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The Price of Success

HackerYou’re nobody ‘til somebody tries to take you down.

When it comes to success, one never really considers the price of it. We think of the rewards, the gratification, the accomplishment, and sometimes, the fame.

Make no mistake, success always has a price. Sometimes it’s not what we are expecting. Sometimes it’s all that we expected, and more. But rarely are we prepared to pay it.

My speaking, coaching and writing business has seen some substantial growth since my blog, ‘Witty Woman Writing’, found its niche. I am speaking and teaching at universities, corporations and non-profits, in addition to taking on a good many private clients. Good for me!

You would think so.

I most recently received a dose of the dreaded back-handed compliment. In other words, I’ve run up against an individual(s) hell bent on shutting me down. Awesome (reeking of sarcasm).

In recent weeks my blog, ‘Witty Woman Writing’, has come under a hacker’s hand. This may explain to some of you why my blogs have been interrupted and why some older posts were randomly and erroneously released.

This unidentified person(s) has plagued my website, my blog and my personal email accounts. They also thought it would be great fun to post hate mongering remarks that were racist and beyond offensive. Other sabotage methods were attempted but intercepted. Be assured that Witty Woman’s email list is safe, secure and untouched.

I recognize this as a clear attempt to shut down the blog. Not going to happen.

Instead I’ve placed additional safety guards onto the blog, secured additional plugins and implemented the one thing I have purposely avoided since I began blogging: the moderating of all comments before they are seen on the blog. Damn.

So, to my would-be demise makers, let me fill you in on a bit of history. I’ve been badgered by better people than you. I’ve been stalked, threatened, plagiarized, made fun of, criticized and insulted. Regarding your efforts … meh, I’m not impressed.

I won’t pretend to understand your motives or your logic. Nor will I pretend to care. Now let me give you some advice; get a life, get a clue and get a job.

To my readers, THANK YOU for sticking with me, being patient with the subtle blog absences and random blog posts. Know that there were reasons for my madness and if you encountered any of the verbiage left behind by the garbage spewing commenters, accept my apologies and know that it was NOT from me.

Some of you contacted me with the disturbing comments and I thank you for that. It took several stressful weeks/days to conquer this wasteland of disruption. I didn’t appreciate one moment of it, but in the end, it didn’t get the better of me. I have reported the racist hate remarks and their origin to the FBI just for good measure. No loose ends here.

I will never figure out why some people try to lampoon another person’s forum just to knock them down a notch. There is no shortage of petty little people who wish they were a bit like those that enjoy a little success in their lives or business. Too bad. The world could use less of the hacking lot.

As for me, while it was a hassle trying to defend my turf, defend it I did. Witty Woman – 5, Stupid People – 0.

Success has its trials, tribulations and sucky people to have to deal with. If you haven’t encountered these kinds of people, if you’re lucky, you will. It’s a sure sign of success.

For me, it’s business as usual. Let the Witty Woman Writings’ wisdom continue!

A little advice to you, my friends, keep an eye on your back. If you are succeeding in your efforts, someone, somewhere will be gunning for you. Consider it a sign that you’re on the right track.


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Mel Glenn - What that person has done to you is reprehensible, beyond understanding. The more you think about or react to this unscrupulous individual, the more power you give him or her.
Just have the best security you can and make sure this person doesn’t exist any more in your life, psychologically or literally. There will always be jealous people in the world.

Tammy - Hi Mel, it’s been a journey! But you and I are on the same page (no shocker there). While I still feel the sting, I have put them out of my mind and my life. I’ve dealt with these kind of people before and it never leaves you with a good feeling about mankind. That being said, I’m just hoping I didn’t lose too much traction here on Witty Woman. Fingers crossed! THANK YOU for your support and understanding … and brilliant contributions!

Maryjo Morgan - Razzle your dazzle and shake your chutzpah! You GO, Girl!!! So proud of you and all you are doing.

Always hoping for your BEST success,

Scott Morgan (@write_hook) - Wow… An old saying in stand-up comedy is that as long as people tell you you’re doing great it means you suck, and once people hate you you’re doing great. I guess that’s supposed to be the silver lining. But I’m sorry to hear you’ve found a troll. Keep rolling, shoog, we know you’re cool.

Tammy - Haaa! Thanks, Maryjo! I am razzling and dazzling as I type.Shaking my chutzpah, well, I’m working on it.Thanks for the encouragement. OY! What a pain this has been. Onward and upward! Thanks for the post. Appreciate hearing from you!

Tammy - Hi Scott, yeah, some silver lining. Trolls are out there doing their troll thing. Hard to understand how some people choose to spend their time. I’ll keep rolling. As we say in the business (what business?)… I be cool! Thanks, Scott for spouting your support. Adore your for that.

Jeffrey Davidson - One thing you got wrong, Witty Women — 1000, Stupid People — <0

Sorry for the difficulties and the need to monitor. There are those who can only feel better and build themselves up by destroying (or attempting to) or when they put others down. Kudos to you for not letting that happen.

You are correct, we have to watch our backs because there are those out there who have no purpose in life other than to disrupt or destroy.

Your beacon of light, your intellect and your insight into everyday life both good, bad or indifferent will shine through the "zero's" out there.

Tammy - Hi Jeffrey, It’s been a trip, that’s for sure. I like your tally much better. I have a feeling we would all be surprised at the number of wrong doers out there. It would probably scare us to death. Beacon of light? Aw, shucks, I’ve been called a lot of things but think this might be my favorite. I’m thinking I should have a patch made up with that name on it. *giggle* But seriously, I’m grateful for your kind review of my work but more grateful for your faithful attendance here on Witty Woman. People like you are what make this blog so awesome!

Nancy Wurtzel - Oh! I am so sorry about this, Tammy! Really hope you can get to the bottom of this and that you can move forward. It sounds just awful. Hang in there…

Tammy - Thanks, Nancy, appreciate that. Think I’ve made my way through the mess. Was a bit mortified at some of the postings and their ability to spit out my blogs randomly, but it’s all water under the bridge at this point. Oh, yeah, baby, I’m moving forward big time! Thanks for sharing your support. Means a lot.

Tana Bevan - I believe it was in Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged,” where Hank Reardon (an industrialist who strove to build his business, and continue building it, even as more rules, regs & edicts were handed down by those not in the know), realized there were those who, knowing (be it consciously or unconsciously) they could never build or create, chose to destroy. Somehow and in some perverse way, those who destroyed felt what? A sense of power? A momentary thrill? A sense of elitism that destruction was superior to creation? I don’t know. I do know your post reminded me of that long-ago read book.

Here’s clapping, cheering, and hooting for you as you continue your forward momentum while the dregs fall by the wayside.

Gimme a T!
Gimme an A!
Gimme an M!
Gimme another M!
Gimme a Y!
What have you got? Tammy! Woo-hoo!

Tammy Bleck, one really cool, witty, woman writer!!!

Tammy - Thanks, Tana! LOVED this post. So fun you are. (My best Yoda voice) I’m going to be rallying it all day. Interesting read, Atlas Shrugged. Sounds like a very shrewd take on civilization. A bit Orwell-ish. Thank you for that A W E S O M E cheer. I’m quite pleased with myself that I have such wonderful peeps like you in my corner. Gooooo Witty Women everywhere! Thanks for the post, Tana. Made my day.

mercyn - Sorry to hear about your problems. Don’t let the bad guy(s) get you down or shut you down permanently. Keep up the great work.

Jim Lunsford - Tammy, Please excuse any duplication. I sjust had an error message to my previous response. Just a thank you for your CSUN visit. Like your current post, it was great information and very candid advice. Again, thanks. Best, Jim

Tammy - Hi Mercyn, thanks for the pep talk. I’m over it (she says fingers crossed). People can be so stupid sometimes. What a waste of intellect. Thanks for popping and supporting the WW! Appreciate it tons.

Tammy - Hi Jim, welcome! Nope, didn’t receive any duplications. You are most welcome! I had a good time sharing the blogging info with all of you. It was an amazing turnout and CSUN always treats their speakers and audiences very well. Happy to have you here, hope you stick around for awhile. Thanks for the kind words and the support.

Pamela O'Mack - I’m proud of you, my dear friend, for standing up to these jerks, ( that’s the only polite name I could think of to call them), plenty of X-rated adjectives came flowing out of my mind, but I wanted to remain a lady! You deserve a lot of credit the way you have handled this situation! Go Girl!!’ I love you, Pamela

Tammy - Hi Pamela, oh my, do I miss you! They ARE jerks (I’m adding the x-rated expletives in my head for you). Ya know, you work hard to build a forum for good people to gather and exchange thoughts and ideas and some jerk(s) sees fit to try to ruin it all and bring it down. It’s happened before but interestingly enough, it never happens to me when I’m just starting out, only when I’m established and rolling along. I love you too, and am so happy to hear form you. Thanks for popping in. I need that!

Malissa - Tammy, humm there are rotten ,no good pukes, and low life in the not so “Rich and Famous” too. There out there just waiting for a way to get their foot in the door! And you were the lucky one this time….not funny. So sorry! Glad you got it worked out.
I didn’t see the bad ones. I did wonder why I didn’t see it every week though, I missed ya girlfriend!

Happy Easter ! Malissa

Stacey Lorinn Joy - Tammy, wow, how terrible that you had to go through all that, but I love how you’ve handled it. You remind me of something I was told long ago, and that is: If no one is talking about you, you aren’t doing anything worth talking about. I guess we can apply that to technology: If no one is hacking into your accounts, you ain’t got nothing worth hacking into. LOL.
I pray that you will never have this to deal with again, but that you will always have something worth hacking into.
Thank you for persevering and being a leader that I choose to follow. I’VE GOT YOUR BACK TOO!

Charity Kountz - I’m sorry to hear you went through this – been there, done that I can tell you, on more than one occasion (sadly). What’s worse is when you’re hacked by a known associate. Intentionally. Maliciously. That really sucks. But we are women – hear us ROAR! 🙂

Tammy - Hi Malissa, hmmm, why don’t you tell me how you really feel? Haaa! I LOVE it! So glad you didn’t see any of those horrid comments. It was hate speech down and dirty. Ugh! Yes, I laid low for a bit. I didn’t want to broadcast what was going on as I didn’t want to feed their frenzy. In all likelihood they are a subscriber. Not awesome. Hard to know. But you know what? Stuff like this can never be allowed to stop us from doing “our thing”. And so, that is exactly what I intend to do. I did lose a few peeps along this trip. They were new and perhaps thought that the posted vile was mine. Mortified at the thought but not a lot I can do about it. *le sigh*. Thanks for hangin in and for the awesome support. Happy Easter to you!!

Tammy - Hi Charity, you got that right! If this is the worse thing that happens to me, I’m a lucky girl. So sad that we have to deal with this crap. Still, I stand wiser and stronger because of it. I don’t think I’m roaring yet … but wait for it, it’s coming! Thanks, Charity for stopping in and voicing your support. Means a lot.

Tammy - Hi Stacey Lorinn, yes, I’ve heard that saying a lot these past weeks. I guess I should be most flattered. Thanks for your kind words. I too always hope I always have something worth hacking in to! Happy to know you are on the other end, supporting, understanding and laughing with me along the way. Thanks for that!

Sandra - Isn’t that ridiculous. So sorry you’ve had to go through this stuff. I wanted to use another word but thought better of it. You go girl! You’re fun and funny, bright and light. We’re all here for you.

Tammy - Hi Sandra, yes, it IS ridiculous! I can’t for the life of me figure out what the payoff is to do this kind of thing. Seriously! THANKS so much for the encouragement. You are very sweet to offer such a kind review. Great knowing you are on the other side of my blog. Thanks for that!!

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