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Have you heard about the zipper phenomenon?

It would seem that men are having a hell of a time keeping them up.

Hey!  Jesse, Arnold, Tiger, David, Anthony, John and Eliot … I’m talkin’ to you!

Are these men really that stupid or are they just arrogant? And if they are our policy makers and doing a good job, should it matter?

So here’s my skinny on the subject.

Lies matter. Infidelity matters. So does trust, honesty, character and decency. If you’re representing me, keep it in your pants and stick to the business at hand (yours not hers).

When it comes to infidelity, I am not amused.

I still remember our Teflon president pointing his finger at the camera and stating emphatically “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Hmmm, no, but the cigar sure did. I’m pretty sure that if your semen ends up on someone’s dress, you didn’t keep your zipper zipped.

If you want to be governor, have your children respect you, keep a loving wife and lead public policy, then you should keep your damn pants zipped.

I remember countless times when Letterman was merciless to many a fallen celeb that had gotten caught cheating. All the while he is living with the love of his life for 20+ years (with whom he had a child with) while he was screwing his female staff members … for years. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Common sense would tell most of us to not snap pics of our private parts and send them to people across the country whom we have never met. You would think. And this man was trusted with public budgets, policies and confidences. The stupidity of it all is bad enough, but for him to think that he was so powerful that he could bald-face lie about it and not get caught, well, that’s just obnoxious.

They have rehab for everything. They have sexual addition rehab too. Isn’t that nice? It didn’t work out very well for Tiger. He can’t hit a ball worth crap, and while he may have built himself a mega mansion, his beautiful family has been broken and humiliated. When love is compromised and trust is broken, it’s generally “game over”.

What we really need is a valid rehab for incredibly poor judgment, stupendous arrogance, and a perpetually faulty zipper. The waiting list would be endless. And while these men have their shortcomings (pun intended); they deserve every single bit of humiliation and loss that comes their way. Unfortunately, their wives, children and parents do not. Neither does the public or the country.

I have never been cheated on. Thank God. But I know an awful lot of very good women who have. It scars you and presents you with a defensive brick wall that you will spend the rest of your life trying to break down. Cheating is the tornado of relationships; it leaves little in its wake. And for what? I wish I knew.

So, I say very clearly, if you are cheater, get out of line! If you value your penis more than you do you wife, family or constituents, get out of line! If you feel it is not a character defect and you just need a little time to sort things out, call me. I would be happy to sit down and talk it all over with you.

At the end of our chat I guarantee you will know how to keep your zipper zipped. Crazy Glue comes to mind.


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tp - You are SO good!!

le - Yep, Super Glue worked for me!

Anne - I always said that they don’t make stronger zippers anymore! Great article, again!!

Connie - You hit the nail right on the . . . well, you got your point across and rightly so! Well said! I applaud you.

Lori Miller - Awesome!

Shirlene Vitale - Could not agree more! Poignant as always…

tammy - Hi Connie, I laughed when I read your comment. You’re funny! Thanks for the post!

tammy - Hi Le, I always say; when all else fails use duct tape or crazy glue. There’s not a lot one of those two things can’t fix. Haaa! Thanks for your post. Wonderful having you here.

tammy - Anne, Yes, I agree, they don’t make them like they use to; zippers and men! Thanks for your comment!

Carmen Kane - Great article right on the money. I suggest that individuals desiring to run for office go before a committee of individuals from all walks of life to be evaluated. The committee should require that they go through a battery of tests both physical and physcological prior to meeting with the committee. Upon recommendation by the committee — they can run for office and represent the great people of this country!!
A little harsh — let’s raise our standards!!!

tammy - Hi Carmen, yes harsh but I like it! I will go you one further, and say that your idea may not be a bad one for parents to be. How many times have we said that parenting should require a license? But thats a whole other blog! Thanks for your post!

Sharon Westmoreland - Great one, Tammy! I can’t believe the incredible stupidity and arrogance of these guys. How many examples do they need to realize that it’s going to trash their lives (since clearly that’s the only thing they care about) and the Internet guarantees that no one can get away with anything anymore!

SIS - I just don’t get it . These men are so stupid and selfish. Don’t feel sorry for any of them…..hope they lose all their $$$$ to the good women that have left them.

Gooooooo women !!

tammy - Hi Sharon, yes you are so right. The Internest is the watch-dog of today. Like it or not…Big Brother is watching. I bet if a law were passed that if one was caught cheating on their spouse, they forfeit everything…hmmm…bet it would become a largely faithful crowd. What do you think? Thanks for your post!

tammy - SIS, yup, it appears that stupidity knows no bounds. Neither does arrogance. And the halls of congress is filled to the brim with both. Somebody get a broom! Good to hear from you!

Maureen Armentrout - How true!! And what shining examples these jerks set for the next generation….Again and again I say – well said Tammy!!

Cindy - Amen

tammy - Thanks, Maureen, you make a good point. The example they seem to be setting is that you suffer shame but you still get away with it. Look at Letterman and Spitzer just for starters. Not awesome. Believe this: Karma is a comin’!

tammy - Cindy – Sing it out Sista! Haa!

Suerae Stein - Great post! And so well said! I’m a new follower from Diva Cafe!

tammy - Hi Suerae, Always thrilled to welcome my fellow Divas! The DC is the best! Thanks for the post….hope to see you back.

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