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Why You Should Never Watch The News Again!

girl hugging globeAside from the fact that the nightly news is freakishly depressing and leaves you feeling like a hopeless deer in the headlights, it could be killing your ability to cope. With everything.

I love Brian Williams, he is adorable, well dressed and well mannered. But he is no longer welcome in my home. Neither are any of the other major network news anchors. They are all delivery vessels of evil doings, beheadings, bombings, hackings, murders, shootings, slaughterings, missing and dead children, floods, arctic vortexes, and ridiculous government doings. Twenty four minutes of pure horror topped off with a two minute sniglet of a feel good piece of news. Yeah, that makes it all okay (sarcasm).

And it’s all conveniently brought to us at dinner time, just a few short hours before we lay ourselves down to sleep. Sleep?! Fat chance of that.

I have been struggling with getting to sleep the past few years. Something I attributed to age. Upon closer analysis, I now believe it to be related to the terrors I subject my mind to just 2 hours before bedtime each evening. Enough!

While I admit to substantial tom-foolery and occasional idiocy, I don’t want to be a complete moron. I want to stay abreast of world affairs. I just don’t want to be taken down by the daily bombardment of detailed and vivid news blasts. So, I subscribed to CNN, i24, and BBC breaking news posts. Whenever something in the world happens worth knowing, I receive a text message telling me about it. No pictures, no graphic footage, no newscaster going on about the carnage in living color. Just the facts. It’s a tolerable way to receive the news that is hard to know. I call it news cheating.

If I’m inclined, I can always tune into CNN (otherwise known as the network that repeats the exact same news story every 30 minutes for 3 day intervals). I rarely am.

I’d rather spend my evenings chatting it up with the people I love, talking on the phone with friends, reading a good book, listening to music or going out to a local haunt for a bite to eat.

Am I putting my head in the sand? You bet your ass I am. The world is a very scary place, and it’s getting scarier by the day. If hiding from it from time to time helps me sleep better at night, I’m all about it. I have become a fan of temporary news respites, reality breaks, and world crisis pauses.

I hate that it is getting harder to remember that humanity is humane, that there is hope for the world, its people and our planet. I know that love is stronger than hate, but it’s not stronger than guns, machetes and bombs. I think I share a global sadness and fear. A flickering doubt that things will get better.

I was once owned by a cat named Figaro, aka Figgymeister, The Figgster, and Figgy. He was a huge 19 pound black and white puff ball; a stray that found his way into our home and hearts and graced us for 18 years. When he was scared he would run to a chair and put his head under it, completely convinced that no one could see his big body and scraggly tail sticking out in plain sight. Brilliant!

If it was good enough for Figgy, it’s good enough for me.


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Laura Lee Carter - Me too Tammy!Remember that old song “Make the World Go Away!” That’s my new motto!
See why we moved away from all cities??? Silence IS GOLDEN!

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
Love you, but this time I totally disagree. Given the terrors in the world today, we are in no position to ignore the news, or have it served in a pleasing manner. We are duty bound to watch all of it, all of France, all of ISIS, all of the horrors. We cannot bury our heads in the sand. Historically, we did not listen about the Holocaust, or the rise of radical Islam today. Avoiding the news is a luxury we can no longer afford. Your reaction?

Joan Cooper - If they wyld leave the horrors alone and not report, I think the monstrous creatures might give up – they do love publicity.

My doctor tells me he never watches the News.

AND where are the banks ? The montsters have to use banks. Why doesn’t the world community make laws that hold them from using the financial system. That would stop them!
And probably all wars.

Joan Cooper

Tammy - I do understand the move away from city life. I did it once, for 13 years. It was wonderful and I left it kicking and screaming. If only we could make it all go away, Laura Lee. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

Tammy - Mel, I LOVE you too! People who love have been known to disagree. We are not so far apart you and I. I agree with much of what you said. We MUST be informed, vigilant, pro-active, and perpetually aware. These days, what happens a continent away is what is happening in our own neighborhood. There is no head being buried in the sand at my house. But, (there is always a but) I have signed off on the medias need to gluttonized their viewership with repeated sound bites, videos, and snap shots of horror. I don’t need to engage in the gruesomeness of it on a moment by moment basis. Overload of hate is not good for me. I lean heavily on BBC and i24 News. Their coverage is far more diverse, detailed, respectful and informative than CNN. You are right, of course, avoiding the truth is not a luxury we can afford. But bathing in it nightly is another thing entirely. Thank you, Mel, for your honest and sensitive comment.

Tammy - Joan, a very good point you have there: terrorists do love their publicity! I’m not sure the evil would stop if no one reported it, but it might take a different direction away from the dramatic videos etc. It’s all so horrible. Banks never gave a rats ass about people. Look at all the banks (Switzerland) that housed Nazi money for years. A disgusting set of circumstances. Thanks you, Joan. Always wonderful to hear from you!

Jenn - Absolutely agree 100%. I remember in high school being subjected to the war at hand (Saudi) and feeling so afraid I completely stopped watching the news. Every now and then I forget and get pulled into the horrors. The last was Sandy Hook and it shattered me into a million pieces. Figgy had the right idea….if I have to be ignorant (ignorance is bliss) and hide my head even though the rest of me is clearly visible then that is what I shall do. I’m so glad I’m not alone.

Tammy - You are NOT alone, Jenn, but we may be the minority. Maybe others handle the constant barrage of atrocities better than we do. Hard to know. But the aching feeling of helplessness and sorrow is just too much for me. And the visuals that come with are things I don’t need to see more than once…if at all. Like you, it stuns me for a good while, not in a good way. I won’t ever be ignorant of what is happening in the world. We can’t afford to. But I refuse to submerge myself in it daily. SO HAPPY to see you here, Jenn. xo

Doreen McGettigan - I so agree with you and I spent half of my life in the news business. It is getting scarier and scarier and honestly I don’t believe ANYONE that delivers the news, these days.
I get most of my news these days from apps too.

Tammy - Doreen, I’ve recently figured out that scare tactics are used by all news networks to get us to tune in. I was a huge fan of CNN many years back. But for the longest time, they are the most inferior of all, concentrating on one story for days as the world around us crumbles. The apps give it to me straight, and I so much prefer it!

J - I believe many years ago the Jews believed this in Germany. It didn’t work very well for them. Never is a very strong word! I’d also suggest getting your news three months ahead of time at FOXNews. (I also listen to stations I disagree with but want to be informed of other views)

Information is pure power if it is used properly! One of those ways is to help other people. It is important for me to pay attention to what’s around me. As I was taught, “Were ever you are, be there now!”

Tammy - Thanks, J, for your comment. I totally understand where you are coming from and agree with much of what you shared. But in this day and age, I am able to stay abreast of what is going on via news apps like 124, BBC and CNN. Information IS power. Remaining vigilant, aware, pro-active and informed is key to all our lives these days. The world seems to have become smaller. What happens in Paris can and will most likely happen in many other parts of the world. But I have chosen to stop the nightly visual barrage and regurgitation of the talking heads as they simulate the atrocities and horrors being carried out. Its simply too much for my head and my heart. It has robbed me of the natural contentment that life brings every day. I do LOVE your expression “where ever you are, be there now”. Brilliant. So very happy to have you on the other side of my blog. So very happy!

Carole Schultz - I’m with you, Tammy, I’ve been an ostrich for a while now. I just can’t watch the news anymore so, like you, keep up to date with world news via reputable sources. x

Tammy - Hi Carole, I guess its a sign of the times. I know people who devour news hours a day. Hours! Can you imagine. It damages my spirit to be subjected to so much, so often. Not for me. Happy to know I’m not alone! And…happy to see you here. THANKS for that!

Helene Cohen Bludman - TV news has always been about sensationalism and it’s only gotten worse. On the opposite extreme, the morning news shows are so vapid and full of nonstop laughter that it makes my head spin.

Christina Embry - Tammy, You hit the nail on the head when you said that the daily barrage of news robs you of the natural daily contentment that life brings…. Just going about your business thinking about issues closer to home. I miss those days!!! After all , aren’t our own lives filled with enough problems (and joys) to be dealt with? Our little worlds seem to have gotten global and it’s hard to escape it.

Tammy - You are SO right, Helen, the morning show are ridiculously petty. From one extreme to the other. Where is Walter Cronkite when you need him?

Tammy - Hi Christina, I DO miss the days when our biggest worries revolved around what we were going to have for dinner. Now we are aware that going to work, sitting outside at a local eatery or traveling to destination for holiday could cost us our life….for no apparent reason. Perhaps it’s time to get a home in the mountains! Thank you for being here!

Karen D. Austin - I am a speed reader (1,000 words a minute), and I like to have control over what news stories I digest. So watching the news drives me batty. It’s super inefficient. Instead, I compiled a Twitter list of 60 plus news sources. I can skim headlines quite quickly and click through to read what interests me. I do this about three times a day. I am very happy with this means of digesting news.

Tammy - I’ve never know a speed reader before, Karen. It’s a bit awesome. I think I could have taken lessons from you as I withdrew from the nightly bombardment of the talking heads. Thanks for the read and the comment!

Angela Weight - I completely agree. The other night, while watching all the stuff about terrorism coming closer and closer to home, I caught myself reciting the serenity prayer under my breath. Soon afterward I clicked off the TV, because there’s nothing I can do to change the world right now, but I can change my thoughts and hopefully have a good day while the outside world is falling apart. I’ll join you with my head in the sand.

Mary Buchan - The news can be a real downer at times. In 2015 I am working on simplifying my life and creating more peace in my home.Turning off the evening news will help me with this goal. Thank you for sharing!

cheryl Shaw - Hi Miss Tammy——hope all is well with you. I loved the quote, “wherever you are be there now”, and I agree with your sentiment about the sensationalizing of the news on the networks. It does however scare me when I read that many have stopped paying attention to world happenings. I do hope those individuals are aware when and if the time comes to take a stand and act.
I believe that the “good old days” were for us a result of the many demands we had in our lives when we were in our 30’s and 40’s. We just didn’t have time to pay much attention to what was going on outside our daily lives. We now have time. AND the world has certainly changed. 1984 has arrived.
I am not happy about the increased government intrusion in my life and feel the “pc” attitude is a huge contributor to the problem. When will we learn a life with purpose, with all its ups and downs is better than depending on others, and there will always be idiots and psychos. I am currently reading Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer. WOW.

Tammy - Happy to have company under the sand, Angela. Thanks so much for the read and the comment. Happy to have you here!

Tammy - Hi Mary, I so agree with your 2015 intent. It’s hard to do. We walk a fine line staying informed and sane. Good luck to us!

Tammy - Hi Cheryl, a very happy new year to you, friend. You are right, staying informed, savvy to the world dilemmas and those that are more local to us takes vigilance. But I’m not at all convinced that we have to bath in the blood delivered each night with such gusto by our nightly news talking heads. It’s over the top. I have been finding harder and harder to stay positive with so much negativity being slung at me. My mobile news apps have helped me hugely. I’m on top of everything, but not in a sensational way. It’s still not good….but it won’t be until the news is good. Not holding my breath. Will look that book up! So happy to know that you are on the other side! So happy!

Tammy - No kidding, Melanie! I remember after 9/11 I was glued to the TV for a week. Cried all the time. Couldn’t get a grip on things. I turned the coverage off during the day. Bam! Instantly felt better. It’s difficult to function when seeped in depressing news, bloodbaths, beheadings, etc. Life is for living it. Better to get on with it.

Joel Itwaru - I don’t watch the news. What we pay attention too we attract more of it.if we pay attention to bad news we will attract more bad news. That’s why there are so much bad news in the world because the news media is only looking for that. Its the law of attraction at work

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