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Marriage or single-dom, that is the question.

Books telling us how to find a man, flirt with a man, marry a man; are a dime a dozen. What no one is telling the single woman is that they are smarter, have more friends, get more sleep, achieve more in life, have better sex, travel more, are less depressed, have better bodies, and […]

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Socially unsocial

I give up…where is the sociability? As I sit here looking out the vast window of my local java joint I’m feeling like a social animal. I look around, and it occurs to me that all of us here found our way to our local coffee house to meet up with a little bit of […]

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Growing Old is a Bitch

We have no problem dropping 80 bucks for an itty-bitty vial of miracle wrinkle remover cream. I guess we figure that if we go to the poorhouse, we want to make damn sure we look good doing it.

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Sex and Marriage… an oxymoron?

Sex and marriage, I’m a fan of both.  One marriage with lots of sex is ideal. Not probable, but ideal. What about sex without marriage? Running the risk of alienating a select group of people, I have to raise my hand in favor of this one too. Sex is a good thing. All kinds. With […]

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Where do singles really go to find love?

Good question.  Bars are pretty much ‘out’ as an option for the single woman over 40.  Internet dating has its ups and downs, mostly downs. Where do you go if want to meet quality, like-minded people of the opposite sex?   Studies tells us that we are meeting 41% of our dates from referrals from friends, family […]

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T w i t t e r
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