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I Want To Be A Gross, Stereotypical Objectification. Don’t You?

sofia-vergara-2014-emmysIt’s not often I profess to know more than Newsweek or the Chicago Tribune. But I sure as hell do today.

A lot is being said about Sofia Vergara’s rotating pedestal act at the Emmys. Most of it bad. Very bad. Newsweek and the Chicago Tribune are just a small slice of the pie. Social media tore her to pieces, calling her every name in the book.

To all of them, I’d like to caringly say: shut the hell up!

It is not Sofia Vergara’s job to be a role model for Latinas. Nor is it her mission to be a voice for women everywhere. She is an entertainer, comedian, business woman and former model. And, by the way, she is quite good at all those things.

The Latino community slammed her for perpetuating negative Latina stereotypes and making a mockery of their community’s strong sense of family. Ouch!

It has also been written that her actions have once again painted women everywhere as little more than ditzy sexpots. Blah, blah, blah.

All right, settle down everyone and get a damn sense of humor.

A beautiful, intelligent, hard working girl has a right to exercise a little humor at a gathering of her peers without being responsible for the entire Latino community or the sexual perception of women everywhere. This wasn’t done to her. She participated freely. And cleverly. What is everyone talking about when they discuss the Emmys? Exactly!

Would we be having this discussion if Hugh Jackman had been displayed shirtless on that rotating pedestal? I think not. This was tongue and cheek, people. A parody. A lark. And a creative way to present a boring part of the show. Geesh!

Jealousy is an ugly thing. So is assumption on the side of arrogance.

In short: get over yourselves.

If you or your children’s idea of self-worth hinges on the actions of someone you don’t even know, then you have bigger problems, and they have nothing to do with Sofia Vergara.

I thought what Miss Vergara did was whimsical. I saw a beautiful, successful, intelligent woman exercising her right to be fun and silly on her terms. Bravo for her!

She has been labeled by many as a “gross, stereotypical objectification”. She is, in fact, everything but.

I’m pretty sure that God wants us all to use everything he gave us. And, boy, does she ever!

Listen up, if I had what she had, you could call me whatever you like. I’d be laughing all the way to the bank.

Now that I’ve spit out my two cents, I’d love to hear yours!

In case you missed it, here it is for your viewing pleasure!

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Jeffrey Davidson - Right on! It was a clever way to spice up what was otherwise an uninspiring portion of the Emmy’s. As you stated, she is a successful model, spokesperson, business woman, actress, entertainer, etc. And, she is probably crying all the way to the bank with her estimated $20,000,000 annual.

She is not an athlete that kids look up to that do drugs and commit other crimes. She is not a Rap star that kids look up to that do drugs and commit other crimes.

Make her success your role model.

Joan Cooper - WOW oh WOW. You really have a way with words. I cannot believe the Latina Community doesn’t like her. I am an avid fan of Telemundo – I admire the Novellas for their superb acting and story line which, is unlike anything in the U.S. as you cannot guess the next step in the story.

However, while there is a very strong line of family and all, there is also a strong line of violence. Guns and more creative acts of violence are continual. Why doesn’t the Latina Community do something about that and leave pretty women alone.

Latinos are male dominated. Interesting that they have to pick on a lovely and successful woman. What are they afraid of ???

Joan Cooper

Kim Tackett - Ok, so now I am totally bummed they didn’t have dueling spinning platforms, with Hugh Jackman on the other one!

Carole Milligan - I’m a stagehand brat and stagehand wife-my father worked in the Los Angeles TV and stage industry, and my husband works in the same industry. Hubby works most of the award shows, and he worked on the Emmys.

I usually don’t watch award shows, as I am jaded from a lifetime of exposure to the industry. I did not watch the Emmys. I have been reading all the negative comments about Sofia’s performance on the turntable, and thought wow, she must have practically been doing a striptease to garner all the negative responses.

And then, thanks to your post, I watched the video of what happened. I found it cute and laughable, and thought she did a great job looking surprised at being asked to step up on the turntable, and found nothing offensive about the slight posturing she did.

As an FYI to all, shows are scripted. The performers practice; they follow direction from the producers. Sofia was not ad-libbing up there, she agreed to follow direction. There was a stagehand under the stage, slowly moving the turntable by hand.

As a proud Latina hybrid myself, I thank you for your perspective, and bringing a voice of reason to the debate.

Tammy - Hi Jeffrey! Happy to see you here, it’s been a while. Glad that you enjoyed the read. We are on the same page (no surprise there). I, too, thought is was a clever way to add spark to an “uninspiring” portion of the show. People are way too sensitive these days, pushing their angst and anger onto other people. To them, I say, get over it. To you, I say, thank you!

Tammy - Joan, you’ve made such good points and offered a different perspective. Awesome! Latino television IS filled with violence, sex and immorality. Yes, we don’t hear any complaints about that, do we? You are right …. they should leave the lovely, successful woman alone. People are so obsessed with pointing the finger and placing the blame. All nonsense. Thanks, Joan, for your offering here.

Tammy - Hey, Kim, how much you want to bet that we will see something like that next year?! But I think your idea would have alleviated the hate spewing we have witnessed. I, for one, would have truly appreciated it! *giggling*

Tammy - Hi Carole, what a refreshing point of view, thank you. Rarely do we get an “insiders” look at things like this. I, too, thought she was pretty awesome as she feigned surprise and went along for the ride. As you duly noted, the woman didn’t strip, she playfully postured throughout the speech. I am so appreciative of your input and sharing here. Thanks for that!

Donna Highfill - I was grateful that I didn’t have to just listen to that guy drone on and on. I thought her body language was hilarious. Comedy is tough these days, because people are all crouched in an attack position waiting to jump on satire. Lighten up, people. Everything is NOT a political statement. We’re giving too much power to the sour people. Go join Oscar the Grouch in the trashcan and let us have a little fun.

Terri - She is absolutely adorable with an awesome sense of humor! You are so right!!! Thank you for your comments!

Lois Alter Mark - It’s obvious that she’s smart, talented and has a better sense of humor than anyone trying to put her down for her comic actions. And she was much more interesting than the guy who was actually speaking!

Tammy - Hi Donna, you said a mouthful … “everything is NOT a political statement”. Geesh, you are a genius, Donna Highfill. It’s always the negative peeps that garner the media attention. Oscar the Grouch, eh? I’m thinking you and I should be sitting down and watching some serious Sesame Street with a bucket of hot fudge sundae’s. Are you in? Love having you here!

Tammy - Terri, I do so agree with you …. agreeing with me. Haaa! You are too sweet. Happy t have you here, thanks for that!

Tammy - Lois, she WAS so much more interesting that the guy talking. That was the whole point. And the conclusion of his speech was perfection the way it tied into her giving the audience something good to look at. Appreciate the read AND the comment, Lois, thank you.

Suzanne Stavert - People can be so dense! If they were offended or felt sorry for Sofia they totally missed the point. There was a great deal of intelligent writing on the Emmys. I am certain that it went over some people’s heads. Thanks for pointing this out.

Tammy - Suzanne, I’d like to think there were more of us that “got it” than those who didn’t. But the way social media lit up and crucified her, blaming her for the downing of Latinas everywhere and exploiting her sexuality thereby taking women down to a sex pot level in everyone’s eyes. As Charlie Brown would say … Good Grief! Thanks for the read and the comment!

Anne Louise Bannon - I get that it’s a joke and rather satirical. I guess the part that bothers me about it is that, alas, that’s the only way we see women on TV: as objects to drool over. (Although I am drooling over Vergara’s dress – that was gorgeous.) It’s getting better, but it’s still worrisome. And we don’t get to see guys this way. I would seriously have loved to see Hugh Jackman on that rotating pedestal. I also thought it was a little insulting to the Academy that people thought their mission was so boring they had to put Vergara up there.
Nonetheless, Vergara can do what she wants. If I don’t like what she did, I sure as heck won’t give her more attention by tweeting, Facebooking, etc.

WendysHat - Obviously they all have too much time on their hands. Didn’t see it. Don’t care to. I’m sure she wouldn’t be doing anything she didn’t want to do. Why does everyone now days get so worked up over EVERYTHING?

Chloe Jeffreys - I haven’t even seen it and I already know I agree with you. Sheesh. People really don’t have anything to do with their time, do they?

Tammy - Anne, I totally respect and understand your point of view. Her dress WAS gorgeous. I can guarantee you it would not have looked that good if I had worn it. Sigh. There are a LOT of strong women in the media, television, movies and a LOT of some pretty stupid men in all those venues as well. I take them all with the grain of salt that they are simply entertainment. None of them depict real people as they are or should be. That’s why they call it acting. I wouldn’t mind a gig that pays that well! Thank you, Anne, for sharing your point of view. Grateful for that!

Tammy - Wendy, no kidding! It seems people are just sitting around waiting to point the finger. Geesh!

Tammy - Hi Chloe, you should take a peek at it, there is a link at the end of the post. Harmless stuff. So agree with you….people really don’t have anything better to do with their time. Sad, really.

Becky Blades - Love how you shake things up, Tammy. Things that SHOULD be shaken. Or stirred. It’s one of the few times I wished I had watched the VMA awards. You had me at “rotating pedestal.”

My two teen daughters say “people who make the world annoying fall into two categories: “Haters gonna hate.” or “Bitches need a sense of humor.”

Tammy - Thanks, Becky! Shaking things up is a habit I can’t seem to break. Tell your two beautiful daughters that are pretty smart and most likely super correct in their assumption. Haters and no humor makes for a tough world. So happy to have you here, Becky. Thanks for that!

Ande Lyons - “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.” ~Mae West

I LOVE your view of the world Tammy Bleck. I thought Sofia was funny, delicious and ooooh la la at the Emmys. It was a clever way to get through the Academy’s boring speech… and I especially loved when she spanked her derriere… so sassy and brilliant. But then, I’m a huge fan of Mae West… so yes, if you’ve got… flaunt it… with humor and a twinkle in your eye!



Tammy - THANKS, Ande, I do so agree with the unflappable Mae! Sometimes we should judge less and enjoy more. Life is generally better that way. So appreciate the read and the support….as always. You, my darling, are beyond awesome!

Sharon - Thank you, thank you thank you, for your comments!
I never reply to anything but I just had to on this!!
I totallly enjoyed and loved what Sofia Vergara did.
I thought it was very funny and not at all wrong.
It is amazing to me that when a woman has talent and
works so hard to have people enjoy it, is then successful
she at a moments notice can be trashed by the media.
Thank you Sofia for the laughs you give and please don’t stop.
Thank you Tammy for for sticking up for her!!!!!

Tammy - Thank YOU, Sharon! It seems that these days it’s easier to follow the pack and criticize. Sad really. Your comments ring true for so many people who think along the same lines. So happy, Sharon, that you found your way here, and happy that I found you. Thanks for that.

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
I think America has lost its sense of humor. Nobody forced her on the pedestal. (Shouldn’t all women be placed on a pedestal, or am I objectifying?)We live in serious times, ISIS and such, and we need humor, anything to offset the constant drum of bad news and the boring voting speech that the suit had to make. I agree with you 100% and will continue top look at pretty women, as long as they smile at me.

Tammy - Mel, I’ll ALWAYS smile at you, but not sure that counts. I agree!! We have lost our sense of humor. Then there are the well adjusted people like you and me (laughing convincingly). Life will always be a bit rosier for those of us who find humor from women on pedestals! I’m betting that pretty women still smile at you. Every day! Appreciate the read, Mel. Thanks for being here!

Michele Jeffers - Yes! That was so much fun to read! I just love a good “give ’em what for” now and again. And, as usual, you were spot on!

Tammy - Thanks, Michele! You are awesome to say so. So nice to know there are at least two of us who think alike. Thanks EVER SO MUCH for being here!

maureen - Hi Tammy,

I loved your perspective on this. People cannot or should not be expected to represent and entire community. As an entertainer, she did just that. She was fun, silly, and as you said whimsical. Something most of us could do with a little more of!

Tammy - Thanks, Maureen! So appreciate your comment and happen to agree with it whole heartedly! No surprise there. Thanks ever so much for being here.

A guy - I know this is an older post but just watched the video now and to mock it and argue that it’s derogatory to women is just way too uptight, it’s not like she even wore just a bikini. You’re probably right that there would have been no or at least fewer reactions to a shirtless Hugh Jackman, and I can relate to the fact that women are often held responsible as a general spokesperson and for promoting “objectification” of women as a group if they pull off stunts like that.I’m working part time for a charity organisation and we have fundraiser events where an audience can “bid” for a date among us volunteers, that will be standing on a stage during the bidding, and having our female volunteers on a stage at all stirred quite some controversy when the concept was started while there were no reactions of importance to (mandatory) shirtless guys.

While I’m not trying to make a “men have it worse than women” argument I just find it strange for some people to claim that women endorse objectification of women as a group if they do stunts like this, while the same is not true for men.

Tammy - Hi A Guy! How refreshing to hear your point of view. I share it whole heartedly. Same standards do not apply, unfortunately. Not sure they ever will. So happy to have you here, thanks for that!

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