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Man vs. Dog

I pick dog. Duh?

I recently saw this declaration on Facebook that in order to find out who loves you more, your dog or your husband/boyfriend, try locking them both in the trunk of your car for 20 minutes then letting them out. Which one is happy to see you?

Well, what do you expect from Facebook? Still I’ve got to say, there might be some truth in the experiment. Of course there is the whole ‘I’d probably get arrested for imprisonment’ thing, but, what the hell – you only live once.

You have to admit; dogs make it easy to love them. I don’t know how they do it, but they always love the same TV shows that we do, their favorite snack is our favorite snack and no matter how tiny they are, they would fight a lion for you. They never disagree with you, yell or complain to you, and never, ever do they tell you that your pants make your butt look too big. What’s not to love about that?

In addition, it bears noting that when you are sick, haven’t showered in three days, have vomit breath and your hair is in a scraggly pony tail; your dog still can’t wait to snuggle up to you, kiss your face and spend the rest of her life in bed with you if that’s what it takes. I mean really, do we need to discuss dog versus man? I don’t think so.

I’ve been pretty sick for over two weeks with pneumonia. How many guesses do you need as to who stayed with me throughout the coughing, puking and nose blowing; my boyfriend or my dog? Hmm, dog wins again. Don’t get me wrong, he was an awesome nurse and I don’t know what I would have done without him to take care of me. But, if I had to choose who to be with during my sickness, well, it would be no contest.

February of last year my dog of ten years, Maddy, became suddenly ill and close to death. When I admitted her to the emergency room I was told that I should take some time with her as they weren’t sure they could save her. As my tears began quietly streaming down my face, I leaned into the doctor’s ear and softly pleaded “please, please take care of her and try your best. She is my very best friend and I love her and owe her nothing less than her best shot”. The vet gave me an understanding look, a hug and swiftly left the room.

On our ride home my boyfriend whispered quietly to me that he thought he was my best friend. I corrected him. Let it be known that no one loves you like your dog (or cat). No one.

Needless to say my boyfriend was a little hurt and confused (this was mostly due to the fact that the last pet he had was when he was nine). But I know that he fully understands  the value of the devotion that our pets bring to us. It’s a pity that it’s not in the human DNA to be forever loyal, kind, loving and forgiving. We are the worse for it.

When I divorced my husband ten years ago there was a lot of crying…for months. It was actually pretty pathetic. My cat, Henry, would come running, I mean racing, to me every time he heard my sobs. He would position himself on my chest, purring and hugging my face … for hours. Animals know when you’re hurt and they do everything in their power to help you through it. I respect and value that.

So, yes, I spoil them a bit and you can bet the barn (yes I really said that) that I will often stop to buy a little something special for the best friends a girl could ever have. It is the least I can do and I accept no judgment for it.

The fact is we would all be better people if we were more like our pets. I have family and friends who have thrown me under the bus for one reason or another. I have yet to meet a pet that has lied, connived, been selfish, rude or inconsiderate.

Just for fun, let’s do a little comparison on man vs. dog/cat for a period of one year.

The times they have



Criticized you



Farted in public



Yelled at you



Vomited behind a plant



Lied to you



Corrected you


A Billion

Wiped their butts on the carpet



Made you cry



Shed on the furniture



Let you down


Lost Count

Here’s the deal; my pets have seen me through a failing marriage, my child growing up and leaving home, menopause, a few major illnesses, a surgery or two and a substantial move across country. In all those years, never once did I ever end the day without their love, affection and non judgmental devotion. Never once.

I get that our pets are not people. I think that as a human race we’d have to be a lot better than we are to reach their standard. It wouldn’t be a bad goal. For the record, Maddy survived and lives to rule our house (and boss us all around). She posed for this post. Henry, the wonder cat, is still with us, and we added a new addition, Charlie, the red tabby cat who was looking for a forever home. He found it.

Let me go on record as saying that as boyfriends go…I’ve got the best there is. And I thank my lucky stars that he loves me like he does. The fact that he loves our animals almost as much as I do; well, for that and about a million other reasons, I love him back with all my heart.

Still…he could learn a little something from the dog. Just saying.


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Charity Kountz - Awww – such a sweet post! I used to be a cat person and absolutely adored my cats. Then, I met my fiance, who is allergic to cats but is a dog person and wow! The difference is incredible.

Mind you, my cats were always completely devoted, loved to cuddle, and were always happy to see me. But dogs – wow! I could walk out the front door, come back in five minutes and my dogs will be ecstatic to see me as if I’d been gone hours. If I am gone for hours, the exuberant joy at my return has them bouncing, prancing, body-wagging, tongues lolling, and panting. It’s the most contagious happy energy I’ve ever experienced. They simply radiate adoration.

Now, my fiance is one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. He loves me completely but he’s flawed as we all are, because we’re humans. So I totally get your comparison and agree with you. My Nani (my Sheltie) is hopelessly devoted to me. We bonded the instant we met and she has claimed me completely as her human. I never knew dogs had so much love and affection to give until I met these two dogs. Now I can’t imagine life without them! GREAT post – as always!

Joan Cooper - That is the BEST yet, Tammy.

I always say ‘you haven’t loved until you love a horse’. Well, a horse doesn’t cuddle or things like that, but just the amazing beauty and royalty of the horse’s being is awesome. When you experience a welcoming whinny when you approach the paddock, it makes you feel very very close to God.

They say, unlike humans, animals know the purpose of life is to have fun. Good company to be in.

Joan Cooper

Suerae Stein - Your post made me cry. I love my animals with all my heart. And it was my dog, Wilbur, who has been by my side these last few difficult months. It’s Wilbur that forces me to walk every day and I need that. They really are our best friends and I am so glad that Maddy is still by your side. She is adorable! I’m so sorry to hear about your pneumonia. That sounds completely miserable and I hope you are on the mend. Love the post even though it made me cry! Please get some rest.

Tammy - Hi Charity, I always say that you meet the nicest people in dog parks. There’s a reason for that; their pets have trained them to be better than average humans. I am still a cat person but have also graduated to being a dog person. I’ve owned many a pup, usually the strays that find their way to me. But it has been little Maddy who has taught me so much about being owned by a dog and about total acceptance. As far as I see it, there is no real tangible down side to being a dog/cat owner. And to tell you the truth, I’m not sure who is happier I’m home once I step in the door. The happy dance you described goes on in every dog household in America. How lucky are we!? So very happy to have you here! Thanks for sharing and posting.

Tammy - Hi Joan, so happy you enjoyed the read. I’ve never been close to horses but have admired not only their beauty but obvious sensitivity and caring. I was a city girl growing up with pity little income so horses never entered my vision. I’ve seen many a documentary where horses are used to help people with disabilities. How awesome is that?! The love these animals give us can never really be repaid in kind but we can sure try. You’re right…they are GREAT company to be in. Thanks for sharing this perspective. It’s too bad horses can’t cuddle. I bet a hundred bucks they would if they could. Thanks for being here and for posting. You’re awesome!

Tammy - Hi Suerae, oh nooo! I don’t want to make you cry! You will always remember that is was Wilbur who helped to see you through this tough time and probably others as well. I know if it weren’t for my animals, when my daughter left home, I would have been a complete basket case! As it was, I was only a partial one. They have “rescued” me more times than I can count and I am here for them no matter what. And all they did was love me no matter what. If someone offered me 5 million bucks for my dog, I wouldn’t even entertain the thought. That’s the absolute truth. Contrary to popular belief, I think that means I have my priorities straight. Clearly, you do too. So, so happy to hear from you. Thanks for sharing Wilbur with us. Am mending … slowly, but I’m getting there. Wonderful post!

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen - Aren’t pets AMAZING! My ten pound Shitzu loves me in a way others just simply cannot comprehend. And you’re right, he would most definitely die for me.

Thanks for that lovely post and hilarious chart listing the virtues and small in conveniences of pet ownership. It’s true, Rasta IS just a little bit too farty at times…

Love your witty and wise words Tammy! -Laura

Teri Heyer - Loved your post. I have two big, wonderful, rescue dogs, Shani and Dude. They’re family, no two ways about it, and totally devoted. Doggie kisses are the best. You can see pics of my dogs on my blog at My husband was not a dog person, but after a zillion years of marriage he had no choice but to convert. My dogs love him almost as much as they love me.

Sorry to hear you had pneumonia, but glad to hear you’ve recovered. That had to be a really miserable time, but at least you had your best friend with you.

BTW, Maddy is a real cutie! We could all learn a lot of lessons from our pets, unconditional love being on the top of the list.

Jeffrey Davidson - Once again, you hit the nail on the head. I know that pets give far more to us than we can possibly give to them.

I have two horses, and, even though they are nothing like dogs, there comes a certain tranquility, comfort, relaxation and happiness when I spend time with them.

Your comments bring to mind some famous quotations about dogs. More will be sent directly to you.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
– Josh Billings

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
Ann Landers

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons.
James Thurber

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principle difference between a dog and a man.
Mark Twain

If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise.

Keep writing what is real in you own (Erma “Bombeckish” style.

Tammy - Hi Laura Lee, thanks for your kind words! I had fun making the chart but it was challenging keeping it brief (hahaha). I adore Shitzu’s! They are just so wonderful and cuddly. And uber smart too! How can we not love a little being that would die for us and whose whole world revolves around us. My life has been made so much richer because I am owned by a bossy dog and two cuddle cats. I’m convinced that these animals are here to teach us how to love. No doubt! So happy you enjoyed and so happy you’re shared with us. Thanks oodles for posting, you know it means a lot.

Tammy - Hi Teri, I scream every time I hear that people go to breeders or pet shops for their pets. Rescue animals are the BEST in the world. They know that you save them and will work to make a life and a home together. Clearly Shani and Dude (love that name) are shining examples. I love that your husband ‘came around’! When I first began dating my boyfriend we had talked about me moving back to California. He asked me if the cats had to come too. That was almost the end of the relationship. What kind of crazy talk was that?!? He also ‘came around’ and now buys laser toys and cat brushes so he can play and groom them. Further testimony that we humans are trainable; all you have to do is love us unconditionally. Easily done with our furry family. I will pass your compliment on to Maddy, thanks for that. Of course, she is well aware of her adorableness and uses it to her advantage every opportunity. Haa! Am still recovering, and you’re right, it was made easier because I had my best friend by my side. A little like life, don’t you think? So very happy to have you here. So very happy! Thanks for sharing and posting!

Tammy - Hi Jeff, LOVE, LOVE those quotes! Mark Twain and Ann Landers were my favs! Every single one of them true. You have been a wonderful supporter of my writing and I am humbly grateful for your reads. Happy you enjoy them and ever so happy to have you on the other side of my little blog. Thanks for posting!

Jenny Paulsen - As Chase, our tabby kitty, and I sit here and read your blog we agree that kitties, dogs, bunnies, manatees (random I know but I love those big lumps that eat sea grass) are all so special. Most mornings I am waken by a oh so tender touch on my cheek by his paw. Promptly followed by the smell of tuna canning warehouse. LOL!! Chase and I think this blog was purrrrrfect. We also watched the fish and Chase put many a nose print smudges all over the computer screen.

Tammy - Hi Jenny (and Chase), so happy you enjoyed the read. I have to share that whenever I bring my laptop to bed (often) Charlie can’t wait to lean up against it and watch the cursor move. He loves the heat from the computer and he loves the screen movement. I love having him there but I have to confess that it takes me twice as long to write as he always seems to push buttons that screw things up. When he does curl up and finally go to sleep, I have a half a pound of fur on my keyboard to remember him by. Small price to pay for the company. Our animals are awesome and we are better people for appreciating them. Happy fish hunting to Chase and a warm thank you hug to you for sharing and posting.

Nancy Wurtzel - Oh Tammy! What a wonderful post. It was moving and oh-so-funny. Love that picture and the chart is priceless — and sadly ALL too true. Keep ’em coming!

Carmen - WOW! What a great article and so so truthful. As you know in my next life I will have all the dogs I possibly can. Once again you hit the nail on the head. Keep them coming!!!

Tammy - Hi Nancy, Thanks for the good review, appreciate that. It was an easy and fun post to write; and I meant every word of it. The chart was challenging as I had so many more items to add, but as you know … less is more. So happy to have you here and thanks oodles for posting.

Tammy - Hi Carmen, as you know dogs are a lot less trouble than men or kids. I do, however recommend all of them. In my “mature years” I don’t know where I would be without the silent never ending love and affection that I get from my pets. And that’s the truth. Clearly if I had to choose between a man and a dog, hands down, it’s the dog. Kind of speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Thanks for popping in and posting. Appreciate it tons.

Kellie - Oh yes I do know dog is best friend. Why else would I just spend $550 at emergency vet for my little bundle of love. Not sure I would spend that on a current boyfriend at regular hospital ER. Kidding…kinda of!

Cynthia - Shane, ShoKi, Rudy, Chester, Tucker, Tanner….and all of them. They are the best friends ever…so devoted…always available…and when they get sick and leave us, it is devastating. I hear you loud and clear Tammy. They are are heart and souls, our ears and our voices. Their unconditional love is beyond what we could ever provide as humans. Tanner, I miss and love you….Tucker, I will protect you and find you another best buddy soon.

Tammy - Hi Cynthia, I know you understand what it’s all about. When I met you, you were soon to lose Chester. I will never forget it, as I saw in you a similar soul to mine. Chester left you, but not without a fight. When we lose them, I’m convinced that a little piece our heart closes. Beyond sad. Do I now understand that you have lost Tanner too? I did not know. My heart hurts for you for your loss. I understand how you feel, all of us that have been owned by a dog understand. I’m so sorry, Cynthia. You were/are the best dog mom in the world. Tucker is left behind and that’s okay because he still has you…and soon another pup will grace your life and his too. Blessings to you my friend and a strong, long hug.

Tammy - Hi Kellie, hope that bundle of love is okay. I here you; last year when Maddy was sick I had to open up a Care Credit card as the bill was well over $2,000. Yup. I was lucky … she survived. Now I tease her that she should poop gold nuggets to help pay for her medical bill. She pretends not to understand me but I suspect she knows full well. Haaa! Great hearing from you and thanks for posting!

Marcia Nichols - It almost makes me want to get another one…until I remember how hard it is to lose your best friend. I am just not ready to do that again. I am more apt to risk my heart in another relationship than to feel the hurt after the loss of my pet. I guess that means that I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Jo VonBargen - I soooo get this. I cook my dog’s meals and spoil the four cats who have me well trained. It would be a sad world, indeed, without my true loves!! Great write, my friend!

Tammy - Hi Jo, we are surely sisters from another mother!Thanks for the good review. We spoil because we are smart enough to know what we have. Glad you stopped by and posted. Appreciate it tons!

Tammy - Hi Miss Marcia, I think that losing a pet is a little like childbirth; we hope to forget the pain so that we will venture there again. Not having a dog would be like not having air. I hope you recover enough from the loss of your dear friend so that you may enjoy many more years being owned by a loyal and forever loving fur ball. My heart is with you. Thanks for being here, Marcia, and for sharing.

Stephen C. Spencer (@PaulDMallory) - Pure gold as always, Tammy!

What impressed me most in this edition was the confidence you showed in writing the thing in the first place…a confidence that obviously stems from the security you feel in yourself, as well as in your current “non-dog” relationship. How else could you get away with saying, in effect, “You’re wonderful, honey, but my dog’s a better friend than you’ll ever be”?

There was no room here for a misstep, and you didn’t make one. You carried off the job with grace, charm, and your trademark eponymous wit.

Way to go!

Tammy - Hi Stephen, Aw, thanks. I read your post and laughed out loud. Yes, I guess there is no two ways about it…I stuck my neck out. One could argue that I was confident in this post or extremely stupid. Jury is still out. I really do believe that honesty is the best policy. No need in letting the wonderful man in my life live in a delusional bubble, right? I mean he rocks at everything else, but “best friend”, I think not. Let us say out loud that he is my “best people friend”. Better? I stand by my belief that no one loves you like your dog. It’s not in our DNA. And I consider myself a very fortunate girl indeed to be able to acknowledge that fact and still be loved and adored (I may be pushing it there) by the awesome man in my life, whose name is also Steven. So happy you enjoyed the post. Love, love having you here! Thanks for sharing.

sheila - Hi Tammy — so cute! I have a sign on the wall that reads: Husband and Dog missing. Reward for Dog!!! 😉

My hubby is pretty good though since he and I together have 5 dogs — 4 of which are rescues. Gotta love a rescue!

Keep up the fun writing!

Tammy - Hi Sheila, do you remember that old joke where the Indian woman said that she got a dog for her husband…. it was a good trade. Hahahaaa! Not to take away from husbands; a good one is worth his weight in gold. But as you already know, a dog’s love is a league of its own. And, YES, there is nothing quite as special as rescue animals. My life has been blessed with them. Thanks for dropping in, hope to see you back for more fun and frolic. Thanks for posting!

Cindy buehler - Must Love Dogs.
my Jack Russell, Tink, aka Puppy Toes, aka Potamus, aka Tinkernator…..saved my life by forcing me to care for her, take her to the Puppy Park, love her, when I was going through a terrible time. She drew me out of my depression and is still the joy of my life. Yes, I have turned into a “dog lady”…I have added a pound mutt and I swear, these are the happy children I never had (Both my boys were difficult children growing up) When people say pets are a lot of trouble, I say yes, but they give so much more than they take……………and they don’t break hearts………..

Jim Dougherty - Ha! Great post, though I would choose my wife over our dogs any day! 😉

Kesha Brown - Tammy, OMG, I am still laughing (and laughing at Sheila’s “Reward for Dog” sign) LOL . This post is hilarious!! Sharing!

Tammy - Hi Kesha, I think that Sheila’s sign is something we should be selling on this website! So happy to start your week with a giggle. Love it when I’m ‘shared’! Thanks for that! So glad you visited and ever so happy that you posted with us. Have a great week!

Tammy - Hi Jim, good answer!! You will never be in the dog house with that attitude. Ya gotta admit, dogs are pretty awesome. Thanks for the read and for the post. You’re awesome too!

Tammy - Hi Cindy, Jack Russels are Uber smart. Probably why I’ve never owned one. It’s bad enough my phone is smarter than I am. Your statement was powerful “she saved my life by forcing me to care for her…” I understand this completely. When my dad died I recoiled into a ball of sadness and secluded myself from the world. Well, as much as you can when you have a dog. But having her made me get out of the house 3 times a day and talk to people along the way. She helped me from feeling so alone and I’d venture to say that she had a lot to do with saving me as well. Happy to hear that you have two fun ‘children’. I understand the logic and the feeling. And, no, they don’t break hearts … except when they leave us. That is pretty damn traumatic; but the loss is worth the having. So happy you shared and ever so happy to have you here. Thanks for posting!

Kesha Brown - Girl, do it! You know how much money you can make off that sign! Just let me be an affiliate 🙂

cheryl - Tammy——-Loved your post. So sorry to hear you had pneumonia. Hope you are feeling lots better———and I didn’t know that you almost lost Maddy——–this picture of her is adorable. Yes, as you know we all love our pets. I so still miss Stein—–even though I know you still bear his scar. Sorry. cheryl

Tammy - Hi Cheryl, am still recouping. Pneumonia is dastardly stuff. Part of my problem was that I self medicated for at least a week thinking it was just some awful cold. That gave it time to grab a hold of me big time. Ugh. So glad you like this post. Yes, last February Maddy was besieged by a liver ailment that almost took her. It came on so suddenly. Again, I thought she just had eaten something and gave her a couple of days to snap out of it. I still kick myself for waiting those two days and never will hesitate again. We were lucky that time around and she graces my life every single day. Steiny was a rare gem. He had amazing parents. You and Bob and Stein all gave all that you had to give … to each other. A beautiful family love story. But, as we know, there is always an end. I know you still miss him, you probably always will. I still bare the scar, very visibly, on my right arm. That will teach me to never interfere with a cat’s territorial claim. He was just doing his job. What’s’ not to love and respect about that?! Happy you stopped in, glad you enjoyed. Thanks for posting! Miss you … still.

Katya (Clever Girl Eats...) - Hilarious!

Although with comparisons, my ex wiped his butt on the carpet about 5 times, but never vomited behind the plants.

I’m so, so glad you included cats in the scenario, too!

Thanks for this post Tammy!

Tammy - Hi Katya, you are TOO funny. I always loved this post. It speaks from my heart about my best friends. Of course cats are in the scenario! If I hadn’t included them they would have probably vomited a hairball in my slippers. Ewww. Appreciate the read and grateful for the post!

sugar daddy - Oh Tammy! What a great article and so so truthful. In particular, comparing men to dogs makes me feel particularly interesting. Yes, dogs are the best friends of humanity. I have watched several movies about the feelings between people and dogs. They are very touching. I love dogs very much. I also admit that dogs are more loyal than men. But not all men are bad guys. Of course, I am one of the good guys.

Tammy - So glad you enjoyed the read. I have little doubt that you are one of the “good guys”. Happy to report that there are many of them out there (thank goodness for small favors!). As for dogs…well, there is not quite anything in the world that can compare to their unconditional love and devotion. I’m convinced they are a gift from God to his troubled people.

Aca Baranton - I am not surprised by your observations. The unconditional love of your pet dog is always unmatched and legendary. They will always win hands down even when compared to the most loving of humans.

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