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Still Standing

Sometimes things happen that define us forever.

September 11, 2001 was one of those days.

This flag was raised over the World Trade Center ruins and was hung from the damaged Pentagon; a powerful symbol of patriotism, survival and resilience. Tattered, dirtied and fragmented, it was still there. And so are we.

I think we are still amazed at how people survived such tremendous loss. Amazed at how courage overcame fear and how we, all of us, stood strong together.

It reminded me of Red Rover, a game we played as school children. We formed two lines, held out our arms and locked them together in a strong chain, then held tight as the opposing team tried to break through.

We all locked arms on that day and held tight. We’re still holding. Strong, fearful at times, but determined that no foe will break us.  

And so, as Americans we respect, we mourn and we are terminally grief stricken for what happened on September 11th.

But as Americans we look to embrace September 12th. For us there is always a tomorrow with a brighter future.

In these uncertain times, let us please remember who we are and what we are capable of.

Patriotism isn’t about being a Democrat or Republican. It’s about our homeland, our families, our beliefs, our rights and our freedoms. It’s personal.

Stand tall America. We have just begun to recover.

God bless.

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Suerae Stein - Beautifully said, Tammy, as always. And you’re right, it is personal. I was so proud of our country after that horrible day. It was the one and only time I can remember that I felt we were united with a common purpose. Thanks for writing this. It’s hopeful, compassionate, and positive. A needed message. ~ Suerae

tammy - Suerae, yes, it is ever so personal, and I remain hopeful and positive. Sometimes hard to do in these troubled times. So happy to have you here. Thanks for your comment.

maureen - Thank you Tammy, truly well said!

Cynthia - Again perfectly stated. Every year at this time I become a little uneasy and every day I thank God for being here. - Thank you Tammy for writing we are still standing indeed!

marilyn - I wish our hearts were full everyday of the year and it doesn’t have to take such a tragedy to bring us together and remember what a beautiful country we live in. Keep the spirit going!!!! Love you Tammy!

Kris Henderson - Nicely put Tammy

Sue Cove - We are still standing. Tall and proud and being the best we can. Every day is new and we don’t know what it will bring….but we have changed and are still changing and growing.
I am thankful for friends and family in my life…thanks Tammy…you are one of them.

tammy - Back at ya, Sweet Sue. Thanks for being here.

tammy - Anniversary’s are tough. Truth is, we should probably be a bit uneasy about this stuff every day, and, as you say … thank God for still being here. Good to hear from you.

tammy - Marilyn, From your mouth … to God’s ears. Thanks for the post!

Author Deeann Elizabeth Pavlick - I am very impressed with your writing. I hope to get to know you better. My life as well as thousands changed that tragic day. As we all go on in our lives, as I say in my Book , Strive On! Jesus will is there for us & for them. Well said Tammy.

Tammy - Deeann, great to have you here and thanks for the kudos. I usually have oodles of humor in my posts. Nothing funny about that day. Nothing. Happy it spoke to some. Thanks for posting!

Jenny Paulsen - In the good times and in the not so good times I am very proud to be an American.

Tammy - Jenny, I don’t believe it is arrogance or false pride, but this land where you and I live, despite it’s shortcomings and faults, is the best the world has to offer. I find myself, like you, proud and grateful everyday. Thanks for your resounding post.

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