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And The Oscar Goes To …

Award StatueTammy Bleck, for her outstanding performance at fending life’s perils, jabs and obstacles. (applause – the crowd goes wild!).

Accepting her award, Tammy is wearing a lovely pink fuzzy robe made by Charter Club complimented by her sleek leopard print slippers by Danskin. Her outfit is nicely complimented by stylish curlers and a minimum amount of make-up, giving her that enviable natural look.

Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice?!

I look at the celebrities these days and am betting that their life is not nearly as rosy as many would think. Still, they have it better than most. I love watching award shows; the outfits, the movie stars, the glib comments that make for great sound bites. But it occurs to me that awards are seldom given to those who really deserve them.

I recently watched an old interview with Jennifer Lopez where she was complaining how difficult it was to be a single mom. Really? How hard can it be when you have nannies, cooks, housemaids, and personal assistants? I’ve noticed how reality takes on a whole new perspective when you are a wealthy celebrity. It’s called: distorted.

If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) it’s the everyday Joes and Josephines who struggle to put food on the table and keep the electricity on, the single moms and dads who do what they need to do to make ends meet, the college grad who is working to pay the rent and build a life, the mid-lifer who is trying to reinvent themselves to support their aging years, teachers, secretary’s, firemen … these are the real winners deserving of an award.

Wouldn’t it be great if we received an accolade from time to time for our efforts as well as our accomplishments? Hell, yeah!

I often wonder about a society that pays millions for an actor to perform in one movie but pays a teacher so little to teach America’s future leaders. I am a big fan of free enterprise but believe that common sense and a moral obligation towards the greater good should come into play somewhere. I have yet to see it.

I guess it’s a matter of priorities. But whose? Certainly not mine. I think it would be a better world if what we believe in is what we rewarded. Things like kindness, generosity, fairness and effort as well as achievement.

I believe in giving a chance and taking one. I believe that awards should be given to those who try and still don’t succeed; for it’s the ones who fail and get up to try again that are our salvation. I believe in truth in advertising, full disclosure and positive re-enforcement. I believe in myself (most days) and I try not to place too much worth on glitzy award shows. I know who should really be standing up on that stage.

And so, I give the award to all of us who hold it together in spite of all things that try to pull it apart.  It’s about damn time.

My advice: When accepting your award, wear your best bathrobe. The critics are ruthless.


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Tana Bevan - Tammy–I can totally see you standing on the podium, with the envelope, announcing my name. Tears streaming down my face I approach you as the crowd goes wild. I accept not only your hug, but more importantly acknowledgement for having stayed in the game (long after it looked like there was any chance of winning). Thank you.

PS: Will definitely need to revisit the bathrobe thing. (Not much of a bathrobe kinda gal.) *smiles*

mel - Dear Tammy,
I give you an Oscar for a very funny column. We all need to be acknowledged no matter how small we may be. You get my accolades
But there is a certain pull to worship celebrity. This morning I wrote a poem called, “I Love You, Michelle Dockery”. What we need in this century is a new Walt Whitman to glorify the common man or woman.

Tammy - Hi Tana! Love, love the acknowledgement of “staying in the game” long after it looked like there was any chance of winning! Yup, you get an award for damn sure! No bath robe? Really? No problem. Boxers and a T will do ever so nicely! THANK YOU!

Tammy - Mel, I agree about there being a strong pull to celebrity worship. But I still don’t understand it. Speaking of celebrity worship … when the whole Duck Dynasty thing exploded into massive fame and White House invitations, I was left scratching my head and wondering what the hell happened. I remember reading an in depth article about the phenomenon of “good old boys”. They were no boy bearded country boys that I was. I viewed a picture of them golfing, clean shaven and wearing their yuppie Polo shirts. People can be so gullible!

Terri - I love your comments! I’ve often wondered why those who pretend on screen to be real people (actors) get paid more and are valued more in our society than the real people who they are pretending to be. You’re right – there’s much more to be rewarded! It’s up to each of us to bestow awards and recognition to those around us because we each see deserving acts every day. Something as simple as finding something you like about someone and saying it out loud to that person will go a long way!

Tammy - YES! Exactly, Terri! And so, the award goes to Terri of Be The Healthy U!! (audience roars in approval) My advice: don’t wear a scraggly bath robe! Love knowing you are on the other side! Thanks for that.

Terri - Thanks Tammy! And I say the award goes to Tammy of Witty Woman Writing for her fun, interesting, and thought-provoking pieces and her generous heart!!! Dress as you like!

Tammy - *suitable blush* clutching the statue of fame, I graciously accept your kind offering and share it with …. my dog. Yup. She sits under my desk day in and day out. Just waiting for me to come up with something pithy. Any day now. What fun!!! Thanks, Terri!

A Pleasant House - I am often AMAZED at how many ‘Awards’ actors give themselves. Jesus- if only REAL LIFE was this rewarding. My award for AWESOMENESS goes to you Witty Women- with me right behind. Hahaaaaa

Jessica - Oh so true! I am so with you on this. Our society’s priorities are WAY out of whack. (And really, J-Lo? Cry me a river!)

Tammy - Hey Pleasant House, I KNOW, right!?! If ONLY life was that extravagantly rewarding! I graciously accept your kind nomination but push you ahead of me just before I get to the stage. Be sure you are wearing one of your fabulous hats! Oh, and two more tips, do not wear a sheer top and pick up your gown before you head up those stairs. No one wants to see a butt in the air. This fabulous advice comes from someone who knows. I might also add to make sure that a piece of toilet paper isn’t hanging from your waste band. It’s been known to happen. All I can say is, it’s exhausting being me. So happy to have you here!

Tammy - Haaaa! Jessica, that’s EXACTLY what I said! Only I said it with a distinct whine. The real disturbing part about it was how so very serious she was. What she didn’t know is clueless she is. Very, very sad. The lack of balance in our society is freakishly scary. I go around telling people I am a celebrity in the making. Some day. Soon. Maybe. It’s enough to make them pay attention. Thanks for the read and the comment. Awesome! - I loved this post Tammy. So funny and yes so true.

Terri - Tammy – here is a great, heartwarming example of exactly what your post is about. Enjoy!

Tammy - Hi Nancy, So happy you dropped by for the read and it made you giggle. Thanks for that!

Tammy - Terri, Love the video clip. Thanks for sharing. Tinney is quite the bright star. Makes the world that much brighter. Wonderful how she received accolades. Don’t we with is was always like that?

Diane Holcomb - I heard a report on the radio about a kid who had done a good deed, and it made the news. Now, reporting good news on a television news program is a newsworthy event in itself. But this kid had done something humane to help someone else, and a critic snarled that we shouldn’t be making news out of good deeds. It makes kids do good just to be on television.

With that kind of logic, we should do away with awards shows. We can’t have actors becoming actors just so they can wear designer outfits, walk the red carpet, and make the cover of People Magazine.

Great post.

Tammy - Hi Diane, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I also heard some negative feedback about the incident where a city came together to support a young boy as a super hero. It’s disgusting. I refuse to get wrapped up in their negativity. But its pretty sad. I am a big fan of many actors and love much of their work. But are they worth millions for a 2 hours movie? I know its all tied in to the money they generate for the studios, etc. but don’t you think that at some point saner heads should prevail? So VERY happy to hear from you, thanks for that!

Christi - Isn’t she a vision in her floor length flowing Sarah Bently 100% polyester navy robe, lavishly emblazoned with plush teddy bears and red hearts. This vintage look has stood the test of time, and is every bit as smart today as it was first seen in 1998. The ensemble, not complete without a jewel encrusted tiara supporting the salon inspired hair style, and matching fur lined ballerina slippers. I can’t imagine she will need to stay awake to see the competition!

Tammy - Christi, Oooooh, I’m beaming. And blushing. And strutting. Not to mention giving the queen wave. So much fun, Christi! Love, loved it! Thanks so much for sharing. We are of like minds. That could be dangerous. *snicker*

Carol Cassara - Yes, sister, preach it! Loud and proud!

Tammy - Carol, I did. And I’m SO GLAD you were listening and supporting! Happy you enjoyed the read. Thrilled to have you here!

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