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Life is Not a Burger

I’ve had my fill of false advertising, phonies and liars. I’m tired of being sold wrinkle cream by a 26 year old, mascara by women wearing false eyelashes, diet products by people who have private gyms, personal chefs and trainers. I’m also sick of the print media, who clearly lost its conscience decades ago.

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Rush to Judgment

Dear Rush Limbaugh, What the hell were you thinking? When we were kids playing in the sandbox we learned pretty fast the rules of civility; don’t hit, don’t spit and don’t use bad words. If we did any of these things, there would be repercussions. Clearly you need to go back to kindergarten. But this […]

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F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
L i n k e d I n
M o r e   i n f o