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Are we ever too old for sex?

It depends on who you ask. To my ex-husband who hooked up with a little Russian chick half his age and yells to the hilltops that he is not too old; you can sit down now, we hear you. But, for the rest of us who still have our sanity and are considered by many to […]

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mercyn - Aye! I hear you!

Rick Gualtieri - Yes. One day I will be too old for sex…roughly about a day (or so) after I die. 🙂

Malissa - AMEN! You seem to be talking about stuff that I am going through, it’s getting to be boring so we are trying to spice it up, with Toy parties and other things to embarrassing to put out there ! Ya love it when your trying something new and a leg crap gets ya and your both on the floor laughing its so funny (or not) that your not as young as you use to be hahaha!
You go girl! Your daughter will get over it. LoL

Joan Cooper - Take it from an old timer – NO, sex is never never dead – however, finding it may be a problem.

I am one of those people who never thought of sex as a thing separate and apart . To me, it is an expression of love (that 4 letter word), affection, caring, concern for ones’ partner, and the coming together and sharing of that indescribable attraction men and women have.

Sex toys never interested me, unless he dances well and is taller than me.

Shall I go on????? I heard you – NO.

Joan Cooper

Scott Morgan (@write_hook) - Amen, baby. 🙂

Mel Glenn - Love your honesty and humor here. I think I will hide behind my age and shyness, but would agree we need love (and all its varieties) at any age.
How did your daughter react to the column.
You are a good writer because you are not afraid of the naked (pun intended) truth.

Steph - OMG, this is so funny because it’s so true. Bravo is right! Just because we are over the hill – (I hate that expression too) doesn’t mean our sex lives are over. Love your blogs! Carry on!

Tammy - Mercyn, high five to you, girlfriend! Appreciate the read and the post!

Tammy - Rick, am now laughing out loud. Seriously. Yup, you are a true blue guy. We ladies love you men! Thanks for being here, the read and the post!

Tammy - Malissa, you painted a very funny picture. Thanks for that! Everything gets stale after a while. When you’re with somebody for years, experimenting is the only way to keep stuff alive and fun. You go for it! And, yes, my daughter has little choice with me as a mother. Personally, I think she is one lucky kidlet. But then…I’m one lucky mom! Thanks for the read, Malissa, and especially the fabulous post.

Tammy - Joan, love this post of yours! Honest, raw and hilarious. I, too, come from a generation where sex is thought of in conjunction with love. Having had sex for sex sake and sex for love…love wins. It also brings to us that very special person who has our back after they’ve had us. I like the combo. You, Joan, are awesome! Thanks for being here.

Tammy - Scott, high five, my brother from another mother! I had a feeling you might agree. Thanks for sharing it here.

Tammy - Mel, always LOVE hearing from you. Always. You are a gentleman and a scholar and I appreciate the kind review. As for my daughters reaction, we are both pretending she never read it. Never underestimate the power of denial! Haaaa! No, I’m not afraid of truth. My truth is one of the few things in my life that actually defines me. Thanks, Mel, for the read and the comment!

Tammy - Steph, so happy you enjoyed the read, the bare truth and all. I WILL carry on. Thanks for being along for the ride!

Chloe Jeffreys - So true. Every word. The frequency may have diminished a bit, but it has been more than made up for with quality. Honestly if I had known when I was a young woman how great the sex would be now I would never have worried for a second about growing older. My only real sexual concern these days is making sure my husband doesn’t die. I fear that if he goes he will be taking all of the good times with him.

Tammy - Chloe, we are birds of a feather. I agree, I wish I had known a LOT of things about my older years when I was young. The worry factor would have gone right out the window. As it turns out, these really ARE the best years of my life. Who knew? I will hope for you that you don’t kill off your husband with all that good loving. But you gotta admit … what a way to go! Appreciate the read and the comment. So happy to have you here!

Jeffrey Davidson - Barring any unfortunate physical or psychological problem, I don’t think that anyone is ever too old for sex. That is a state of mind.

I fully believe that sex is perhaps the most intimate part of making love to someone. When you are “in love,” and the physical act of sex is over, the desire, the passion, the warmth, the caring, the compassion, the sensitivity and so much more lingers indefinitely, and, at least for me, gives me the desire for so much more.

Sex with someone you care about but are not “in love” with, may be gratifying but is not as fulfilling and meaningful.

Sex for the pure pleasure of the physical act may be great physically but can, and often does, leave one with a sense of emptiness and yearning for a more complete experience that can only come with a true sense of respect and caring for one another.

I have had the great fortune to have had some very special relationships that made the sex that we shared absolutely special, exciting, fun and virtually every other possible positive adjective you could think of.
{Don’t use a preposition to end a sentence with!!}

I have also had sex, and although fun, it was fleeting.

You mentioned “waiting for sex.” That may be preferred to starting it alone!!

Carpool Goddess - Tammy, so great meeting you last night. I love this post! You are a funny lady. And you do know that funny is the new sexy, right?!

Beverly Diehl - Even at my thinnest and fittest, I was never much a fan of butt floss (aka thong underwear). Now? Oh, hell no!

There is much to be said for a man or woman with experience and good communication skills, but it can be summed up as FUN. In sex and in everything else.

Ande Lyons - “I consider sex a misdemeanor, the more I miss, de meaner I get.” ~ Mae West


I LOVE this post – thank you dahling! You know I’m a believer in keeping the passion alive no matter what age or stage in life.

As Marty Klein says in his book Sexual Intelligence… it’s all about having great sex given the body we have, the partner we have and the life we have. Woo Hoo!

AMEN Sistah – MUAH! @AndeLyons

“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” ~May West

Tammy - Jeffrey, yes, yes and yes! Agree on all points. So very happy to have you here and share your insights from the manly side of things. Awesome! Let it be said for the record that waiting and starting alone can both be good things. So appreciate the read AND the comment. Let us hope that our state of minds always find room for sweet love and good sex!

Tammy - Hey Goddess, it really was pretty wonderful meeting you and the other power bloggers of the L.A. hemisphere. Fun night! Thanks for the kind review. No, I didn’t know that funny is the new sexy. About damn time, I say! Hmmm, let me think how I can parlay that in the bedroom (evil grin). So happy you stopped by and do so appreciate the comment!

Tammy - Beverly, you are SO right! I wore a thong for about a hot minute. Then I twanged that thing in my drawer to be used only when I’m in the bedroom and about to take it off (wink). Haa! Oh yes, there IS so much to be said for mature communication, caring and a sense of adventure. We are never too old for fun. At least I pray to the Gods that we aren’t. Super fun to meet with you and the other fab bloggers…but even more fun to find you here. Thanks for that!

Tammy - Ande, this ones for you my darling. I had a sneaky feeling you might approve. So happy to see yourself here. Gotta respect the MW! She had it going on. And on. And on! I vote for it being easy AND worth it! Thanks for the pop in and the awesome comment!

Janie Emaus - Yep. You said it. It’s all about communication.

Carole Schultz - LOL…this has to be your best blog ever. Loved it…and how true!

Thanks, Tammy!

Tammy - Janie, thanks for the validation. Can’t get enough of it these days! Happy you stopped in and so appreciate the comment. Ever so lovely seeing you this week. Truly a pleasure. Have a great week, birthday girl!

Tammy - Carol, thanks! So glad you approve. Happy to throw a giggle your way, along with a little wisdom that has long gone unspoken. Thanks, Carole, for the read, the comment and the tweets!

Rhondda Hartman - Tammy, you are the best!!
Your writing is superbe!! the subject matter is so well covered(pun!) and the innuendoes were enchanting. I miss you so much and wish you would be with us next week.
On the home front, I still haven’t found a man! Woe is me.

Tammy - Hi Rhonda, so great to hear from you. And I’m delighted I gave you a giggle this week! I will miss the fabulous time we had at the conference (sad face), but I have a weekend gig in Long Beach to participate and speak at a ghostwriting conference. WooHoo! You MUST keep me abreast of anything new and exciting! Thanks for the kind review on my post, I had great fun writing it. You are so wonderful in every way, beautiful in and out, your man will come along … any day now. Thanks for popping and sharing!

Jim Lunsford - Tammy, I don’t know about too old, but my battle lately is too tired. Sex used to be better than a Red Bull. Now given the choice between sex and sleep, it’s about 50/50. I am holding out hope that a much anticipated summer vation will tip the percentages back in the favor of sex. Or perhaps I need to just resign myself to the fact that now, at alomost fifty-years-old, sex is better WITH a Red Bull.

Tammy - Jim, I can’t argue with you. I get it, and I’m with you. That’s why when I have the energy and the inclination, I seize the moment, decorum be damned. I’m thinking it comes down to what our bodies need rather than what our minds want. Sleep wins more often than I’d like to admit. But that doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves, it just means that we appreciate it that much more when it comes my way. On the other hand I never gave consideration to the Red Bull option. Thanks for the tip! So happy to have here and appreciate the comment!

M. Huck - Hmmm, lets see, wake up next to a hot russian blonde, or a 300 pound beast with more necks than a chinese phonebook and an ass bigger than Texas… And a 56inch waist

Cynthia Jordan - HA HA HA….So true and so funny…G and I laugh about how things have changed over the years….and those leg cramps? Yup…he gets them all the time…..I think the cure tho, is more sex….love you.

Tammy - Hi Cynthia, I call ’em as I see ’em. As we age our entire landscape changes. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes not so much. But as we both know, love will find a way. I haven’t heard from you I eons. So happy to know you are still on the other side! Love and miss you, and thanks ever so for popping in!

Tammy - M. Huck, you’ve got a point there. Trying to get the visual out of my head. But when you shop on you get what you pay for. Kudos to making ourselves happy….no matter where we find our answers! Thanks for the comment.

story wizard - I am the caregiver to my wife, she has no interest in physical intimacy, and is ok with me seeking intimacy out side the marriage…but I have found that impossible, as the women I meet all want the whole deal, not a friend with benefits type arrangement…it has been a long 15 years since sex…

any suggestions??


ManKind = Oxymoron?

It sure feels that way sometimes. I’ve often pondered the wisdom of the word “mankind”. Today, we are all Bostonians. Just as we were Newtowners when the school shooting occurred, just as we were New Yorkers when 9/11 hit. As I’ve grown older, it has become painfully obvious to me that much of mankind is far from […]

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Suerae Stein - A wonderful post, Tammy. As always, your way with words gets right to the point and speaks for many of us. Well done and thank you.

Mel Glenn - Dear Tammy,
It’s not a matter of just kind, or its opposite, unkind. It has to do with the nature of evil, which is not discussed here, and really can’t be logically discussed anywhere or understood. The fact that we are helpful, the fact that some people do believe that the avoidance of evil is all in God’s hands, pales in comparison to the eternal question of WHY such blatant evil exists in the world in the first place.
No answer to thatone, so we must believe in its innate opposite: goodness.

Tammy - Suerae, you would think that we would be more accustomed to these acts of terror by now. Perhaps it speaks to our civility that we continue to be shocked, appalled and overwhelmed with grief. And so we go on. I appreciate your kind review and hugely appreciate your comment.

Tammy - Mel, so well spoken. I thought of tackling the subject matter of evil, but it is a never ending barrage of contemplation of leveraging the fair and unfair, the just and unjust, the good the God and the evil. There is probably not a blog on the planet that has the room or the time to delve into it. Maybe it’s better that way. You ask great questions. If only there were great answers. Thank you, my friend, for your visit and your comment. I appreciate both more than you know.

Rick Dean - Tammy, you as always, are so right on! This evil that exists in our world is unfortunately nothing new. History shows this world wide. As you point out, the resolve of our fellow citizens is strong and not acting in terror to the terror acts is necessary. This horrible event also tells me that we cannot let our guard down, ever. As parents we are observant to anything that is within our childrens environment, and so we must be to others. I travel to other countries where there is no hesitation for someone to take action and question something out of the ordinary. The recipients are grateful, not critical. We are, as a society, our brothers keepers and as such need to be strong for each other. Maintain our stregnth and pride and our ability to protect each other. Afterall, our police and others we place before us to protect us, cannot be everywhere, all the time. Our stregnth and protection has been and will continue to be, “We the People”. Thanks for your sharing and caring Tammy.

Tammy - Hi Rick, how lovely to read such a wonderful dissertation. Thank you for that. Not acting in fear takes unspeakable courage for those who were personally affected. I commend them for their trying. Not easy to go out when you feel safer staying in. Succumbing to threat is a prison in itself. You are so very right, we MUST all remain vigilant all the time and forever more. A daunting thought, but doable. It appears that this little fact is our future and may well one day be the difference between life and death. The times…they are a changing. So pleased for your sharing. Wonderful having you here!

Tana Bevan - Yes, there is a lot of cruelty out there. I do not understand it. I have never understood it. And yet, when you make it through the darkest part of the night, the dawn breaks and there is again light. In the end, no amount of darkness can extinguish the light of a single flame.

Rather than wondering what your single flame can do, focus on keeping your flame alive. Your simple quiet action will inspire others, who in turn will inspire still others. With time the light will grow. There will be a shift. Finally a change … for the better. That is my hope for us all.

Jeffrey Davidson - You have said in all in a meaningful way. It reminded me of the atrocity that brought tears to my eyes and heart.

I have been “around the block” so to speak but, as you mentioned, I cannot yet wrap my mind around man’s in humanity to man.

Wholeheartedly I agree with your sentiment that God would not grace one individual over another. I question why some many innocents were killed and/or maimed as opposed to doing that to those who have already committed atrocities against mankind. Perhaps that is too religiously philosophical, however, how does one pray to a God for the loss of their son and the maiming of their loved ones that allowed it to happen in the first place?

Your commentary does affirm the resolve of the American people who somehow persevere in times of tragedy and sorrow, give of themselves when others are in pain and suffering and still are able to become stronger.

Thank you for you commentary during the aftermath of such a tragic experience.

Jim Lunsford - Tammy, your post is profound, insightful, infuriating, sad, confronting, comforting, emotional, reassuring, and true. This repeated and temporary unification that happens in the aftermath of these tragedies must help to balance the scales of our humanity in some strange way. Wy does it seem that it is always in response to some horrific extreme that we find it so easy to tap into the amazing potential of our collective human kindness? Thank you for writing about this recent tragedy with such freewheeling honesty. The dialogue certainly helps the healing process for all of us.

Tammy - Hi Tana, so agree, “no amount of darkness can distinguish the light of a single flame”, brilliant! Evil exists. And it is powerful. Goodness resides in most of us, and it too, is powerful. To witness the unspeakable and unimaginable and know that it stems from someone’s hatred, is mind boggling. All we can do is stand tightly together, bound as one force against this evil, and in your words … shine our light. Thanks, Tana for sharing your light here with us today.

Tammy - Hi Jim, thank YOU for your kind review and for sharing your thoughts on this, still unfolding, horrible situation. It would seem to me that human kindness gets buried in the day-to-day that so many of us deal with. When it’s needed, called upon or asked for, it’s abundance raises its head for all to see. I’m grateful for that. I guess I can safely say that this world has no shortage of crazies. Thank goodness we also have an abundance of tremendous goodness amongst in us and around us. So thankful for the read and the comment!

Tammy - Hi Jeff, you would think that commentaries would be easy to dish out. Not so much. Especially when dealing with such unspeakable tragedy. I have so much to say but am hard pressed to say it. A lump lies in my throat and a heaviness in my heart that stops me from saying out loud what I feel and think. But it festers. Probably in all of us. I’ve been watching the news coverage and see that our country’s best has narrowed in on the perpetrators. It is most likely just a tip of the iceberg. Evil breeds evil. Hate breeds hate. There is little than can be done about it. But we all do what we can to help, console and love each other through this. Its what sets us apart. So appreciative of your thoughtful comment, thanks for that!

Rhondda Hartman - Way to go, Tammy!
Right on!
Keep on keeping on!
You write beautifully, very well expressed!
Love, Rhondda

Tammy - Thanks, Rhondda, I appreciate the cheer-on, and remain a steadfast fan of yours! Thanks for the read and the comment!

This is a Sexist Post

I’m just going to put it out there … women are better than men. I don’t mean in everything, just most things. And especially in the sick and ailing department. Let the hate mail begin. Let’s just call it like it is. Women take pain, panic, worry, anger, hurt and fear without missing a beat […]

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mercyn - Good luck! You will need it – along with lots of patience; you already have a great sense of humor. If your relationship survives this, you guys are soulmates!

Jeffrey Davidson - I must be a little different because from my personal experience, I would have to agree with virtually everything that you said. I am not sure all men are quite so needy.

During my hospital visit, I sincerely appreciated your efforts to get me out of the ER and into my own room after 10 hours but I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

However, there is nothing like having the comfort of a loving and caring woman by your side when you are uncomfortable or ill. The only thing that comes close, as mentioned in a former blog, may be your best friend, your dog!

Suerae Stein - Oh my God, this is such a funny post! Although I have to admit that I am a big weenie when it comes to anything related to a hospital. I wish you the best of luck on all counts… a successful surgery, a homicide-free household, and a painless recovery for you both!

Mel Glenn - Dear Tammy, You are stereotyping, of course, but if I am not committing treason, you are right. I mean, what man in his right mind wants to deliver a baby? The basic tenet is that all men are babies, and if they mature, they are emotionally reach 14, as Vonnegut says. But knowing this,
could not be a little more compassionate?

Malissa - Hi Tammy, I agree for most of it.
There are a few that do ok like my husband isn’t a whiner he will tease me like he is and I tell him to get over it! Haha! But when he is real sick with passing gall stones I took him right in to hospital so they fixed him, He also got burned real bad on his hands 6 months after we were married, he had skin graphs and I know he was hurting. But he didn’t whine. I know that your mans arm is in a lot of pain, I had a partial torn cuff and omg it brought tears to my eyes everyday trying to cut hair. I never had surgery but I know it is painful, keep him drugged up!!! And you won’t have to listen to him whine! LoL good luck! Malissa

Tammy - Hi Mercyn, Yup, I’m hoping luck is on both our sides. Admittedly, his pain level is a minus 2. Poor guy. Let us all hope that this is the worst thing he (and I) have to suffer. Thanks for the good thoughts. As you say, we will need them!

Tammy - Hi Suerae, so glad you agree, as I had a few chuckles while typing it. Nobody likes hospitals, needles, surgeries and men walking around with blue masks over their faces wearing white coats. But, if we have to go into that realm, I’m thinking we should muster up a teeny tiny bit of courage…even if it’s borrowed. I loaned him mine! Thank you for the read and the comment. I too am hoping for a homicide free household and painless recovery for us both!

Tammy - Hi Mel, yes, I am guilty of the old stereotyping routine. Guilty as sin and feeling righteous about it all (not to be confused with cocky). You so made me laugh with your remark that if men mature they might reach an emotional state of 14. Ahahahahha! Just for the record, I am oozing compassion right now. Oozing it! I love this man with the breath of me and I will take very good care of him. When he is all healed up, THEN I will lower the boom and tease him endlessly. Life is never boring in our household! Appreciate the read, Mel, as I do the comment!

Tammy - Hi Malissa, wow, it sounds like you and your hubby have had your share of medical issues. It also sounds like you got one of those rare men. You know, the kind that buck up under pain, never whine or complain. YES, I intend to keep Steven drugged up, mostly because that’s what they drilled into me at the hospital .. “stay ahead of the pain”. Not letting that slip through on my watch! So very pleased to have you here and appreciate the comment!

Christine - Fantastic! I needed a good chuckle today and you delivered! And I loved your observation on the effectiveness of a well placed Ziploc baggie full of ice 
Thank s for the laugh 🙂

Sandra Sallin - But I do think that particular surgery is really painful. Am I wrong? So I guess I feel sorry for you fiancé. But you’re going to make him all better, just because you can make us all laugh.

Good luck to you both! I figure you both need it.

Laurie Braddy - So so true!! This post made me laugh out loud. Even prior MY surgery, my husband worried, did hours of research, and took everything much harder than I did. I calmed him down just short of planning my funeral. Good luck this week. We love you.

Tammy - Hi Christine, SO happy we shared a chuckle today. For the record, I would lay my money down on a gallon zip lock bag any day of the week! Thrilled to have you here, and look forward to more shared rants. Appreciate the comment!

Tammy - Hi Sandra, yes, you are right. At least, that is what I’m told. I’m lucky enough to never have even heard of a rotator cuff incident prior to this. Counting my lucky stars. Yes, I keep Steven in stitches (no pun intended), and when he sees the candid pictures I’ve taken of him as he sleeps in his drugged induced stupor, well, I’m thinking he will be laughing his head off. Um, or not. But that’s another blog for another day. Thanks ever so much for the read and the comment!

Tammy - Hi Laurie, we are laughing together! Wait … you are laughing WITH me and not AT me, right? Just checking. I’m sure that it occurred to Steven to plan his funeral but he knew that upon hearing of his well thought out plans, I might make them come true. Fear is a great motivator. So glad to have you here and happy you enjoyed the read. I know I enjoyed the comment!

Tammy - Hi Jeffrey, I’m willing to bet that NOT all men are quite so needy. But I’m also willing to wager that most of them are. I think it comes with the territory. My feeling is that it is far more about not being in control of what happens to them. Just a hunch. And, I agree with you … there is nothing like the comfort of a loving woman by your side. We are called mothers until our children grow up and flee, then we are called wives or girlfriends. Whatever the label, I’m happy to oblige! And just for the record, Maddy, our dog, hasn’t left his side since I brought him home today. No surprise there. Thanks, Jeff, always appreciate hearing from you!

Rdean - Man o man o man!

Joan Cooper - Well, like I always say – women were created to support the men. Big strong muscles don’t do it all.

Just bite your tougue and be an angel. It is the sceme of things. More cynical people say God created Adam (man) and realizing his mistakes, he made Eve (women). And NO, Eve did not cause the fall. Only men say that.


Tammy - Hey Rdean, oh, come on now, you know in your heart it’s true. Right? I understand how you feel, and I agree I might have been a bit harsh, but as we said in the 60’s (yes, I’m THAT old), the truth shall set you free. No worries, without our men to love and love us back, it would be hard to imagine a wonderful life. Have I told you how happy I am to have you on the other side of my blog? Because I am. Thanks for having the bravery and sense of humor to share your inner most thought. Gotta love a guy for that!

Tammy - Hi Joan, I’m not sure I ever bought into the notion that women were created to support men. Although, like you, I sure have heard it my whole life. Fact is they need our support. No doubt about that. But I also recognize that we need theirs as well. We are marvelously meant to be with one another. They can’t help it if we are just better at pretty much everything! (laughing diabolically). And I’m with you….Adam ate the apple on his own accord. Every try telling a man what to do? Yeah, it doesn’t work now…and it didn’t work then. Ha! Thanks for the read and for the marvelous comment. Appreciate both!

Stacey Lorinn Joy - Oh wow, and all I can say is my husband better pray to God he never needs extensive medical care and/or home care from me. The sad part in my situation is I wish my husband were more health conscious. I constantly tell him if something goes wrong that could have been prevented, don’t expect me to wipe his ass or soak his teeth!! LOL!!

But in all honesty, when he’s sick, he’s quiet and takes meds like candy, and usually recovers quickly. When I’m sick, I act like I’m dying so that he can do all the things I do everyday without complaint.

The sweetest thing my husband did when I was recovering from my hysterectomy in 07 was hide a video cam in my bedroom so that he could see my every move while he was in the other room!! We don’t live in a big house, so this is literally insane because the other room is about 20 footsteps from my bed. But he wanted to “keep an eye out” in case I tried to get up by myself. He knew I would try!!

Men are extremists who either go overboard on their health or they throw it overboard. We women are supposed to love them regardless of their crazy ways. When I get to heaven I really want answers. I pray that there a ton of men waiting to do my dishes, wash my clothes, serve my food, and replace the toilet tissue!!

Love your work Tammy!

Tammy - Hi Stacey, I agree, men are often extremists. Mine is a border line hypochondriac. While it sometimes drives me nuts, at least I know that nothing will sneak up on him. He is a worry-wart extraordinaire and I’m not sure I would want him any other way. In “real life” he has a good grasp on everything around him (other than me). I truly believe that much of the fear and angst is based on the loss of control. But what do I know? I’m just a woman. Ha! You have a keeper there, love how he loves you! We do love them because of, and despite, all their crazy ways. Hope the feeling is mutual! So glad you enjoyed the read. Appreciate your two cents….priceless!

Carolyn Moore - After laughing hard enough to cause tears, I’m still chuckling particularly over this line, “All the while, not allowing his demanding neediness to provoke me to want to suffocate him in his sleep with his pillow. ” Tammy, you are so spot on – men suck at being less then 100% (and that’s not a consistent condition) and sick or injured – they are almost unbearable. (I took my ex multiple times to the ER for stomach pains. I was sure he was near death until I found nurses in the hallway discussing his bad case of gas.)

Jim Lunsford - I would like to answer back with an argument for the men, but the truth is I broke a tooth on a Sweet Tart an hour ago and I have not stopped whining since. Ugh!

Sharon Greenthal - When I had my eyes done in November, my husband and son were completely useless until I had a full-throttle meltdown on day 3 post surgery. It just didn’t occur to them to bring me a glass of ice water or a bowl of blueberries unless I ASKED for it. Come on guys! THINK!!!

Tammy - Carolyn, haaaa! We are SO on the same page. Love your story about your ex. You had me laughing out loud! You’re absolutely right … men are NOT good at being less than 100% (which is probably 90% of the time – chuckle). I am day two into the recuperation stage and have already made one unnecessary trip (my humble opinion) to the doctors office. I love him to death but let’s hope it doesn’t lead to that! So happy you popped in for a read and super appreciative of the comment!

Tammy - Jim, I love you already! A man with a sense of humor and a sense of self. On a Sweet Tart?? Really? Geesh, maybe you should stick to Goobers. So sorry, let me know how you do. Sending you good Tooth Fairy thoughts (YES, she DOES exist!). Thanks for being here, Jim, and thanks for the comment. Awesome!

Tammy - Sharon, LOL! I get it, and I feel your pain! We are such saints to wait patiently for them to remember that we need stuff. Except they don’t, and sainthood can only last a brief time. You are my hero…you lasted 3 days! I would have started chewing on the sheets and spewing socks out of his sock drawer after the first 24 hours. Asking a man to think of our needs beforehand is like asking a pig to fly. I’ve found the best thing is to do is just get comfortable with giving instructions. Every day. Every other hour. *giggle* Delighted you stopped in for a read! And appreciate the comment!

Ellen Dolgen - Tammy – I don’t know WHY you would get hate mail because you hit the nail on the head here! I love men and all, but women are 100 times tougher, particularly in the sick and ailing department. And god forbid if a man had to give birth – can you imagine!? Or, if they had to go through menopause?!

Tammy - Ellen, I love the thought of men giving birth and going through menopause. THAT would be awesome. My mind goes to the penguin world where the male tends to the egg for months, not leaving it for a moment until it hatches. Now THAT’S the kind of man I could wrap my arms around – short stubby legs be damned! Where are the good penguin men when you need them? So glad you popped in and so appreciative of the comment!

Dorothy Sander - Oh, my Lord, thank you from the bottom of my toes for a much needed laugh! It’s so liberating to hear truth spoken without fear. My husband is accident prone and has been our entire 30 + years of marriage. I was incredibly sympathetic the first dozen times I carted him to the hospital for stitches, but then I bought him a hard hat. I nursed him through a heart attack and a fall from a ladder (which was the result of his moving faster than he thinks), but when he fell again and broke his ribs I threw the ice pack at him and went shopping. The older he gets the bigger baby he becomes and the less patience I can find. He’s a good man and takes excellent care of me when I am sick, so really do need to dig a little deeper. So thank you for a lighter perspective. I have a feeling I’m going to need it!

Tammy - Dorothy, … your welcome! I thought it was about time someone came out and said it out loud! LOVED, loved your story about you and your husband, “I threw the ice pack at him and went shopping”, ahahahahaa! I totally get it. Half of me wants to cuddle and comfort and the other half wants to say out loud “Man up!”. I think perhaps, Dorothy, you are my sister from another mother! So happy you stopped by and deliriously happy for your comment!

Carole Schultz - Wonderful post, Tammy…laughed all the way through it!

Dorothy Sander - I love Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ concept that when the stork delivered us to our family, she inadvertently dropped us in the wrong house! We were meant for the one down the street and around the corner. 🙂

Michael R.Stern - Glad to oblige Tammy. I have only a simple question. Can you write you name in the snow?

Tammy - Hi Carole, Thanks so much for the kind review. I laughed (and cried) all the way through the writing of it! So pleased for the visit and the comment!

Tammy - Dorothy, in my case there are way too many family similarities for that to be an accusation. Pity. However, the thought has come to mind and the mind has come to hope that the pairing was indeed a slip of the stork. In the end, we are a product of our parents, neurosis and all! God help us all.

Tammy - Michael, thank you for sharing this here! Your manly humor is wildly needed and appreciated! Nope, can’t write my name in the snow, but my competitive edge would be bound to give it a try with inevitable disastrous results. In your lighthearted way you point out that both genders have our advantages and disadvantages. Viva la difference!! Thank you, my LinkedIn friend, for being here and commenting!

Michael R.Stern - Tammy, since you are receiving answers both here and on Affiltrated Authors, and everyone is so serious, I want you to know that I am a staunch supporter of Emily’s List, and the men as babies concept. Why shouldn”t we be? Who was it that raised us? Personally, I was raised perfect. Now who’s fault is that?

In case anyone’s interested, I tried a blog–

Tammy - Michael, THANK YOU for that! Yes, you noticed that not everyone has a thriving sense of humor. No worries, I take it all with a grain of salt (as in the wound). I agree with you, it is us moms who raise our kids. I only had one, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out the golden boo-boo rule which is, if it’s not bleeding or broken, have a cookie and get over it. I also must agree with you in your opinion that you were raised perfectly. Isn’t it obvious!? I checked out your blog and left a comment. I wrote a blog late last year that is a bit in line with yours While we may not always share the same political opinion, we share the same respect. Thank you for coming back and offering a brief glimpse of the fun and funny!

Michael R.Stern - I have always believed in time travel as a vocation. Tammy if you check the times of our posts, we are in fact time travelling. Hooray. Proof positive. You are 3 hours behind me yet posting after me. I am posting at a time I haven’t yet reached today.

I do have an observation I would like to share. OK girls…stop complaining. You haven’t done your jobs. You expect the clueless to perform when you haven’t given instructions. How are guys supposed to know if you haven’t properly trained them? Get with the program. After all, it’s your program!!

David FB - Good luck! And you’re going to marry this guy? You’ll need it!
– His “eccentricities” will get worse. Soon he’ll be like Howard Hughes but without the money.
– His body will get worse. Bodies do that. So no, this won’t be the worst thing. Just a warm-up.
– Costs will rise (remember: without the money) as he buys more devices to avoid himself. Hope you have very good medical insurance. He’ll be on a first name basis with them.
– can you believe a guy wanting to be cleaner than a woman? Wait for it! Do you have the patience for not being clean enough?

You do apparently have abundant courage. And the article suggests optimism. Confidence too, though perhaps in excess.

Just make sure you have the other qualities a man usually brings to a relationship. Someone’s gotta do it!

And no – not hate mail. Just a tease 😉

Tammy - Michael, trust me, I don’t hold back on the instructions, um, I mean suggestions. I leave little to chance and appreciate the same direction in return. After four years in this relationship, we are still “training” one another. All part of the program! What a funny coincidence…our time travel! Love it!

Tammy - David, I can always use a good teasing, thanks for that! Yup, planning on tying the knot some day with this wonderful man who is a bit ‘creative’ when he is not feeling well. I do have a fair amount of courage (needed in all relationships) and while the optimism wavers, the confidence, love and humor are always in tact. Good thing, without it I might be running for the hills. Don’t put any ideas in my head! Thanks for stopping in and for sharing your comment!

Marlene - Well, the family tradition carries on! It must be something in our DNA (Steven’s and mine). Not the best people to have something as simple as the cold or flu, and even worse an injury that involves body parts. Here’s to the men we love!

Tammy - Hi Marlene, and a warm welcome to you, my someday cousin-in-law (is there such a thing?) Yes, I have felt the family trait on more occasions than I care to remember and have found myself cursing your ancestors from time to time. Those are the moments I remember that the heart wants, what the heart wants! Thanks for joining in and commenting. Awesome to have you here!

Ellis Vidler - Funny, and it’s absolutely true, especially about colds. I laughed. But I’m still grateful when he removes the spiders and snakes. Or fixes my computer. Is it the way we’re wired?

Tammy - Hi Ellis, awesome to see you here! Even most men I have run into admit that this conclusion is pretty darn accurate. So is the one that clearly states we need them for catching those undesirable critters! We definitely have wiring issues when we will pay to have hot wax poured on our sensitive areas but scream and jump at spiders, snakes and mice. It all evens out in the end! Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment!

julie winn - Loved the post! It is extremely funny, and accurate to a tee. I suspect the guys who have knocked you off their Christmas lists are just short in the sense of humour department, along with their pathetic lack of stoicism in the face of physical challenges. All that said, good luck to your sweetie! Hope he recovers quickly and easily – for both your sakes. 🙂

Tammy - Hi Julie, I appreciate your sentiments hugely. As you know, the pieced receive some substantial knocks on HuffPost. Over 250 of them to be precise. Yikes. Yup, there definitely seems to be a shortage of humor out there in our male counterparts. Brutal! I will keep on laughing and enjoying sharing as long as there are awesome peeps like you who enjoy, support and share. Steven is doing well and starts his PT this week. Onward and upward! Thanks ever so for the read and the comment!

Confessions of a Dysfunctional Dog Owner

  I don’t have the most agreeable dog. She chooses who she likes and the people and animals that make the grade could probably be counted on one paw, um, I mean, hand. She doesn’t suffer idiots, phonies or overly exuberant people. Much like her owner. I recently took a bit of flak from a […]

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Rick Gualtieri - Hah no worries. My dog Willow (newfoundland/bordie collie mix) was declared “untrainable” by the obedience school we took her to. They actually gave us a pity pass just to get rid of her. 🙂

Tammy - Rick, you and Willow are TOO funny! Maddy also failed obedience school and we were not given a certificate of graduation (duh?!) but a certificate of ‘Excellent Effort’. Yeah. I feel you. She is known around the neighborhood as being Ms. Personality (said with a snarky tone) and I could care less. But when my parenting skills are questioned, well, you won’t find a happier dog in the universe. I’m thinking that’s really all that matters.

Vicki - Bravo Tammy! Our little furry children love us like no one can. My daughter refers to my little dog “Bentley” as my “life partner”. He makes me smile every day!

Tammy - Hi Vicki, so happy that Bentley has you, or … that you have Bentley. I have a dear friend who refers to his dog as his longest and most loving relationship. Duh! One day I hope to meet your fella. Can we say ‘play date’? SO GOOD to hear from you. Thanks for stopping and super thanks for the post!

Mary Kathryn Johnson - As long as Maddy isn’t drawing anyone’s blood, she’s fine the way she is. I bet you don’t need to look very far for the faults of those wonderful friends who think you are dysfunctional dog-mommy! Tell them to Windex their glass house once in a while! My Aussie is a bit touched, but like your Maddy, she has reason to be. My Seren (short for Serndipitous) lost her entire litter of eight puppies at birth. That would make me go ’round the bend too! She is my shadow, lest I leave her too. We are all fragile, even this so-called friend of yours.

Tammy - Mary Kathryn, absolutely LOVE the way you think. Yes! Let us bring up the whole “people who live in glass houses” … thought process. I imagine that it never occurs to some people that maybe, just maybe, these little animals need us every bit as much as we need them. It’s called a bona-fide relationship. We ARE all fragile and little Maddy has very often been the only port in the storm for me. You give your beautiful Seren a big hug from me. I will not speak of her loss as the thought of it makes me wince with regret for her. Happy to go ’round the ben with the both you anytime! Appreciate the read and thank you for the comment!

Malissa - Girlfriend I know how you feel about your true friend. I have had 4 poodles the first three are gone and what a heart ache to lose them. I have Olive she is a black toy poodle and she comes to work with me at the barber shop and she sits on everyone’s lap that will have her. So don’t want her and if they dont like it they can find somewhere else to go. Frankly if people have a problem with animals there is something wrong with them. She is very friendly and and love by many of my clients , some come just to see her I swear. I have had her from 18 weeks to now she will be 11 in August. I love her with my whole heart and don’t know what I would do without her. She has been with me through some hard times as well. I also have my moms dog and he is a delight as well he is poodle and laso. He was one of 99 dog mistreated . The only puppy they had. Koko is so sweet loves to cuddle and he was a comfort to me when mom died. He sure missed her too. Well I will always have a dog there just such a comfort. My cousin just lost his poodle Marlowe after having him 15 1/2 yrs god the heart ache and I had to hold back tears for them I met Marlowe sweet dog.
Man and women’s best friend for sure! 🙂 malissa

Malissa - Marlowe passed this morning. I forgot to add that.

Tammy - Malissa, we are sisters from another mother, to be sure. My grandpa would tell me to never trust a man that my dog didn’t like. Wise old bird, my grandpa. I’ve learned that animals are here to do those things that many people can’t. Mostly love unconditionally and always be sweet and accepting no matter what the circumstance. Too much to ask from humans, I guess. I, too, will always be owned by a dog. Losing them is horrific. Baring it is a heartache that lasts a lifetime. But I could never cheat myself out of the love they offer me for fear of the hurt. YES, man and woman’s best friends! Great to hear from you, Malissa. It’s always my pleasure!

Mel Glenn - What a wonderful story – we had a dog, too, Scamper, Andrew’s bar-mitzvah present. When he went to college, we got the dog. We had him for 16 years, a large beagle-shepherd, (figure that out.) I am more of a cat person, but respect that dogs can be more human than some humans. Nice story.

Tammy - Thanks, Mel. Yes, dogs can be more human than some humans. Often even more so! I am also owned by two rescue cats that go the names of Henry and Charlie. They are blessing as well and we ALL sleep in the same bed every night. Wow, a large beagle-shepherd, eh? Yowza I would have liked to have been in the room to see that happen (giggle). I call animals our ‘tender mercies’, a loving gift given to us to help us cope, love, understand and be loved. I don’t believe I am far from wrong. ALWAYS a pleasure, Mel. So very happy to have you here!

Tana Bevan - Tammy — I am definitely not a natural animal person. My daughter’s cat, Checkers, could attest as I chased him around the house with a spray bottle and actually thought I could keep him off my lap, out of my room, and away from my bed. Still, within a few years he had me wrapped around his paw and trained quite well.

When my daughter left to begin her adult life, Checkers stayed because I did not want to come home to an empty apartment. When Checkers’ time was drawing to a close, and he needed to be euthanized, my daughter returned. Together we held Checkers as his spirit left his body. We cried. We hugged. She home to her life where her darling cat awaited. I returned to an empty apartment.

Shortly thereafter the Aloe Vera Fairy came by with an aloe vera plant so there would be something living waiting when I opened the front door. (Other succulents and cacti soon followed.) Alas, even though cacti and succulents are very hearty, they were no match for me. After a painful tenure at my home, I set them free by passing them along to one who can offer them the chance of becoming lovely, healthy plants.

Einstein came in my life through the back door. I’d had “one of those weeks” when I heard a sad tale of a cat who’d lost his mistress and been further traumatized by being placed in a household with many cats and dogs. He needed a quiet sanctuary in which to heal before being put up for adoption. That I could offer. I was mourning the loss of Checkers, and fighting myself every step of the way. (After all “Checkers was just a cat.” Why would a quasi-sane and rational person feel the loss of, and cry over, “just a cat”?)

Checkers laid the groundwork for Einstein. Not only was I not able to put Einstein up for adoption, I also knew there was no way to keep him out of my lap, away from my room, or off my bed, if that’s where he chose to be.

I spent years arguing with those who would treat animals like people. I believe in kindness to animals, however, it is people who should be treated humanely. Alas, it is often the animals who behave with dignity, courage, loyalty, honor, love and are more deserving of humane treatment, while people behave inhumanely (“like animals”).

So, while I am not a natural animal person, through time I have come to understand that there is a bond between person and animal. It turns out love, in all its forms – including the love of a human to an animal and an animal to a human – is powerful, nurturing, and healing.

May you find love, kindness, friendship, and unconditional acceptance — in whatever form it comes into your life.

Carmen - WOW!!!! Amazing, Wonderful, Touching article. My hat if off to Maddy and her family. My family and I have also enjoyed the company of wonderful, faithful and loyal pets and neither our pets or us are dysfuntional and if we are….well what a big loss for those that have not experienced a loving pet!!

Mary Kathryn Johnson - We all welcome you kicking, screaming and squirting your water bottle into the wonderful world of love in all it’s forms. Glad Checkers and Einstein melted your heart open to receive them. Thanks for sharing your story of family.

Kellie - oh girl NEVER! My dog Abbey was my life and sadly had to put her down last week and it nearly destroyed me. I completely understand and those who don’t get it… well you know my response! 🙂

Tammy - Hi Kellie, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Words are never enough. All I can offer is that I, too have been where you are. The heartache is horrific but the chance to love and be loved by such a sweet and caring creature….well, that was priceless. I will always be owned by a dog, no matter how hard the goodbyes are. I know that I could never cheat myself out of the loving they offer for fear of the hurt. I am hopeful, for you, that in time, you will save a life and bring love to yours once again. Hugs to you, my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Tammy - Tana, what a beautifully honest story. Made my heart sing. I am so very happy for you that you allowed Checkers and Einstein into your life, your home, and your heart. Isn’t funny how love, in different forms, finds it’s way to us? I SO agree with you that it is the animals that behave with courage, love and dignity and the humans who behave senselessly barbaric. It is a tragic commentary for our species, that so many don’t honor what animals bring to our lives. I disagree, Ms. Bevan. You ARE a natural animal person after all. Thank you for your kind wishes for me. I embrace them and open my arms and send them right back to you! So very happy to have your here. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I invite you to come back to the comments section and read what another reader, Mary Kathryn Johnson, said to you about your post.

Tana Bevan - When it comes to love, there is something magical about the unconditional version. Perhaps that is why we are drawn to young children and animals. They seem to embody amazing healing powers (almost instinctively) — be it with a hug, a kiss, a purr, a lot of exuberant tail wagging or face lapping — as they share their joy in our being, not asking for anything in return (except perhaps a hug, kiss, a bit of petting or belly rubbing).

Jenny - Furry feet family members are the best!!
PS I should add that I might also have some extended family members that feet are furry but I’m not going to look!!

Carole - Tammy,
Really enjoyed reading about Maddy! As a pet mom myself (2 dogs, 2 cats) I can confirm that pets are their own persons with their own personalities. Just like people, some animals are aloof, and some are gregarious. You and Maddy have been through rough times and are family to each other. My pets have also supported me through the rough times in my life, and have been “there” for me more than many of my family members. Thank you for sharing about Maddy, and hope you have several more years of love and companionship with her.

Tammy - Carole, it was wonderful reading your sharing! You hit the nail on the head with your statement that often times your animals supported you more than many of your family members. It is their gift to us. An amazing offering, don’t you think? I’m so glad you enjoyed the read about my best little friend. And, you’re right, animals absolutely DO have their own little personalities! Even as a wee pup, little Maddy was always opinionated, selective and a bit too stubborn for her own good. Gee, I wonder how feels (sarcasm)? So very happy to have you here and so appreciate the comment!

Tammy - Jenny, too funny. Hope you enjoyed the read. Appreciate hearing from you!

Tammy - Tana, magical it is! Your comment takes me to an old Carpenter’s song “Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world they have no voice, they have no choice.” Their love is absolute (one of my favorite words), but so is their honesty. I love that too!

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen - What would we do without our pets, Tammy? I know my little midlife crisis pup Rasta makes it all worth while for me regularly…
Lovely writing, and I needed a good cry this morning anyway!
Love. Laura

Ginger Kay - I have a twelve pound protector, too, so I completely understand. Yes, Trixie is spoiled. She deserves it. She rescued my heart when it needed unconditional, wordless love. She also has cancer.

If people don’t like her, that is their misfortune.

Joan Cooper - Your splendid writing touched my heart. Some people miss so much in life. Pets are angels in costume, sent to comfort, entertain, and give us unconditional love.

Mine is a horse named Pal O Mine. If a speeding bullet was aimed at him, I would throw myself in front of him without hesitatin. I do not expect the same from him, but when I look into his amber eyes, I know he is part of a beautiful universe and my friend by chance.

Sometimes when I talk to him ( you cannot quite cuddle a horse) I see his skin quiver. I think he gets it at some level.

Your friend sounds like she missed a lot. But so many people relegate animals to a lower position, when in fact, they have some qualities that humans would be well to take note of.


Tammy - Laura Lee, I shudder to think what our lives would be like without our furry blessings. *wincing* Thank you for the kind writing review, but, what’s that you say … you cried? Oh, no! No crying! Apologies, the last thing I want to do is make my wonderful readers cry. *more wincing!* Thanks for the read, Laura Lee, and for the comment. Love right back at ya!

Tammy - Ginger, I love how you said that Trixie ‘rescued your heart when it needed wordless love’. Wordless love …. beautiful! I understand completely and am happy for us both that we have been adopted by such loving creatures. I wish your heart strength when she is overcome with her cancer. There are no words, only tears, sadness and a lifetime of the most wonderful memories of one of the best friends to ever grace your life. Thank you, Ginger, for stopping in and visiting. And thank you for the sharing.

Tammy - Hi Joan, we are on the same page. No surprise there. Pets are absolute angels sent here to soften the harshness of an often loveless world. They should be treated with the greatest esteem but sadly, we both know that is not the case. I know your love for Pal O Mine is no stronger than his for you. You both are part of a beautiful universe and thank God for that ‘chance’ you speak of. He is one very lucky horse, and you, one lucky girl. Yes, humans would benefit greatly to adopt the attributes of animals. If only it were the case, this world would be almost heaven. I call the animals of our earth our tender mercies. Those of us who recognize them for what they are receive their blessings every day. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I always appreciate hearing from you! A hug to you and Pal O Mine.

Tammy - Carmen, thanks so much! I can’t imagine living without the benefit of a furry friend to love and share my life with. I always adopt rescue animals and it makes me giggle when I’m told that I saved a life. Who saved who? I would call it even at best. Like all respectful animal owners, I receive far more than I get. You are SO right, those that haven’t experienced a loving pet have are the lesser for it! So happy to have you stop by, and appreciate the comment!

Tammy - Mary Kathryn, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Jim Lunsford - Lovely!! They are our best friends. There is a canine loyalty and truth that transcends what many humans are capable of understanding or reciprocating. The below link is to an amazing piece of writing by Eugene O’Neill – The Last Will and Testament of Sliverdene Emblem O’Neill. Heart-wrenching at times, but a must read for anyone who has ever loved a dog.

Tammy - Jim, Oh, how I dearly loved that read! I read it again (thank you, my friend, for the link) and it made my heart soar and cry simultaneously. Not an easy feat. If only….if only people could be more like dogs. So happy to have you here in my corner of the world. Thanks for the reminder of Eugene O’Neill and for your sharing!

Suerae Stein - I love this post, Tammy. They really let your dog in the hospital? My little Wilbur has been a wonder to me as well. I am so grateful for his devotion and loyalty (although he would be loyal to anyone with a dog treat – you should see his excitement when the UPS man comes to the door – talk about abnormal)! Maddy has the most precious face and I’m sure she adores your love and devotion to her. I wish you many more years together!

Tammy - Hi Suerae, Yes, Skyridge Medial Hospital in Lone Tree, Colorado is a new and progressive hospital. It’s huge and you would see animals coming in and out. I was there for five days and she was with me every day, all day. They had nurse volunteers who would walk her twice a day. It made all the difference in my recovery. The second day I was walking the floor with my walker, all the attached equipment and my little dog. She loved it. I loved having her. It made me want to get up and try. God bless your Wilbur. They are the company when no one else is to be found, the love when so much is needed and the ear when no one is listening. Maddy worships the ground I walk on … most likely because I worship hers. Funny how that works. Thank you for you kind wish, and I return it back to you. Long may we share our lives together! So happy you stopped in, I always, always love hearing from you.

Rhondda Hartman - Wonderful Blog… Miss you!!

Tammy - Thanks, sweet Rhondda! Happy to meet your approval. And, yes, I miss you too! Enjoy the conference!

google - Howdy, I found your site by way of Yahoo and google even as searching for a linked make a difference, your website came in place, it seems great. We’ve added to favorites|combined with book marks.

Aca Baranton - This was a beautiful love story, between you and Maddy! I am sure Steven would be jealous at times 🙂 Wishing you a great new and exciting life ahead.

The Price of Success

You’re nobody ‘til somebody tries to take you down. When it comes to success, one never really considers the price of it. We think of the rewards, the gratification, the accomplishment, and sometimes, the fame. Make no mistake, success always has a price. Sometimes it’s not what we are expecting. Sometimes it’s all that we […]

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Mel Glenn - What that person has done to you is reprehensible, beyond understanding. The more you think about or react to this unscrupulous individual, the more power you give him or her.
Just have the best security you can and make sure this person doesn’t exist any more in your life, psychologically or literally. There will always be jealous people in the world.

Tammy - Hi Mel, it’s been a journey! But you and I are on the same page (no shocker there). While I still feel the sting, I have put them out of my mind and my life. I’ve dealt with these kind of people before and it never leaves you with a good feeling about mankind. That being said, I’m just hoping I didn’t lose too much traction here on Witty Woman. Fingers crossed! THANK YOU for your support and understanding … and brilliant contributions!

Maryjo Morgan - Razzle your dazzle and shake your chutzpah! You GO, Girl!!! So proud of you and all you are doing.

Always hoping for your BEST success,

Scott Morgan (@write_hook) - Wow… An old saying in stand-up comedy is that as long as people tell you you’re doing great it means you suck, and once people hate you you’re doing great. I guess that’s supposed to be the silver lining. But I’m sorry to hear you’ve found a troll. Keep rolling, shoog, we know you’re cool.

Tammy - Haaa! Thanks, Maryjo! I am razzling and dazzling as I type.Shaking my chutzpah, well, I’m working on it.Thanks for the encouragement. OY! What a pain this has been. Onward and upward! Thanks for the post. Appreciate hearing from you!

Tammy - Hi Scott, yeah, some silver lining. Trolls are out there doing their troll thing. Hard to understand how some people choose to spend their time. I’ll keep rolling. As we say in the business (what business?)… I be cool! Thanks, Scott for spouting your support. Adore your for that.

Jeffrey Davidson - One thing you got wrong, Witty Women — 1000, Stupid People — <0

Sorry for the difficulties and the need to monitor. There are those who can only feel better and build themselves up by destroying (or attempting to) or when they put others down. Kudos to you for not letting that happen.

You are correct, we have to watch our backs because there are those out there who have no purpose in life other than to disrupt or destroy.

Your beacon of light, your intellect and your insight into everyday life both good, bad or indifferent will shine through the "zero's" out there.

Tammy - Hi Jeffrey, It’s been a trip, that’s for sure. I like your tally much better. I have a feeling we would all be surprised at the number of wrong doers out there. It would probably scare us to death. Beacon of light? Aw, shucks, I’ve been called a lot of things but think this might be my favorite. I’m thinking I should have a patch made up with that name on it. *giggle* But seriously, I’m grateful for your kind review of my work but more grateful for your faithful attendance here on Witty Woman. People like you are what make this blog so awesome!

Nancy Wurtzel - Oh! I am so sorry about this, Tammy! Really hope you can get to the bottom of this and that you can move forward. It sounds just awful. Hang in there…

Tammy - Thanks, Nancy, appreciate that. Think I’ve made my way through the mess. Was a bit mortified at some of the postings and their ability to spit out my blogs randomly, but it’s all water under the bridge at this point. Oh, yeah, baby, I’m moving forward big time! Thanks for sharing your support. Means a lot.

Tana Bevan - I believe it was in Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged,” where Hank Reardon (an industrialist who strove to build his business, and continue building it, even as more rules, regs & edicts were handed down by those not in the know), realized there were those who, knowing (be it consciously or unconsciously) they could never build or create, chose to destroy. Somehow and in some perverse way, those who destroyed felt what? A sense of power? A momentary thrill? A sense of elitism that destruction was superior to creation? I don’t know. I do know your post reminded me of that long-ago read book.

Here’s clapping, cheering, and hooting for you as you continue your forward momentum while the dregs fall by the wayside.

Gimme a T!
Gimme an A!
Gimme an M!
Gimme another M!
Gimme a Y!
What have you got? Tammy! Woo-hoo!

Tammy Bleck, one really cool, witty, woman writer!!!

Tammy - Thanks, Tana! LOVED this post. So fun you are. (My best Yoda voice) I’m going to be rallying it all day. Interesting read, Atlas Shrugged. Sounds like a very shrewd take on civilization. A bit Orwell-ish. Thank you for that A W E S O M E cheer. I’m quite pleased with myself that I have such wonderful peeps like you in my corner. Gooooo Witty Women everywhere! Thanks for the post, Tana. Made my day.

mercyn - Sorry to hear about your problems. Don’t let the bad guy(s) get you down or shut you down permanently. Keep up the great work.

Jim Lunsford - Tammy, Please excuse any duplication. I sjust had an error message to my previous response. Just a thank you for your CSUN visit. Like your current post, it was great information and very candid advice. Again, thanks. Best, Jim

Tammy - Hi Mercyn, thanks for the pep talk. I’m over it (she says fingers crossed). People can be so stupid sometimes. What a waste of intellect. Thanks for popping and supporting the WW! Appreciate it tons.

Tammy - Hi Jim, welcome! Nope, didn’t receive any duplications. You are most welcome! I had a good time sharing the blogging info with all of you. It was an amazing turnout and CSUN always treats their speakers and audiences very well. Happy to have you here, hope you stick around for awhile. Thanks for the kind words and the support.

Pamela O'Mack - I’m proud of you, my dear friend, for standing up to these jerks, ( that’s the only polite name I could think of to call them), plenty of X-rated adjectives came flowing out of my mind, but I wanted to remain a lady! You deserve a lot of credit the way you have handled this situation! Go Girl!!’ I love you, Pamela

Tammy - Hi Pamela, oh my, do I miss you! They ARE jerks (I’m adding the x-rated expletives in my head for you). Ya know, you work hard to build a forum for good people to gather and exchange thoughts and ideas and some jerk(s) sees fit to try to ruin it all and bring it down. It’s happened before but interestingly enough, it never happens to me when I’m just starting out, only when I’m established and rolling along. I love you too, and am so happy to hear form you. Thanks for popping in. I need that!

Malissa - Tammy, humm there are rotten ,no good pukes, and low life in the not so “Rich and Famous” too. There out there just waiting for a way to get their foot in the door! And you were the lucky one this time….not funny. So sorry! Glad you got it worked out.
I didn’t see the bad ones. I did wonder why I didn’t see it every week though, I missed ya girlfriend!

Happy Easter ! Malissa

Stacey Lorinn Joy - Tammy, wow, how terrible that you had to go through all that, but I love how you’ve handled it. You remind me of something I was told long ago, and that is: If no one is talking about you, you aren’t doing anything worth talking about. I guess we can apply that to technology: If no one is hacking into your accounts, you ain’t got nothing worth hacking into. LOL.
I pray that you will never have this to deal with again, but that you will always have something worth hacking into.
Thank you for persevering and being a leader that I choose to follow. I’VE GOT YOUR BACK TOO!

Charity Kountz - I’m sorry to hear you went through this – been there, done that I can tell you, on more than one occasion (sadly). What’s worse is when you’re hacked by a known associate. Intentionally. Maliciously. That really sucks. But we are women – hear us ROAR! 🙂

Tammy - Hi Malissa, hmmm, why don’t you tell me how you really feel? Haaa! I LOVE it! So glad you didn’t see any of those horrid comments. It was hate speech down and dirty. Ugh! Yes, I laid low for a bit. I didn’t want to broadcast what was going on as I didn’t want to feed their frenzy. In all likelihood they are a subscriber. Not awesome. Hard to know. But you know what? Stuff like this can never be allowed to stop us from doing “our thing”. And so, that is exactly what I intend to do. I did lose a few peeps along this trip. They were new and perhaps thought that the posted vile was mine. Mortified at the thought but not a lot I can do about it. *le sigh*. Thanks for hangin in and for the awesome support. Happy Easter to you!!

Tammy - Hi Charity, you got that right! If this is the worse thing that happens to me, I’m a lucky girl. So sad that we have to deal with this crap. Still, I stand wiser and stronger because of it. I don’t think I’m roaring yet … but wait for it, it’s coming! Thanks, Charity for stopping in and voicing your support. Means a lot.

Tammy - Hi Stacey Lorinn, yes, I’ve heard that saying a lot these past weeks. I guess I should be most flattered. Thanks for your kind words. I too always hope I always have something worth hacking in to! Happy to know you are on the other end, supporting, understanding and laughing with me along the way. Thanks for that!

Sandra - Isn’t that ridiculous. So sorry you’ve had to go through this stuff. I wanted to use another word but thought better of it. You go girl! You’re fun and funny, bright and light. We’re all here for you.

Tammy - Hi Sandra, yes, it IS ridiculous! I can’t for the life of me figure out what the payoff is to do this kind of thing. Seriously! THANKS so much for the encouragement. You are very sweet to offer such a kind review. Great knowing you are on the other side of my blog. Thanks for that!!

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