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Addiction is a Lot Better Than I Imagined!

Woman plays video games on mobile smartphone in bedI’ve never smoked, drank or did drugs. Boring, I know. But the point is, I’m not an addictive personality. I’m pretty much a take it or leave it kind of girl. Unless, of course, you count my addiction to the Grimm television series and M&M’s. But I digress.

A friend of mine visiting from across the pond shared a game that she has on her smart phone. I’m not a big gamer. My smart phone time is generally spent catching up on my Social Media profiles and returning emails. I know, more of the boring.

That was about to change. I played her little game and quickly became addicted. Me! Who knew?!

The culprit is called Pocket Fruity and while it sounds innocent, player beware. This little ensemble offers all kind of cool games that matches wits, chance and speed. Here’s the kicker that got me; you can actually win money. What?!

Yup. It was a bit like playing the slots at Caesar’s Palace or being stranded with a pocket full of quarters at the Las Vegas Airport.

By the time lunch was over, I was hooked. And just like a love that was not to be, when I checked my phone apps, it was not offered in the United States … yet. Major bummer! Since when do the Brits have a one up on us when it comes to … anything? The answer would be, now.

I guess it’s all for the best. My life probably would have gone into a deep decline as instead of blogging, speaking and coaching, I’d probably be on my phone winning cash and exercising my brainpower so that the cells decay at a slower rate.

If you hear of it, or know where it can be bought in the States, give me a shout out, won’t you?

I’m told that Pocket Fruity is coming to the United States at some point in time. Wait for it. And when it does, I’ll be playing and winning.

It could lead to an early retirement or me knocking on your door asking to sublet a room. Maybe I should just stick to M&M’s.


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Lisa Flowers - What a fun post about addiction! 🙂 I had no idea that sometimes games don’t cross over country barriers. So, it will be interesting to see how it does here in the U.S.

Tammy - Lisa, me either!! I’m predicting it will be a WILD success! THANKS for the visit and the comment!

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen - No cellphone and no gaming for me… I guess I figure I waste enough time just messing around on the Internet already!

Valerie - Lmk when it gets to the US, gaming for money without the plane ticket to Vegas .. yay!

Tammy - Hi Valerie, I KNOW, right?! As soon as I know … you’ll know. They even do cash giveaways. No kidding. SO glad you popped in for the read and shared. Thanks for that!

Cathy Chester - Wow! I look forward to checking this out!

Jennifer - I am totally an addictive personality. I am addicted to my dang computer! I don’t normally play games, but this sounds fun. Definitely let us know when it is available here.

KymberlyFunFit - You have gone over to the dark side. Come back into the light. Slowly, slowly.

Suerae Stein - I’ve never heard of Pocket Fruity, but then again, I haven’t been overseas since the invention of Smart phones! I can get addicted to things, but thankfully, none of them have been harmful… yet!

Tammy - Cathy, that makes the two of us. Warning: it’s highly addictive. Appreciate the comment!

Tammy - Will do, Jennifer. They even give away cash prizes. What!?! Awesome.

Tammy - Kymberly, hahahaha, you are too funny! Yup, I straggled to the dark side and it was good! Thanks for being here!

Tammy - Suerae, I had never heard of it either. Supposedly it is making its way to us. In the meantime, we must be satisfied with our chocolate and puppy dog addictions! Happy to share them both with you!

Mel Glenn - I recently saw a picture of my son with five work friends standing in line for a roller coaster ride at Six Flags. Each one was checking for messages on his phone. What? Is conversation a lost art? I may be a troglodyte, but such devices will mean the fall of civilization. Run, run very fast away, and say hello to a stranger on the bus.

Tammy - Hi fellow troglodyte! I understand, and feel your pain. During my B-day weekend of visiting Hearst Castle and the countryside, I encountered a lovely young woman, probably around 20 years young. As we were all being led on a fascinating tour of Mr. Hearst upper quarters, she never once stopped texting on her I-Phone. It was all I could do but to rip it from her hands, hold her shoulders tightly, stare straight into her eyes and tell her in a low deep voice that would frighten God, to pay attention to the wonder around her, as it is likely she will never see it again. She was lost in technology. Lost to the beauty of the place where the present met the past. She will never know. How so very sad. Yes, I am that girl that not only talks to the stranger on the bus but welcomes her to join me for a cup of java. I’m with you, my friend. If only others followed suit.

Ande Lyons - Oh my gosh!

I understand completely about this type of addiction Tammy!

I don’t have an addictive personality either. Goddess knows there’s been plenty of opportunities to test this theory, but nope – got too bored with each attempt pretty quickly.

Until… those delicious little mind games like Pocket Fruity… I can’t stop! I tell myself just one more… but 15 minutes goes by in a heartbeat. I have to set the darn timer… and even that doesn’t always work!

I think the reason is in our busy, crazy world, the female brain needs a break from all it sees and all the multi-tasking it manages. Stepping into the masculine energy of hyper focusing can be a delicious respite.

Ok, that’s my excuse … er… observation on this lovely little addiction.



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