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The Savage Season

american-flagThe electorate has spoken and has given us Donald Trump as its president.

The defeat for Hillary Clinton was swift and painful, and the only comfort many of us have is in the knowing that the savage season of the presidential election is over.

While he did not win the popular vote, Mr. Trump will be the head of the Republic of the United States come January 20, 2017. As a respecting American, I have no choice but to honor his position and pray for his success. Divisiveness only moves us apart.

Secretary Clinton’s concession speech was flawlessly American; come together, work for the common good, stay vigilant, involved and remember that America is the greatest nation on earth. She was class and dignity personified, calling on us to tap into our greater selves.

I will look to our new president to begin to take sides on behalf of ALL Americans. To speak against bigotry and racism on every level. The White House should hold no tolerance for such things. While I harbor doubts that the man elected is capable of dignity, compassion and fair play, I will work hard on myself to give him the benefit of the doubt and I pray that his heart is better than the words he has spoken. I am an American, first and foremost, and the love of my country calls on me to support its leader.

This doesn’t mean that I should or will abandon my beliefs. And I believe that we must all stand together in vigilance for each other; immigrants, LGBT community, Muslim Americans, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, women, men and children. We are all one. Today more than yesterday, we need each other.

So, Mr. Trump, we are watching you. The popular vote is watching you. The people who voted you in with trust in their heart are watching you. You are working for us now. Shape up, fly straight, and represent this country with the dignity you left behind in your bid for the presidency. Real Americans do not whine, blame, bully or name call. Get with the program and be the man you promised you would be.

In the meantime, I will make it my mission to be kind to my fellow citizens no matter their ethnic background, I will be compassionate to those in need, loving to those who are hateful, respectful to our military and challenged Americans and I will use kindness to fight bitterness. I will go out of my way to demonstrate the kind of humanity that has made America known for its generosity of spirit, wealth and defense.

Know this, you are not a god, a demigod, a savior or a ruler. You are a servant of the people. ALL the people. The house you will be living in is paid for by the minions that make up this great country. I call on you to be the better side of yourself. Every day. Check your ego and temper at the door, they have no place where you are going.

As you prepare to staff your Cabinet, please remember that while conspiracy theories served you well in the election, they have no place in the real world of policy making, war, tyrants and dictators. Please work diligently to surround yourself with people who deal in the reality of the world’s landscape. You may know the art of the deal but you made it painfully clear that you know little about the workings of the world.

And by the way, pay your federal taxes and support the country’s infrastructure just as a parent would support their child. You’re soon to be an American president, not a tax dodging billionaire.

I am behind you. But should you disgrace us, I will be in your face with millions of my fellow countrymen. Because, Mr. Trump, that is the American way.

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Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski - Feeling your pain. I’m giving myself today to rant and vomit on Facebook before going back to posting food and travel photos and puppy dogs. But if Sarah Palin or any of those other crazy goons becomes a cabinet member I may relapse. Just saying.

Tammy - Haaaa! You made me laugh, Rebecca! I’m with you…if Sarah shows up in a cabinet position, we will storm the White House together. I think even he knows how crazy she is. Relapses are okay, just jump on board eventually.

Sheryl - Perfectly said. I can only hope that his presidency brings out the best in his opposers and we will all demonstrate calm and unity. And I keep hoping it was all a silly show and things won’t be as bad as we fear.

Stacey Joy - Thank you, Tammy. I felt every emotion you have written. I’m looking forward to seeing how an untrained, unskilled, unkind man manages life as our President.

Domi Moreno - While I applaud your open heart and mind, I find it most challenging, dare I say nearly impossible to have the same attitude on this tragic day. I, like the rest of our country sat glued to my TV set last night. With each passing hour, I could not digest what the numbers were saying. It was a blood bath, unlike any other. It’s not the fact that my candidate lost, it’s the person who won that I find so hard to accept. We all know our country has racists, ignorant, misogynist, bullies, but is it too much to expect to not have the leader of the free world be all of this rolled up into one?
I found my 24 year old daughter last night watching these horrific events alone, with tears rolling down her face. What could I possibly say to her when her pain and fears were mine as well.
She comes from a generation has accomplished so much, only to see it all thrown away in one election. The fear and disappointment in her eyes is not one I will soon forget. And her words to me “now what mom?” will forever ring in my ears.
So Tammy I applaud your open mind and optimistic attitude on a day when so many of us are mourning, not only for what we lost, but for what is to come. It is the likes of Americans like you that will carry us through our darkest days.
God bless America, and God help us.

Tammy - This show has been put on the market for four years and can’t be cancelled by the networks. More the pity. But gather we must, as we hope for the best. Great having you here, Sheryl.

Tammy - Oh, Stacey, there were tears, I won’t lie. A few today too. And fears. Lots of them. Like the rest of you, I will wait and see. I will be vigilant, aware and ready.

Tammy - I am with you, Domi. I understand. I shed many tears yesterday and today. The sadness and fear is epic and well grounded. Like you, it is not the loss but the winner that is horrific to face. You will tell your daughter that nothing was lost for her yesterday. She is still the bright and beautiful, smart and funny young woman she was on Monday.She will shine because she can. I confess, I am not optimistic…I’m just trying my best to be a good American. It’s not easy. I didn’t want to write today. But in times like these we must all cry it out then stand tall and defiant against those things that would threaten our liberties. We must do what we can where we are. And so I find myself here. With you. And that gives me comfort.

Carol Cassara - Definitely a lot of fear out there and well-founded. I hope people can rise to the occasion. I don’t think some will. I fear a dystopia.

Tammy - I understand your feeling. And, yes, there is a lot of fear out there. I carry a good amount of it myself. Rise we must. This is our country, and at the end of the day, there will be no hijacking of its liberties. It is bound to get messy. But how we deal with it will help to prevent the dystopia you fear. Fingers crossed, my friend. Fingers crossed!

Estelle - I admire your grace under pressure. He should release his tax returns and convince us that he is not in bed with Putin. If he does that, I’m willing to give him a chance.

Tammy - Things seems to be worsening by the day. Keeping a hopeful heart is getting harder to do. It took 24 hours for Putin to publicly praise Trump, along with various other dictators. Still…I’m hoping for the best.

Justin Brown - Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic “The Savage Season” at hand. I have no idea about this topic before today. I am going to bookmark the site for further assistance. Thanks and have a good day!

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