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Shut Up and Enjoy the View


First off, I’m so VERY SORRY for those duplicate posts that were sent out to you in the last couple of days. The cyber gods were clearly angry with me and I’m hoping the problem is fixed. A Christmas Post in March? That’s like a snowball in August. Why, I never!

Now …. I’m into my second week of coping with having one leg in a cast and navigating a 2 story home. It’s not been pretty. Lots of tears of frustration, and massive quantities of Breyers chocolate chip ice-cream, have given way to resignation. I’m at the “shut up and enjoy the view” point of no return.

I’ve relented to my stubborn self and ordered up a hospital bed for the living room. That way I won’t kill myself on the stairs. It also means that the kitchen is just a scooter ride away and I won’t starve to death when I’m home alone for hours. This is the part where I mention that I could probably live off the fat of the land for at least 2 weeks. Okay, 4 weeks. Fine. A half a year. Whatever (eye roll).

I’ve got it all. Everything to make this situation bearable. The gizmos, the gadgets, the loving man, the good for nothing dog and the 2 bossy cats. That’s quite an arsenal. Except I’m pretty sure the cats are fuzzy saboteurs. Anyone who owns one knows that stairs are a hazard to navigate when they are around. Thanks for nothing, you devious little fur-balls.

I generally have a good attitude and sunny disposition. But I’ve got to tell you, this stupid foot thing is wreaking havoc on my Pollyanna outlook. I keep trying to overcome but get nothing but failure and exhaustion. I get points for persistence but demerits for not accepting my limitations. Bah!

My current circumstance has brought me to understand that there is only so much you can do to manage any situation until all that is left is surrender.

I happen to suck at surrender. It smacks an awful lot like losing. But, as life would have it, surrender serves itself up to be my only choice. I know there is a lesson here somewhere.

If surrender saves me, if it makes things in my life more bearable, happier, easier, why am I so against it? Sometimes I just need to get out of my own way. People who are accustomed to doing things themselves have a hard time leaning on people. Depending on someone else is an art form I’m still learning. I can’t say I’ve gone gracefully into the fold.

I’ve finally realized that it’s okay that I can’t do what I thought I could. It’s okay to be upset about it. But it’s not okay to keep trying until my head is comatose from beating it against the brick wall of my stubbornness (not my best trait).

When I was a kid, my mom and I would have a yearly road trip to visit friends in Las Vegas. It was all so exciting until it wasn’t. An hour into it I would be nagging: Are we there yet?, I need a bathroom, I’m hungry, tired, cold or whatever. That’s when my mother would turn around and tell me to be quiet and enjoy the view. I didn’t get it. View of what? Cactus? Trees? Railroad signs?

I get it now. And I’m taking her advice. I’m shutting up about all the ridiculous perils of being a one footed scooter fiend in a two footed world, and I’m just going to enjoy the view.

My view is lots of friends, fabulous foods, good conversation, and delicious wines, the slowing down of life, naps with the pets, being waited on, reading, and the catching up with long distance friends from long ago. And, of course, writing.

That’s a hell of a view, and I’ll take it! Wish me luck on the shutting up part.

securedownload (38)

As you can see… bed is a bit crowded.


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Joan Cooper - Well you said a mouth full this time – and I don’t mean putting your foot in it (no pun intended).

It isn’t forever – you will be two footed again. Did the doctor give you a timetable? I was going to drop by this week to see you,but Jeff returned from Minnesota with a cold which I promptly got. Haven’t had a cold for decades.

Hang in there – look at the wonderful blog your disfunction gave you.


Carole Schultz - A post is a post is a post…whether ’tis Christmas in March, or Shup Up and Enjoy the View…all posts are most welcome.
Keep on enjoying the ice-cream, Tammy, the view, but don’t ever shut up!

Terri Quenzer - Embrace and enjoy this view while it lasts. There will come a day where you will wish you could get parts of it back (at least the reading, writing, being waited on, slowing down, and naps with pets parts). LOL! Wishing you a quick recovery!

Helene Cohen Bludman - Tammy, you have a knack of making lemonade out of lemons. This too shall pass and you’ll be running marathons before you know it. 😉

Ande - Tammy!

Here you are, feeling poorly and frustrated, and yet you’re still able to make the rest of us feel good and laugh at loud … with you, of course… 😀

Here’s a little ditty that might cheer you up… or at least get stuck in your head as a friendly reminder!

Two funnies to lighten your day and share with your furry friends:


Your Devoted Fan, Ande… who is only a phone call away…

Tammy - Ande, what luck to have such a devoted fan as yourself! LOVED the videos, thanks for that. Watched the cat one twice. Still laughing. Today is my 2 week anniversary of my captivity. Four to go. Sometimes I want to jump up and scream ATICA, ATICA, ATICA, but then I just slump down in my quiet bed and continue longing for the days that I run through the fields at Macy’s and Target. Soon. Love you, my friend. And thanks for the laughs!

Tammy - Thanks, Helene, I’ve always loved lemonade! I don’t foresee any marathons in my future, but I think there will be a hell of a shopping spree, day at the spa and a looong walk with the pooch in my not to far destiny. So happy you popped by for the read! Thanks for that.

Tammy - You are SO right, Terri. My fiancé told me that one day I will look back on this and laugh. Never. This is and has been beyond challenging. But, I do so enjoy the quiet sound of surrender as I peruse my books, relax, and catch up on my computer stuff and emails. Slow and easy wins this race!

Tammy - You are so sweet, Carole, thanks for your understanding. The ice-cream is gone (sad face) and I’ve resolved to not bring anymore back in the house. I’d like to be able to walk when I get out of this thing. No worries, I can’t be quiet for five minutes, even if you paid me. Just love having you on the other side. Thanks for that!

Tammy - Hi Joan, yes, a six week no weight bearing time table, then two weeks in a walking boot. Today is my two week anniversary. Four more to go to shed the cast. Seems like an eternity. So sorry to hear that you are sick. Colds are never fun. Take care of YOU.

Adam D. Oglesby - Walking is my passion. It’s where my brilliance–if I have any whatsoever–emerges; where my million dollar ideas take shape; where my fantasies are given flight.

Or at least that’s what I’d like to think.

Anything that takes away from my ability to do what I love, really ticks me off.

I can deal with a lot of other annoyances in life as long as I’m able to get out for a good, long walk.

As a middle aged guy, it seems that I get minor injuries much more often. Perhaps that’s my wild and reckless youth paying me an unwelcome visit.

So far I’ve never had my mobility compromised to the extent yours has. But even when I need to nurse a sore ankle, foot or knee I can get grumpy.

You mess with my walking and you’ve messed with the wrong thing.

Hats off to you, Tammy, for keeping your sanity.

Tammy - Hi Adam, ticked off I am! (That was my Yoda voice) I understand the love of walking. My pup and I walk(ed) 3 miles a day without fail for the last 13 years. I love it. It’s my unplug quiet time. I listen to the air, birds and trees. I think about the important stuff. But, I think my brilliance (assuming there is any) comes to me generally about 3 a.m. Which is why I now keep a note pad and pen on my nightstand. I’m not at all sure I’ve kept my sanity. Two weeks in a leg cast and four to go, I just as soon kill someone as look at them. My sunny disposition has gone to hell in a hand basket. Still, I’m learning quite quickly how to be content with being still. The lesson still finds me longing for walks with my dog and afternoon of sitting under the trees in the park. So very happy to see you here, my new cyber friend. Thanks for that.

Karen - Oh, Tammy, I sympathize! I shattered my ankle in 2011, and had to spend the better part of 12 weeks going up and down stairs on my bum. I was very low about it, but after a while I got used to the slower (much slower!) pace, and decided that I’d do what I could, and try not to dwell on the rest. Sounds like you’re going through the same process. And hey, at least (for me) there was knitting.

Tam Warner Minton - Don’t worry about it! We all have our bad days.

Tammy - Thanks, Karen. Yup, it sounds as thought I’ve hit the phase of acceptance over denial. It was tough getting here but I’m starting to enjoy the scenery. I have my needlepoint which I dearly love and my crewel. If I were a woman of leisure, I could get accustomed to the laid back life…without the cast. So happy to see you here! Thanks for that.

Tammy - Thanks, Tam. Am starting my third week and hoping for better days! Appreciate the read!

Karen @BakingInATornado - Imagine being that incapacitated before the age of gadgets and internet (does that help?).

My sister (I live 1500 miles away from my family) had surgery to her foot many years ago. She mailed me a laptop, signed me up for FB and started a Scrabble game. The entire time she was unable to get around we had a game going. She later said it saved her sanity.

Jennifer Steck - I can’t imagine how difficult it is to sit still and accept help. It seems I’m always on the go and I imagine that’s the way you are too. I’m glad you are settling in and able to look at the bright side. Get well soon!!

Kathy @ SMART Living - Damn! It sucks being incapacitated doesn’t it? Unfortunately I’ve been there and done that and agree that it is very difficult to sit back and “enjoy the view.” But as you say, sometimes surrender is the best option–that and sitting back to enjoy the view. Thanks for the reminder…. ~Kathy

Kathy - I can truly sympathize with having difficulty accepting help. I am not the best with that. You were very smart to get the hospital bed. Animals under foot going up or down stairs is never easily navigated let alone with crutches.

Great post and try to enjoy being waited on.

Cheryl - You’re funny even when you’re in pain and incapacitated—–love it! We are still planning to see you in May——–you will be able to travel———right!!!!!!!cheryl

Tammy - Hi Karen, I think I LOVE your sister! Brilliant woman. Yes, the internet has been life saving for me, no doubt. NO, I cannot imagine this malady without all of the gizmos and gadgets available to us today. When stuff like this happened to people back then, I’m betting there was a lot of drinking going on to help you get through the day. Personally, I wouldn’t blame them. Lovely having you here!

Tammy - Thanks for the kind wishes, Jennifer. I am settling in, but still find it extremely difficult not being able to simply go upstairs, prepare a meal or shower without aid. Ugh. Still, I remain uber grateful for the technology that is healing my foot. That is a great “bright side”! Thanks ever so for the read and the comment!

Tammy - Thanks, Kathy! I must admit, I didn’t come to the “sit back and enjoy” point of view without substantial grumbling and whining. Par for the course, I guess. I’m becoming good friends with the idea of surrendering myself to the circumstances. Using what fight I have for better things. It’s all so exhausting. Thrilled to have you stop in and even more thrilled to hear from you! Thanks for that.

Tammy - Hi Kathy, thanks for the words of encouragement. Yup, I’m starting to think that every living room should have a bed in it. Haaaa! Of course the cats are convinced that it was placed here just for them. Of course it was! So appreciate the visit and the comment.

Tammy - Hi Cheryl, YES, I’m still coming. A bit of a setback, that’s for damn sure, and I will be equipped with a walking boot. Slow and easy wins this race. Very excited to see you both! xo

Sandra Rea - I totally get you. I think that’s why yours is about the only blog I read consistently. I may go away for a bit, but I ALWAYS come back here. Sorry to hear about your foot/leg issues. I know how something like this can slow a body down. In September I had sciatica, which until then was just a word to me. OMG. Not just a word. Not just a word!!! I couldn’t move for three days and then couldn’t walk. It was pathetic, but from that I learned a new way to work. From my bed. That’s where I am right now. I created a cool bed desk, and from your pic I think you have, too. A desk in my bed. I purchased a kick-butt new laptop so I could be hyper-productive from this spot, too. And I ordered it… ONLINE. I’ve limited my activities until recently due to pain, and had to finally, finally accept the fact that I might be getting older. I might even be… dum, dum, daaaaa… middle aged. Ick. What a word set. Nasty. But we have to accept our limitations sometimes. Not always. But sometimes. The good news is that I have begun to move again, lose weight again, get around pretty well again. It has in fact taken months to lose the numbness and pain, and it may never be gone. What changed? A trip the spine specialist who told me he could inject my spine and that no matter what there is no certainty that no matter how careful I am that the overwhelming pain of a sciatica bout won’t return. I thought… why then am I being so careful. With that I flipped my mindset around. And I’m here to report things are pretty good. When your cast is off, don’t be too careful. You can enjoy the view from the gym or walking the neighborhood… eating good-for-you foods and hanging with friends. Your you-can-do-it, no-holds-barred mindset will return and you will have a new regard for “the view.” Right now you’re just taking a well-earned vacation. Maybe the cast was just meant to slow you down. Get better. Keep writing, you witty woman, you…. ; )

Tammy - Hi Sandra, what a breath of fresh air you are. Thank you for that. I feel everything you shared with me. To the core. I think the cast benefited me in many ways, but that didn’t stop it from being the biggest pain in the butt I’ve ever had to physically deal with. My bed was also transformed into writing central. We work with what we’ve got! Healing is hard, mostly because it takes it own sweet time. I wish you the best, my friend. I’ll be here! Happy to know you will too.

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