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Socially unsocial

I give up…where is the sociability? As I sit here looking out the vast window of my local java joint I’m feeling like a social animal. I look around, and it occurs to me that all of us here found our way to our local coffee house to meet up with a little bit of humanity rather than burrow in our homes steeped in blissful isolation.

So what’s wrong with this picture: I’m surrounded by at least twenty five peeps, my peers, all of whom are deeply involved with their lap tops or I-pods and no one is interacting with anyone…for hours? For the love of God, why doesn’t anyone look up from their computer, throw a smile across the room, and give a nod, a little chatter? How are the kids? What’s going on with your crazy boss? How was the movie? Did your wife leave you? Are you lonely?

We all look so average, so normal … so social. As I sit here in the Mecca of sociability, I’m getting the creepy feeling that we are all far from it.  Maybe next time I’ll stay home with the cat.

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Lee Lefton - So true. So true. I was stunned when sitting at a coffee house last week and a nice gentleman at the next table actually spoke to me. Someone had left their iPhone on the table (unbelievably!), and we were both so surprised by this, we struck up a conversation which went on for about fifteen minutes. We both bemoaned the technological age and remembered that we all got along just fine without computers, cell phones, et. al. Whatever happened to good, old fashioned conversation?

kyle - your good

tammy - Thanks, Kyle. Appreciate that. Happy you are following!

tammy - Lee, What? Did you say something? Haa, just kidding. Well put, actually. The technology that makes the world a smaller place I think also makes it a bit more lonely. Thanks for posting!

Colleen - Well indeedy. But before the age of laptops and ipods I wasn’t prone to being social to strangers in coffee shops if I recall correctly. And I can usually manage to make a friend or acquaintence look up from their laptop.

Sue - I love my cats!

tammy - Where would we be without our critters?! I love my Henry and Charlie dearly; if only I could get them to take out the trash or pay the mortgage! Thanks for following!

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