold the conviction that character matters much more than reputation. There is a world of difference between them.

I think that the world has enough hate. We’ve also had our fill of bores that hold themselves higher by pushing others down.

I believe in tolerance. Diversity is what America was built on.

I abhor hypocrisy. It stems from lies.

I don’t believe that single minded people can rule with good conscience. Agenda oriented leaders usually lead in only one direction.

I don’t think that blowhards have any place on our airways. It’s good for stirring the pot and making the big bucks but rarely has it solved any problems.

I still stand by the rules that we were all raised by. Be polite, be mindful of your words, be smart and be kind. There has never been a time when you couldn’t get your point across by being all of these things.

I trust that communication can bring change. Preaching disparity keeps us all in a quagmire.

And now back to you, Mr. Limbaugh. I believe in your right to voice your opinions and make a very lucrative living doing so. I would simply recommend that you follow the principles of common decency and the American way of doing things; fairly. Name calling wasn’t acceptable in first grade and it’s not acceptable now. You have some troubles on your plate; being called an “insincere pig” by Don Imus is just a wart on the hog.

In case you were wondering, I have been a Republican, an apologizing Republican, a Democrat, a regretful Democrat and an Independent. These days my loyalties can be found in the camp of good sense, fair policies and honest dealings. And while it’s sometimes hard to figure out who represents what, mud-slinging will never figure into the assessment.

Good luck to you and to all of us; I suspect we will need it.

I must close by saying it’s a sure bet that you have brought these ills upon yourself and I suspect you deserve the current onslaught that has befallen you. I’m hoping you can learn from this and continue your career in a far more civilized manner, but I’m not betting the farm on it.

That’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.


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Suerae Stein - You go girl! I don’t know how you do it but you write so eloquently and say everything so perfectly. Tammy for president! I would vote for you because I believe everything that you stand for. This is one of your best – well done! ~ Suerae

Joan Cooper - Yes – everyone feels he was out of line and certainly unintelligent in his analysis. This young woman is an “elitist”, and her ‘gig’ is “entitlement”. Get it all for free. Why on earth should anyone pay for someones’ sexual contraceptives? That is as personal and as individual choice as you can get. Furthermore, you can buy them much cheaper than the government can give them away through taxation!

Watch out for higher education folks – look for common sense.

Joan Cooper

Carmen - WOW!!!!!! Tammy — Once again you have hit the NAIL on the head. Very well said. Congrats keep them coming.

Judith Briles - Well, there is a book–Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Liar–kind of sums it up at this point

. Whether the Georgetown student is an elitist or not is not the subject or the point; her position is about whether contraceptives should be covered within the healthcare umbrella. At this stage in my life–I’m putting them there. I’m tuned into the tremendous cost of children being born where the “system” then picks up the birth tab … the care tab … the education tab.

This is about men–mostly white men– deciding what women should do with their minds, bodies and lives; this is about pro-life myopicness … where very few of the pro-lifers step up to the plate with their checkbooks to underwrite the care/feeding/education of children–children that if the mother had her druthers would opt out of having in the first place.

Joan Cooper - To Judith Briles: Do you really think more government tampering will change how people think and live? Will people become more and more dependent on government until we all are personal slaves as well as work slaves?

Contraceptives are available cheaply – much less than cigarettes or beer etc. They are also available free. Government doesn’t need to do this. It will cost the taxpayer much more than teaching common sense along with sex education in school.

Where does it stop? You really must require humans to take SOME responsibility for themselves.

Joan Cooper

Tammy - Hi Suerae, so sweet of you to say so. I don’t generally comment on politics or media offenses but every once in a while I like to throw my hat in the ring. Sometimes something like this comes along and it just riles me. I want to get on my soapbox and grab a microphone and say to Rush “Who do you think you are?” Um, this blog will have to do. I’d vote for me too but becoming President of the United States is a goal that has never found me. I can’t imagine why anyone would want the job. Thanks for stopping in and thanks for posting. Appreciate you tons!

Tammy - Hi Judith, well maybe there IS a book in this. I bet it would sell big. You are SO right, and how unnerving it is to know that it is mostly white men that make the decisions that affect women’s lives, bodies, and futures. Not okay. If the subject is healthcare coverage for birth control, I’m all for it. I’ve known too many women who couldn’t afford it and we are all paying (literally) the price for it. But I must also factor in that in many instances healthcare already covers the purchase of Viagra for men. Can we really object to one while condoning the other? We should all take responsibility for our actions, and the responsible thing to do is to take birth control when we are unable or unwilling to have children. Thanks for posting, you always have something interesting to say. Love hearing from you.

Tammy - Hi Joan, I’m not sure the young woman is an elitist. I don’t know enough about her to make that statement. But my whole point was that a man in the position that Limbaugh occupies should never, ever stoop to slanderous name calling because someone is not stepping in line with his opinion. Not okay. This is America and we respect people’s right to speak. It has gotten to a point where so much of what he spews is arrogant and one sided. I listened to him years ago. At that time he was less hostile and more open. No question he has a brilliant mind. There is, however, huge doubt that he has much common sense. Or maybe he just thinks he is above it all? I am stuck in the middle (not unusual for me) as I believe that less government is a good thing. Having said that, I also believe that it is a great opportunity for women to have the option of having their health care provider offer birth control under their health plan. This is not a government subsidy, this is private health care. I’m for anything that helps women get the protection they need so that unwanted children are not brought into this world and then becoming burdens of the state. By the way, did you know that many health care providers already offer coverage to men for the purchase of Viagra. Something to think about.

Tammy - Hi Joan, no, I’m not Judith, but wanted to respond to you as you have been such a loyal and savvy reader. I agree with you that the American people need to be wary of the amount of tampering that our government has in our lives. Scary stuff. If a health care plan wants to offer contraceptives, I say have at it. They already cover Viagra. But, you’re right; we all should be more responsible for ourselves, our families and our futures. Thanks for being here and for posting. Your comments are always so passionate and to the point. It’s pretty awesome having you here.

Scott Morgan - Written for the jugular! Gotta love that, wherever you stand 🙂

Tammy - Hi Scott, the jugular, eh? Yikes, and that was me being nice. I rarely do political pieces as my readers are not generally so inclined and I always see my numbers go down. That’s okay, because every once in a while we need to sound off. Ya gotta venture out of the box every once in a while. I’m so happy you were there when I stuck my neck out. Thanks for supporting and for posting.

Jeffrey Davidson - Rush, unfortunately, like many other conservative talk-show hosts (no, I am NOT anti-conservative), seems to feel better through the use of vitriolic name calling, put-downs and not listening to another point of view and debating or discussing it. Instead, because he lacks the ability and/or self confidence necessary to try to get his points across without yelling, name calling, etc.
I too believe that he is intelligent, however, he lacks wisdom, understanding and compassion for anything which is different than he “knows” it should be.
Intelligence is having knowledge. Wisdom comes from a healthy application of that knowledge.
I enjoy hearing other points of view whether or not I agree with them. They either strengthen my existing beliefs or persuade me to modify them. Works great when you “talk” to me and not when you yell at me.
With regards to the young lady who wants free contraception from the government, NO! Get it from your private healthcare provider. Otherwise, I want documentation that you are not buying any to0bacco products, liquor, candy or anything else that is not necessary for basic survival before I pay for your safe sex.
As always Tammy, you have a beautiful gift of being able to express yourself in a meaningful and often humorous, witty way.
If you keep hitting the “nail on the head,” you will have to join the “Carpenters’ union!”

Jeffrey Davidson - Sorry for my typos!

Kellie - I agree with you the remark was out of line and not helpful to anyone. In watching the Ms. Fluck speak I feel sorry for her she cant figure out on her own as a mature 30 year old woman how to purchase a contraceptive. On the other hand… I sure dont hear the liberal media on Bill Mahrs ass for his everyday disgusting remarks about religious groups or Republicans and our dear old president Obama accepting 1 million dollars towards his campaign. Hipocrates…ya!

Tammy - Thanks, Carmen. You have officially become my number one cheer leader. Love having you on the other side on my blog and always welcome your posts.

Tammy - Hi Jeffrey, well, there is not a lot to disagree about your description of Mr. Limbaugh. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I do differ in my stance with providing contraception for women. The cost of unwanted children far outweighs the cost of the contraception. It’s kind of a ‘bit picture’ thing. Many times the state will have to pay for the birth, the health care, the education, etc. of a child born to a woman who is unable to take care of them. It just makes financial sense to me. But, this discussion actually involved birth control being offered by PRIVATE health care providers. That is even more awesome. And of course private health care already provides Viagra for men. It appears we are already paying for sex. We are just trying to prevent unwanted births. Thank you for the kind words, I’d love to join the Carpenters Union, just not sure they’d have me. Has! Thanks for being here and sharing your well stated opinions, and thanks ever so much for posting.

Tammy - Hi Kellie, don’t even get me started on Bill Maehr’s. That’s a whole other blog. I don’t suffer arrogance easily. Mr. Maher’s is right there with Mr. Limbaugh in that department. Do you ever notice how the people who have the least reason to be arrogant; are, and the people who have a good reason to be; aren’t? As far as his million dollar donation to Obama, well, it’s legal and he is at least backing up his beliefs with his money. I’m sure the same is happening on the other side of the fence. I don’t begrudge anyone putting their money where their mouth is. I’d disrespect them if they didn’t. I’m just so sick and tired of the name calling, the character bashing, the insults, the blustering, the assumptions. It’s crazy. I’d appreciate an end to the madness of it all. Can’t people just be civil? Well, now, that’s the million dollar question. At the end of the day your statement holds true; hypocrites, all of them! Thanks for your insight and for your post. So very glad to have you here!

Kellie - hipocrites indeed! I too have been all the above mentioned in my life time. (Democrat, Independent and Republican)

Joan Cooper - If private health care providers want to provide contraceptives, that is private business. For the government to get into it requires enormous outlay of money for the inefficient clerical work they are famous for and never ending tax funds down the drain unnecessarily. Also, government has no business in this issue.

Yes Ms. Fluck does have a history as an activist.

I am an old time romanticist – I know what sex is and what sex isn’t. Maybe there should be some courses on this in school. I mean other than they are doing. Or maybe not. Let them learn the hard way (no pun intended).

Tammy is going to boot me off the blog for this.

Stephen C. Spencer (@PaulDMallory) - Right as always, Tammy! The world would be a much better place if we could discuss the issues of the day calmly and dispassionately; express our opinions without resorting to shouting and name-calling; and elect politicians who spend more time propounding their own ideas and less time personally attacking their opponents.

But, to use your phrase, don’t bet the farm on it happening any time soon. That’s the price we pay for living in a free society. Consider. Burning the American flag is, under the law, a perfectly acceptable way to get one’s point across. So is setting up camp in and around centers of government in an attempt to…hell, I don’t even know what they’re trying to accomplish. But they’ve got a right to do it. So who’s going to say “boo” to the collection of increasingly strident “commentators” who are flooding the airwaves with their vitriol?

Sad but true: Rush Limbaugh’s not going to be hurt one little bit by this latest embarrassment, any more than, say, Bill Maher was damaged by using a vulgar anatomical term to describe Sarah Palin. It’s what they do. [Full disclosure: I lean right politically, but the last Republican I voted for with any enthusiasm was Ronald Reagan. I’m a fan of Limbaugh’s (whatever else he is, he’s indisputably an entertainer), but he was dead wrong here, and his “I stooped to their level” apology was as lame a thing as I’ve ever heard him say. (Maher’s a jerk; but the biggest thing wrong with him is that he’s just not funny.)]

Don’t count on the media to inform or educate you. And please don’t let them tell you how to behave. Their sole aim is to make money. This goes for “public” broadcasting as well. We’re on our own out there; that’s another one of the costs of freedom.

It’s a trade-off, sure…but I think we’ve got the better of the deal.

Gordy - Amen. Live life your own way – Just don’t expect me to pay for it.

Tammy - Gordy, I hear ya, I’m with ya and I get it. Too bad we aren’t running things. Don’t think there is a chance in the world it will work out that way. Thanks for stopping by and for posting.

Tammy - Hi Stephen, we are on our own out there aren’t we? Scary thought. I mean, the playing field is not level. It gets harder every day to try to establish the truth from fiction and policies from greed. It’s enough to drive you drink. I’d like to think that Limbaugh would suffer a consequence, fair is fair. If you did something to this degree in your workplace, chances are pretty good you wouldn’t be working there for long. I listened to Rush a few years back. He is wicked smart (as is Maher) but seems to have been overtaken by arrogance and hate mongering. I’m not a fan of either. Same could be said for Maher, a complete and utter jerk (that’s me being nice). You’re right, freedom has its price and we are better for it, no question. But when I read about protesters attending the funeral of a fallen soldier, who was gay, holding signs of hate, well, I just get a yearning to exercise my 2nd amendment rights. Common decency should prevail in a civilized society. I guess I must surmise that we are less civilized than I ever imagined. Another scary thought. So happy to have you here. Your comments always get me to thinking. Thanks for sharing and posting!

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