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New And Improved … What A Crock!

Improved wins. So I’m told. Why is it that my spiffy new car, purchased in October of last year, is old news the day I drove it off the lot?  The lipstick color I’ve been wearing for years is now ‘retired’, my printer is outdated even though I just purchased it 4 months ago, and […]

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Lee Lefton - I still have the little powder blue Smith Corona portable typewriter my dad gave me when I completed my high school typing class. It gives me solace from the overwhelming world of technology. I just wish I could find ribbons and whiteout.

Tammy - I SO get it, Lee. By the way, you’re in luck …. I DO have the white out! The ribbons can be found on Amazon. There is still civility in this world. You, sir, are part of mine.

Joan Cooper - Yes Yes !!! I too long for the less stressful time when I was young and people were looked at and seen unlike today as people walk around with a machine gadget in front of their nose. But you see, money now is everything and all of these things are to make more money.

I remember hearing many years ago in my youthful days in Detroit, that Henry Ford almost went broke because he made the Model T car so good it never wore out.

There you have life today in a nutshell. It makes more money – do it.


Tammy - Hi Joan, I do so agree! Steven and I passed a little store yesterday that said smart phone repairs. I thought to myself this man will be going out of business in no time flat. People don’t repair…they replace. Yup, life in a nutshell!

Tana Bevan - “He cautioned me that when you are looking through your camera, you are missing the moment, the breeze, the sunlight and the memory.” True

Tammy, I hear you. A delightful article. I guess it has become old-fashioned to believe that things are meant to be enjoyed or be useful. Enjoyment takes time. With the rate the new & improved is upon us, I don’t see where there’s time for the enjoyment. As for the useful, well, how much time is spent getting up-to-speed, and then once there, how much time is spent debugging, and finally, by the time that is done, what you were speeding along and debugging is obsolete so you keep running to catch up to the newest, which is already oldish by the time you reach it. Me thinketh the hamster wheel has simply changed form.

Think You Can Solve The World’s Problems? Don’t Bother, I’ve Done It For You.

With a ton of time on my hands these past few weeks, I’ve polished plant leaves until I can see my face in them, have bonded with the FedEx man, and cleaned my oven. So, I thought I would move on to bigger things, like addressing some of the world’s problems. Let me know what […]

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Kathy @ SMART Living - Oh no! Has it gotten that bad???? Wow, I really, really hope that your foot comes out of that cast soon 🙂 and I’ll bet your family does too! This post is just a clear indication that you are watching WAY-AY-AY too much television news. Time to watch a comedy okay?

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
Well, that wraps it up. You have succinctly solved all the world’s problems, (with humor – love the alien line about Kim) and I salute you. But under the wide-ranging reaction to world news, I get the feeling you are exceedingly restless and wish to return to your peripatetic life. Hope you recover fully – soon!

Tammy - YES, it has come to this, Kathy. *sigh* I really need to sign off of CNN and BBC. Either that or run for the Presidency. So much going on in the world right now, I turn the television on at 7 at night and there it stays in the background until I hit the sack. Thanks for your awesomeness!

Jennifer Steck - Do you have a couch? I need a little help with some of my problems. I’d be happy to keep you busy for awhile. 🙂

Tammy - You got it, Jennifer. I am thinking I might follow Lucy’s (Charles Shultz character) venue of placing a box on the sidewalk and charging 5 cents for my wisdom. Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion. So happy to have you here to be mine!

Tammy - Hi Mel, you got that right, as I knew you would. Just itching (literally) to get back to my “real” life. Although this one has taught me many lessons. Some I can’t help but wonder if I’d be better off not knowing. Ever so happy to hear from you, my friend. Thanks for that.


Wow, what a mouthfull. One comment on Putin – crazy like a fox. He figured out why Russia was once so great and then not so great. I was unaware that they do not really have a big population of Russians. He knows that the greatest day in history was Stalins’ (no matter what you think of him) “Soviet Union” – look what they did at the Olympics with their government training.Watch this guy. I kind of hope he tries to out-populate China. I have a problem to handle for a client living in China right now – I feel like I am in a James Bond movie.

Joan Cooper

Joan Cooper - One more thing – about the lost plane – the thing I cannot forget or answer is….. why was that pilot practicing at home on his equipment, the very same turn they made which was not scheduled ?????

Joan Cooper

Kim Liebman - Funny thing, astrology sister, I agree with you on all points!

Tammy - Congress, Joan Cooper? I was thinking Presidency. Actually, who in the world would want that job?? Russia, China, North Korea, what a cluster mess it all is. Frightening to say the least. At least the people in the James Bond movies were a LOT better looking! Just saying.

Tammy - Now why does that NOT surprise me, Kim? Although it is highly unusual to be in agreement on all points. They are a bit touchy. SO HAPPY to have you here. Thanks for that, my new friend!

Doreen McGettigan - It all made sense to me. Hystericle sense.

Cathy Chester - I am an anti-gun, Million Mom March, anti-violence, anti-war, anti anti anti.


I think they should do to animals abusers what they did to the animals. Including Michael Vick.

Karen @BakingInATornado - That couple could have put their dreams on hold OR put having kids on hold, so that’s at least two options they should have considered.

Oscar Pistorius? Who actually thinks someone would break into their home and go shut themselves in a bathroom? There’s a whole lot that doesn’t make sense about that incredibly sad situation.

And flight 370. I wish I could think of a better option but, sadly, I think you’re right. I just wish we could get these poor loved ones some definitive answers.

Great post. Thoughtful and funny all at once. Just how I like them!

Tammy - So happy you dropped by for the read, Doreen. It makes hysterical sense to me too! In a sad kind of way.

Tammy - ESPECIALLY, Michael Vick!! My mind cannot wrap around such cruelty. So difficult to understand. ZERO tolerance for it, but you already know that. Happy to hear from you!

Tammy - Yup, Karen, I so agree with you … agreeing with me. Brilliant minds think alike (ahem). So pleased you popped in for a read and shared your comment. Thanks for that!

Suzanne Fluhr - Oh dear. Not only do you have too much time on your hands, you’ve also been watching too much CNN. As long as we’re ranting, “CNN People, you could update us like even once an hour about the missing Malaysian Air plane if you think you need to, but your hours of experts speculating about uncertain facts is not really productive AND other important stuff is happening in the US and the world.” Thank you. Peace. Out.

Cynthia - Oh Tammy, so so true. I am becoming consumed with the Malaysian jet disappearance….If they hear the pings, why can’t divers, etc find the damn plane? Does NOT make sense to me. Putin is a scary character…not sure or comfortable with what might come next from that man. Gary is going to be having surgery soon and I only hope that he spends his down time pondering and trying to solve world problems like you. I love you. BNIALW

Tammy - Hi Suzanne, just saw this comment and couldn’t agree with you more. On all counts! I have been completely turned off of CNN with their need to consume the airways for hours, with four talking heads discussing the “possibilities” is nothing less than nauseating. Surely there is something happening in the world we would like/need to know about. Peace Out, indeed!

Tammy - I’m with you, Cynthia! Have you noticed how so much of what we hear reported in the news lately makes NO sense at all? Life in it’s realities have become ridiculous in the play out of things. But for people like you and me, the Malaysia flight quandary defies logic at the highest level. How can something so big disappear into thin air WITHOUT a trace? Back at you …. BNIALW!

Shut Up and Enjoy the View

First off, I’m so VERY SORRY for those duplicate posts that were sent out to you in the last couple of days. The cyber gods were clearly angry with me and I’m hoping the problem is fixed. A Christmas Post in March? That’s like a snowball in August. Why, I never! Now …. I’m into my […]

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Joan Cooper - Well you said a mouth full this time – and I don’t mean putting your foot in it (no pun intended).

It isn’t forever – you will be two footed again. Did the doctor give you a timetable? I was going to drop by this week to see you,but Jeff returned from Minnesota with a cold which I promptly got. Haven’t had a cold for decades.

Hang in there – look at the wonderful blog your disfunction gave you.


Carole Schultz - A post is a post is a post…whether ’tis Christmas in March, or Shup Up and Enjoy the View…all posts are most welcome.
Keep on enjoying the ice-cream, Tammy, the view, but don’t ever shut up!

Terri Quenzer - Embrace and enjoy this view while it lasts. There will come a day where you will wish you could get parts of it back (at least the reading, writing, being waited on, slowing down, and naps with pets parts). LOL! Wishing you a quick recovery!

Helene Cohen Bludman - Tammy, you have a knack of making lemonade out of lemons. This too shall pass and you’ll be running marathons before you know it. 😉

Ande - Tammy!

Here you are, feeling poorly and frustrated, and yet you’re still able to make the rest of us feel good and laugh at loud … with you, of course… 😀

Here’s a little ditty that might cheer you up… or at least get stuck in your head as a friendly reminder!

Two funnies to lighten your day and share with your furry friends:


Your Devoted Fan, Ande… who is only a phone call away…

Tammy - Ande, what luck to have such a devoted fan as yourself! LOVED the videos, thanks for that. Watched the cat one twice. Still laughing. Today is my 2 week anniversary of my captivity. Four to go. Sometimes I want to jump up and scream ATICA, ATICA, ATICA, but then I just slump down in my quiet bed and continue longing for the days that I run through the fields at Macy’s and Target. Soon. Love you, my friend. And thanks for the laughs!

Tammy - Thanks, Helene, I’ve always loved lemonade! I don’t foresee any marathons in my future, but I think there will be a hell of a shopping spree, day at the spa and a looong walk with the pooch in my not to far destiny. So happy you popped by for the read! Thanks for that.

Tammy - You are SO right, Terri. My fiancé told me that one day I will look back on this and laugh. Never. This is and has been beyond challenging. But, I do so enjoy the quiet sound of surrender as I peruse my books, relax, and catch up on my computer stuff and emails. Slow and easy wins this race!

Tammy - You are so sweet, Carole, thanks for your understanding. The ice-cream is gone (sad face) and I’ve resolved to not bring anymore back in the house. I’d like to be able to walk when I get out of this thing. No worries, I can’t be quiet for five minutes, even if you paid me. Just love having you on the other side. Thanks for that!

Tammy - Hi Joan, yes, a six week no weight bearing time table, then two weeks in a walking boot. Today is my two week anniversary. Four more to go to shed the cast. Seems like an eternity. So sorry to hear that you are sick. Colds are never fun. Take care of YOU.

Adam D. Oglesby - Walking is my passion. It’s where my brilliance–if I have any whatsoever–emerges; where my million dollar ideas take shape; where my fantasies are given flight.

Or at least that’s what I’d like to think.

Anything that takes away from my ability to do what I love, really ticks me off.

I can deal with a lot of other annoyances in life as long as I’m able to get out for a good, long walk.

As a middle aged guy, it seems that I get minor injuries much more often. Perhaps that’s my wild and reckless youth paying me an unwelcome visit.

So far I’ve never had my mobility compromised to the extent yours has. But even when I need to nurse a sore ankle, foot or knee I can get grumpy.

You mess with my walking and you’ve messed with the wrong thing.

Hats off to you, Tammy, for keeping your sanity.

Tammy - Hi Adam, ticked off I am! (That was my Yoda voice) I understand the love of walking. My pup and I walk(ed) 3 miles a day without fail for the last 13 years. I love it. It’s my unplug quiet time. I listen to the air, birds and trees. I think about the important stuff. But, I think my brilliance (assuming there is any) comes to me generally about 3 a.m. Which is why I now keep a note pad and pen on my nightstand. I’m not at all sure I’ve kept my sanity. Two weeks in a leg cast and four to go, I just as soon kill someone as look at them. My sunny disposition has gone to hell in a hand basket. Still, I’m learning quite quickly how to be content with being still. The lesson still finds me longing for walks with my dog and afternoon of sitting under the trees in the park. So very happy to see you here, my new cyber friend. Thanks for that.

Karen - Oh, Tammy, I sympathize! I shattered my ankle in 2011, and had to spend the better part of 12 weeks going up and down stairs on my bum. I was very low about it, but after a while I got used to the slower (much slower!) pace, and decided that I’d do what I could, and try not to dwell on the rest. Sounds like you’re going through the same process. And hey, at least (for me) there was knitting.

Tam Warner Minton - Don’t worry about it! We all have our bad days.

Tammy - Thanks, Karen. Yup, it sounds as thought I’ve hit the phase of acceptance over denial. It was tough getting here but I’m starting to enjoy the scenery. I have my needlepoint which I dearly love and my crewel. If I were a woman of leisure, I could get accustomed to the laid back life…without the cast. So happy to see you here! Thanks for that.

Tammy - Thanks, Tam. Am starting my third week and hoping for better days! Appreciate the read!

Karen @BakingInATornado - Imagine being that incapacitated before the age of gadgets and internet (does that help?).

My sister (I live 1500 miles away from my family) had surgery to her foot many years ago. She mailed me a laptop, signed me up for FB and started a Scrabble game. The entire time she was unable to get around we had a game going. She later said it saved her sanity.

Jennifer Steck - I can’t imagine how difficult it is to sit still and accept help. It seems I’m always on the go and I imagine that’s the way you are too. I’m glad you are settling in and able to look at the bright side. Get well soon!!

Kathy @ SMART Living - Damn! It sucks being incapacitated doesn’t it? Unfortunately I’ve been there and done that and agree that it is very difficult to sit back and “enjoy the view.” But as you say, sometimes surrender is the best option–that and sitting back to enjoy the view. Thanks for the reminder…. ~Kathy

Kathy - I can truly sympathize with having difficulty accepting help. I am not the best with that. You were very smart to get the hospital bed. Animals under foot going up or down stairs is never easily navigated let alone with crutches.

Great post and try to enjoy being waited on.

Cheryl - You’re funny even when you’re in pain and incapacitated—–love it! We are still planning to see you in May——–you will be able to travel———right!!!!!!!cheryl

Tammy - Hi Karen, I think I LOVE your sister! Brilliant woman. Yes, the internet has been life saving for me, no doubt. NO, I cannot imagine this malady without all of the gizmos and gadgets available to us today. When stuff like this happened to people back then, I’m betting there was a lot of drinking going on to help you get through the day. Personally, I wouldn’t blame them. Lovely having you here!

Tammy - Thanks for the kind wishes, Jennifer. I am settling in, but still find it extremely difficult not being able to simply go upstairs, prepare a meal or shower without aid. Ugh. Still, I remain uber grateful for the technology that is healing my foot. That is a great “bright side”! Thanks ever so for the read and the comment!

Tammy - Thanks, Kathy! I must admit, I didn’t come to the “sit back and enjoy” point of view without substantial grumbling and whining. Par for the course, I guess. I’m becoming good friends with the idea of surrendering myself to the circumstances. Using what fight I have for better things. It’s all so exhausting. Thrilled to have you stop in and even more thrilled to hear from you! Thanks for that.

Tammy - Hi Kathy, thanks for the words of encouragement. Yup, I’m starting to think that every living room should have a bed in it. Haaaa! Of course the cats are convinced that it was placed here just for them. Of course it was! So appreciate the visit and the comment.

Tammy - Hi Cheryl, YES, I’m still coming. A bit of a setback, that’s for damn sure, and I will be equipped with a walking boot. Slow and easy wins this race. Very excited to see you both! xo

Sandra Rea - I totally get you. I think that’s why yours is about the only blog I read consistently. I may go away for a bit, but I ALWAYS come back here. Sorry to hear about your foot/leg issues. I know how something like this can slow a body down. In September I had sciatica, which until then was just a word to me. OMG. Not just a word. Not just a word!!! I couldn’t move for three days and then couldn’t walk. It was pathetic, but from that I learned a new way to work. From my bed. That’s where I am right now. I created a cool bed desk, and from your pic I think you have, too. A desk in my bed. I purchased a kick-butt new laptop so I could be hyper-productive from this spot, too. And I ordered it… ONLINE. I’ve limited my activities until recently due to pain, and had to finally, finally accept the fact that I might be getting older. I might even be… dum, dum, daaaaa… middle aged. Ick. What a word set. Nasty. But we have to accept our limitations sometimes. Not always. But sometimes. The good news is that I have begun to move again, lose weight again, get around pretty well again. It has in fact taken months to lose the numbness and pain, and it may never be gone. What changed? A trip the spine specialist who told me he could inject my spine and that no matter what there is no certainty that no matter how careful I am that the overwhelming pain of a sciatica bout won’t return. I thought… why then am I being so careful. With that I flipped my mindset around. And I’m here to report things are pretty good. When your cast is off, don’t be too careful. You can enjoy the view from the gym or walking the neighborhood… eating good-for-you foods and hanging with friends. Your you-can-do-it, no-holds-barred mindset will return and you will have a new regard for “the view.” Right now you’re just taking a well-earned vacation. Maybe the cast was just meant to slow you down. Get better. Keep writing, you witty woman, you…. ; )

Tammy - Hi Sandra, what a breath of fresh air you are. Thank you for that. I feel everything you shared with me. To the core. I think the cast benefited me in many ways, but that didn’t stop it from being the biggest pain in the butt I’ve ever had to physically deal with. My bed was also transformed into writing central. We work with what we’ve got! Healing is hard, mostly because it takes it own sweet time. I wish you the best, my friend. I’ll be here! Happy to know you will too.

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From Here To There … An Eternity

If you think that recuperating from foot surgery is serious business, you’re in for some down home hilarity. Prepare to be proven wrong.

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Joan Cooper - Congratulations Tammy! I have some of those contraptions which I saved from the years with my bedridden mother. Thank goodness I have them. I could not live without the toilet chair. Why did they make toilets so low – you have to be athletic to sit and then stand from the average toilet. I wouldn’t be without my toilet seat and it does have handles. Scooter – no thanks. Crutches – impossible. Shower stool – I am looking for one. etc etc and I didn’t even have surgery.

Rubber stockings go on best with a ‘sock pull’. Do you have that?

God Bless.


Tammy - Hi Joan, YES, they are all marvelous inventions for a time like this. We got my shower chair at Home Depot. They have an entire section for gimpy people like me. I DO have a ‘sock pull’, his name is Steven. Hahahahahaaa.

Tana Bevan - Tammy~On the bright side, this country uses lifted toilets. There are countries where the latrine consists of a hole in the ground/floor. (This inside of houses as well.) Such “facilities” are interesting enough to deal with when both legs are working. I hate to think of trying to maneuver that with one leg.
Sending healing thoughts your way. So glad your marvelous sense of humor remains intact! *Hugs*

Lynne - Yay for Marci! So glad she could help you! I remember being in a cast over 30 years ago…what a challenge! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Tammy - No kidding, Lynne! It takes a village, and I’m thrilled to have Marci in mine. Challenging? I’m thinking the show “Survivor” has nothing on me! Appreciate the read and the comment. Thanks for both!

Tammy - Hi Tana, I shudder to think! I don’t believe I would have an ounce of humor about a toilet that was a hole in the ground. Not an ounce! This challenge, however, is pathetically humorous. Kind of. Sometimes. Okay, mostly not, but let’s focus on the positive. Thanks for being here! Love you for that!

Carole Schultz - Love the way you have this extraordinary sense of humour, Tammy, to make things sound not quite so bad, when we know differently, but keep the chair I say! I still have my late husband’s chair in the shower; makes a nice change now and again!
Take care…

Judy Freedman - Tammy, so sorry to hear about your cast…but I love the pink wrap and the toenails to match. You are stylish.

Tammy - Thanks, Carole. Yeah, it’s sometimes not so humorous. But looking on the brighter side of things sure beats the alternative. I am a fan of the shower chair, no doubt about it! Here’s hoping you use yours because you like it, NOT because you need it! Thanks for being here!

Tammy - Thanks, Judy. I wouldn’t wish a cast on my worst enemy. Well, maybe that. The toenail polish was just a coincidence. Who knew?!

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
At first I thought you were too hard on yourself, but your saving grace is humor. You are a trooper and can view a difficult life through the prism of seeing the funny side
of life. You will never be beaten. I admire what Lou Grant hated – Mary Richard’s spunk.

Tammy - Hi Mel, only children are always hard on themselves. But the gift of being able to laugh at the madness is a wonderful thing to possess. Color me grateful! For the record, I am beaten quite often by life’s circumstance or the business process. None of that matters. Getting back in the game is what counts for me. And I do. I LOVED Mary Richards and Lou Grant. Remember how he always would say the word “spunk” (scowling) and how he hated it? Hahahaha! You are a treasure. Thanks for being here!

Marci Rich - Tammy, I’ve never been called a goddess in a blog before. You have made my day! I’m really glad I could help. And a word about those crutches: they’re impossible to use at this stage, but they will become useful when you’re finally able to put weight on the foot. Hang in there, kiddo!

Tam Warner Minton - I try to always view things through a humor prism….or, when I get down, to remind myself that others have it a whole lot worse! Perspective is something one has to keep acquiring, it seems!

Tammy - A Goddess you are, Miss Marci! Really? I will actually find the crutches useful? I do trust you and your vast experience in this tragic circumstance. Thank you for your gracious sharing. It will make the next 5 weeks so much easier! Your Tiara is waiting for you!

Tammy - I do so agree, Tam! Perspective is everything! Humor is a wonderful tool of life engagement that has been a big help to me throughout the years. Thank God for small favors! Happy to see you here. Thanks for that.

Haralee - I hope the time goes quickly. Your abs must be getting a great workout!

Katherines Corner - Bless your heart keep that sense of humor, its crucial! Hoping you are feeling better soon. Love the cast color! Hugs

Suerae Stein - Oh Tammy, you poor thing! But, you will be SOOOOO glad when all is said and done and you have a healed foot at your disposal. You will be all the more grateful because of all you have to go through. I wish you a full and fast recovery – with lots of that great humor that you have!

Tammy - Thanks, Haralee, I’m not at all sure my abs are getting any stronger but I’m betting I will be able to lift a truck by the time this is done. My upper arms are doing the work for my legs. Good grief! So very happy you stopped in for the read. Thanks for that.

Tammy - Katherine, hanging on to my sense of humor like a drowning man hangs on to a life raft … desperately! I didn’t even know casts came in colors. I thought they were all white. Who knew?!

Tammy - Hi Suerae, man oh man, I sure hope so. I have another foot that needs to get done and I literally cry when I think about having to go through this a second time. Nothing funny about that. I’m hoping you are right and I will be so pleased with the results that I will determine it is worth it. Fingers crossed. Thanks for stopping by and spreading a little cheer. So appreciate it!

Elena Dillon - So sorry!! I had shoulder surgery in October and it was a humbling experience. I’m not a fan of asking for help either. I just kept telling myself I was growing my character. Lol. Feel better soon!

Carol Cassara - I love your attitude & aspire to have it myself, should I find my aging body parts in a cast. I hope I don’t but you never know…having your grace and humor would be the only way to get through it!

Tammy - Hi Elena, shoulder surgery is the worst. But I have to say, I think foot surgery tops it. We must belong to the same ‘Club of Stubborn’. I feel you. I keep needing to know that I can ‘do it’. When in fact, many times, I just can’t. A life lesson on learning to lean on those you love. So happy to find you here! Thanks for that.

Tammy - Hi Carol, you are too kind and sweet. Thank you. I’m a big fan of humor and long for the grace. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes, not so much. I get by. I, too, hope you NEVER go through anything like this. Beyond awful. Appreciate the read … and you.

Susie (The Esthetic Goddess) - I love your attitude and humor! My kind of gal! You are rockin’ that pink boot!

Tammy - Hi Susie, thanks for the peppy support. Hobbling the pink boot would be more like it. So happy to popped in for the read. Thanks for that!

Kellie - Like the pink.. Matches your eyes… Well maybe not. 😉

Payback’s a Bitch

Not all that long ago, I wrote a blog post about how men are such babies when it comes to being sick or facing a “procedure”. HuffPost picked it up (God bless their little hearts) and I think I garnered the most hate mail in the history of Huffington Post blogs. It wasn’t what I […]

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cheryl - HILARIOUS—————and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!We’ll be thinking of you

Tana Bevan - Tammy — How do you do it? Even scared, apprehensive, being knocked out, cut open, and then having to curtail your activities, you find the humor in the situation. And you CONVEY it to others!

Yeah, payback’s a bitch. Something about walking a mile in the other’s shoe and all that. Does that apply if you’re in a cast? Wouldn’t think you’d still have to go the entire mile. It’d probably be too much. Perhaps it can be modified to “Don’t make fun of another (or give them grief or whatever) until you’ve hobbled a few yards in their cast?”

Kidding aside, wishing you a successful surgery, a speedy recovery, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to run a marathon … (or not)? Hugs & good wishes heading your way!

Terri - You’re very brave and you will come out of this a hero too! Stay focused on how much better your foot will feel when it’s all healed. Wishing you an uneventful surgery and quick recovery!

Haralee - Best of luck!

Tammy - Thanks, Haralee! I wouldn’t mind having a little luck in my back pocket!

Carol Cassara - Wishing you only calm thoughts and a quick recovery!

Tammy - Thanks, Cheryl. Tomorrow will be a big day. I’m hoping to sleep through most of it! So glad you enjoyed the read!

Tammy - Hi Tana, humor is my weapon against paralyzing fear. So far … so good! I’m actually super grateful that I can have this taken care of. Yes, I’m dreading it like crazy, but have had times in my life when things went wrong but I had no ability to do anything about it. Stuff like that you don’t forget. So, color me grateful for the chance, the technology, the doctors and the damn insurance! With any luck I’ll sleep through the whole day tomorrow. Always happy to have you here, Tana. You warm up the place!

Tammy - Hi Terri, thanks ever so much for the good thoughts. I hope to pull through this like the champ I want to be when I grow up. Any day now! So very happy to have you here, Terri. Thanks for that.

Joan Cooper - First of all – I want to tell you how very brave you are! I could not face what you are facing and that you can make light of it is miraculous. May the time rush by and quickly become a memory.

Second – to Jeff – I counted 3 typos – yahyahyahyahyahyah.


Tammy - Hi Joan, I’ve got to tell you…I’m not the least bit brave. I’m terrified. Of the pain, the inability to move, walk and function. Did I mention that I’m afraid of the pain? I use humor as my weapon against my fears. It’s truly a dear friend to me. Truth is, I’m super grateful for this procedure and how it will improve my life and eliminate my pain. Truly grateful. What I’m not grateful for is noting in your comment that there are 3 typos in my post (very sad face). Just for the record…the word ‘wit’ is the word I chose to use. Jeff informed me it should have been ‘bit’. He was mistaken. If you have spotted an inaccuracy, do pray tell, share it with me so that I may correct it. Do appreciate you being here.

Tammy - Thanks, Carol. Calm thoughts would be a good thing. Especially since I just “practiced” going up and down my stairs on my butt and am ridiculously exhausted after one run through! Thanks for that!

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
I am sure on some level you are scared, but I admire both your courage and your humor. You will soon be zipping around on that scooter in preparation for the Daytona 500. All the best and my prayers for a speedy recovery go out to you.

Tammy - Hi Mel, you are correct….I was terrified. To be expected, I think. But, I knew I was in the best of hands and found myself grateful to be able to have the procedure. I am scooting around back and forth, not venturing too far. I now know what it feels like to be afraid to fall. A new feeling. Super careful. Super slow at everything. Which is okay, because I’ve no place to go! Thank you for the prayers. Appreciate them AND you, so very much.

Janie Emaus - I’m glad it all went well. Take care!

Suerae Stein - Wonderful blog, Tammy, although I’m sorry you have to go through such a procedure. I am thoroughly amazed at how much you’ve prepare in advance of the big day. I don’t hink a man would have thought to do any of that!!! Well done! I wish you a very pain free and speedy recovery!

Tammy - Hi Suerae, this has been a long time in the coming. One of those things you put off that you shouldn’t put off. Right? My wonderful man will be so overwhelmed in the coming days. I did what I could to help take the edge off. So far…this is quite the adventure! So good to hear from you, thanks for the kind review!

Tammy - Thanks, Janie. So far, so good. I think. Kind of hard to tell when you spend the day in a drug fog. It hurts like hell, but I knew it would. Elevating and icing is my life for the next 5 days. Yippeee! Looking at the big picture…if I can only keep my eyes open. Thanks for the read and the comment. Appreciate you!

Kathy @ SMART Living - Hi Tammy! I’m just catching up with all the posts from this last week from all the great midlife writers out there and came across yours. I’m sure by now the worst is over–except for the frustration at how long it takes to heal something like this of course!!! Having been through a couple of similar situations I can assure you that you WILL HEAL and that you’ll be even more appreciative of things we normally take for granted….like getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or run to the store for any little thing you might need, etc. etc. Plus, as you say it is such an awesome way to discover how much your husband loves you!! Mine was the best angel in the world when I was recovering. So happy healing and can’t wait to read some of your posts about the journey! ~Kathy

Tammy - Thanks, Kathy. I know what you mean about catching up on the reading. So many awesome writers! I do the same thing, but I always seem a bit behind. So happy you stopped by, and very happy you enjoyed the read! Super frustrating situation to be in, that’s for darn sure. This too shall pass…. then I get to do the other foot. Ugh! All tribulations lead to writing. That is the bright side of things. Thanks for being here, so appreciate the comment!

Anne Tichauer - Tammy,

Get well soon, Sunshine girl!


Tammy - Thank you, Anne. I’m hobbling, I mean working on it. So appreciate you!

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