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And the award goes to …

Tammy Bleck for her outstanding achievement at fending life’s perils, jabs and obstacles (applause).

Accepting her award Tammy is wearing a lovely pink fuzzy robe made by Charter Club complimented by her sleek leopard print slippers by Danskin. Her outfit is complimented by stylish curlers and a minimum amount of make-up, giving her a very natural look.

Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice!

I look at the celebrities and am betting that their life is not nearly as rosy as many would think. Still, they have it better than most. I love watching award shows; the outfits, the movie stars, the glib comments that make for great sound bites. But it occurs to me that awards are seldom given to those who really deserve them.

If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) I think that the everyday man who struggles to put food on the table and keep the electricity on, the single mom who does what she needs to do to make ends meet, the college grad who is working to pay the rent and build a life, teachers, secretary’s, firemen; these are the real winners deserving of an award.

When we get caught up in the struggle of things worry can easily dictate the day. It would be a great help if we received an accolade from time to time for our efforts as well as our accomplishments.

We don’t live on a movie set and life doesn’t hand out awards for surviving. It should. It takes a lot more these days getting from one day to the next.

I have to wonder about a society that pays millions for an actor to perform in one movie but pays a teacher so little to teach America’s future leaders. I am a big fan of free enterprise but believe that common sense and a moral obligation towards the greater good should come into play somewhere.

I guess it’s a matter of priorities. But whose? Certainly not mine. I think it would be a better world if what we believe in is what we rewarded. Things like kindness, generosity, fairness and effort as well as achievement.

I believe in giving a chance and taking one. I believe that awards should be given to those who try and still don’t succeed; for it’s the ones who fail and get up to try again that are our salvation. I believe in truth in advertising, full disclosure and positive re-enforcement. I believe in myself (most days) and I try not to place too much worth on glitzy award shows. I know who should really be standing up on that stage.

And so, I give the award to all of us who hold it together in spite of all things that try to pull it apart.  It’s about damn time.

My advice: wear your best bathrobe when accepting. The critics are relentless.


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Scott Morgan - How is it that I SO love EVERY WORD you write? I once wrote a column (way back when I was a reporter) asking “What if character was currency?” Seems you’re asking the same thing. Pity we’ll never get an answer… But you do ask it well. 🙂

Rick Gualtieri - All excellent points. Unfortunately, judging by the news and what people appear to consider important, I am forced to come to the conclusion that common sense is not all that common.

Forget movie stars, when we as a people are willing to put the cast of Jersey Shore on a pedestal and devote over a week of news coverage to Beyonce’s baby, especially when people like teachers and firefighters etc etc earns salary that barely puts them over the poverty line, well that says something.

I like your idea of an award. Effort definitely counts and we should all take a little time to show some appreciation to those who do make, even a small, effort to make this a better place.

Tammy - Hi Scott, how is it I SO love that you love every word I write?! You were a reporter? That’s interesting stuff, now I’m feeling uber intimidated. Well, okay, I’m over it. So, if character were currency, we’d be rich, right? Nice thought. Thanks for your post, so love having you here. Really.

Jim Dougherty - I was watching the Golden Globes and thinking similar thoughts about the frivolity of it all. If I had an award I would give it to you for keeping things in perspective!

Tammy - Hi Rick, I love your comment “common sense is not all that common”. Amen. I’ve never watched the Jersey Shore, Beyonce or the Kardashians. The thought repels me. But even more disturbing are the millions that covet the coverage and, as you say, put them on a pedestal. Kind of leaves my heart with a little less hope. Where is our sense of sensibility? I am left to wonder. So, so happy to have you here. Hope you subscribe and become a weekly reader and commenter. You rock.

Tammy - Hi Jim, Thanks, and I shall accept the award in my fancy schmancy bathrobe because that’s how I roll. Hard to keep things in perspective out here in LaLa land but reality is a crushing entity that few can escape. Frivolity has it’s place but I sure don’t think it deserves an award. Thanks for posting … I hope you subscribe and become a weekly reader of my nonsense. I am a fan of yours.

kellie kennedy - Yes in deed my curler topping , robe wearing babe!

Funny I heard of golden globes host/comedian say (of course ) Nestorius for the sarcasm and thin skinned celebrities. “These people are the most pampered and lucky people in life and to be honored doing this in life…Buck up and don’t take yourself too serious.” Perhaps we should replace the
golden globes next year with teacher of the year awards televised Live!

Kris Henderson - Love it….again.

Jane Steen - I, too, appreciate the ‘ordinary hero’ far more than I do the celeb. If I pick up People Magazine in a waiting room, I flip to the back for the real people stories.

Instead of all these TV shows encouraging people to become celebrities with all the problems fame brings, why don’t we celebrate our everyday lives? Perhaps we should bring back gritty TV dramas with people who aren’t incredibly good looking. Remember those?

Joan Cooper - Tammy – you should be in Congress. I will work for your election.


Tammy - Hi Kellie, Love your suggestion about a teacher of the year award ceremony. Unfortunately no one would watch. Not all, but a good many of celebs have no clue what the real world is like. There but for the grace of God go them. As always, so very happy to read your post. I shall always remain your robe wearing babe!

Tammy - Hi Kris, Love YOU … still! Thanks for stopping by. Happy you enjoyed the read.

Tammy - Hi Jane, I love the idea of celebrating our everyday lives. What a wonderful idea. I’m in. I’ve been watching television since it was black and white, bunny ears and no remotes. As I recall everyone was always good looking. The only ‘real’ looking people on TV that I remember were Aunt Bee (Andy Griffith show) and Hazel. Remember them? They were awesome. Um, so was Dr. Kildare (hate to admit it). Real people rock…and so do you! I hope you subscribe to my once a week dose of nonsense. It would be great to have your input here. Thanks for posting!

Tammy - Hi Joan, thanks for the thought but I think I would make way too many enemies to make the grade to the hill. Besides, I have this quirky little habit of hanging around good people of moral character. Don’t think there are any left in Congress. Thanks for posting, it means a lot.

Jane Steen - I grew up in England, where the people on the telly were real. And still are – watch Law & Order UK and see the difference (SO much better than the American version, pardon my bias!)

So Aunt Bee and Hazel are mysteries to me, but I did watch Dr. Kildare occasionally – it must have aired in the UK.

I have subscribed. See you later!

Lee Lefton - A dear friend calls the award you’re referring to an “attaboy.” (or “attagirl”).

So simple, yet so powerful.

And it doesn’t cost a thing.

Attagirl Tammy for your choice words.

Tammy - Thanks, Lee, I’ll take that “attagirl” and raise you an “attaboy”! Love the suggestion and will use it. Thanks for posting, I know you already know this … but you’re awesome!

Tammy - Jane, I’m already sold on the UK. I watch and listen to the BBC everyday. It is so much better than our CNN. It actually covers the world news. Would love to watch some of their telly. So happy to have you on board – Yaaa! We shall have such fun.

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