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I’d like to thank the little people …

I’ve been nominated for an Oscar!

Well, not exactly an Oscar, but close. Okay, not even close but I’m pretty jazzed about it. I’ve been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award and I’m feeling a little full of myself right now.

I’d like to thank all the little people, but since I am one it would be a bit awkward. The person I really want to kiss on the lips is Scott Morgan of write_hook. I barely know this man and yet he warms my cockles (oh, get your mind out of the gutter!) with his supportive nature and love of all words written. He is a gifted writer and a true play it forward kind of guy I hope to not disappoint. I thank him for the nomination.

Every once in a while life throws you a curve you don’t mind catching (about damn time if you ask me) and this is one of the times. That’s the good news. The bad news is that a condition of this award is that I must share 10 things about myself that my readers don’t know. I can’t think of anything more boring, and I’m tempted to make stuff up as I go along so that it will be breathtakingly interesting. But that would be cheating, and I’m no cheater. I am then to direct you to 5 bloggers that I read and recommend for excellence. So let’s get started.

1.  I am fiercely loyal and wonder if I might have been a dog in my former life. If I call you my friend, you can bet that I will stand with you until the bitter end or at least until I help you get even with whoever wronged you. It’s what friends do.

2.  My friends think that I am one of the most confident people they’ve met. I’m not. I’m a bundle of insecurities and fears. I’m afraid of clowns for crying out loud. Seriously. I’m not sure it gets more pathetic than that…unless you count my fear of hair in my food.

3.  My first job was working at Der Wienerschitzel. I was 17 at the time and the respect I gained for fast food workers is with me to this day.

4.  I owned an earthquake preparedness business for several years and made tons and tons of money. I began public speaking and made even more money. Now I write for practically nothing. I think they call that progress.

5.  I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I’m just sure of what I want to be now. I’m also not sure I will ever grow up completely, and even less unsure that is not a bad thing. Did you follow that?

6.  I have a bit of a temper. It’s hard to believe since I’m so easy going, sweet and unassuming (no, really, I am). It takes a ton to get me riled but I pity the person who manages to do so. I’m not a yeller but I am very proficient at using my big girl words to slice and dice whoever was crazy enough to engage my wrath. I’m working on it and speak to my dog about it often (dogs are better than therapists). She listens and seems to understand and take my side. I love dogs.

7.  I am an only child, parentless and roam the earth belonging to no one. I think our parents are the only ones we ever really ‘belong’ to. The recent death of my father hit me pretty hard and I’m still working on getting over it; if we ever really get over losing our parents. The loss didn’t make me afraid of death, it made me respect it. The power it wields on the people left behind should never be underestimated.

8.  I’ll be 59 this summer. What?! I’m in that group of people that sees their reflection in a window while passing and wonder who the hell that person is. I feel a lot younger than my years although my body does talk to me each morning encouraging me to go back to bed. I’ve never been intimated by birthdays but I think that my 60th might find me in a panic induced coma. I’m sure plastic surgery is in my future and I apologize to no one for the thought. I’ve had my chops lifted (chubby cheeks have their drawbacks) and swore I would never go under the knife again. I probably wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

9.  My favorite chocolate candies are M&M and non chocolate are Red Hots, with Bit ‘O Honey a close second. I hate coming in late to a movie, getting a busy signal on the phone and dealing with a service rep who can’t speak English. If you want to win my heart you have to be funny, honest, strong but gentle, of good character, affectionate, and bring flowers and feed me ice-cream in bed. You also have to love animals. I don’t ask for much.

10.  I’m a risk taker and have greatly benefited from some of my career efforts. I’ve hosted a weekly talk radio program in Los Angeles, I was a personal assistant to a famous celeb and an oil baroness, I produced a weekly television show and I’ve received a commendation from the mayor of Los Angeles. I’ve also made some not so awesome career calls and know what it’s like to be unemployed, broke and foreclosed on. ‘Giving it a shot’ is still my life mantra and I live and die by the creed.

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the not so good. Can I get my award now? What? I have to wait? Seriously? What kind of sleazy two bit organization are you running here? What I mean to say is; thank you so much, it’s just such an honor being mentioned.

The truth is, it’s my readers who make me what I am and I am forever and truly grateful. You can take that to the bank.

Now … on to some fellow bloggers that I hereby nominate for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Lakesha Brown is the (@uncommonchick) she is always coming up with original post ideas that will make you giggle. She is an everyday kind of girl; speaks her mind, minds her manners but gets the point across in an unusually hilarious and always uncommon way. I look forward to her posts.

Stephen Spencer is (@Pauldmallory) Steve is quite a good writer and I like his style of nonchalant banter. You will feel like you’ve known him for years and will want to read his stories. I’m generally partial to female writers (go figure) but as far as I’m concerned, he is a breath of fresh air.

Suerae Stein is and her blog is a gift of site and mind. She is an eloquent writer who is generous with her readers and she provides the most amazing photography you might ever see. She doesn’t blog regularly but when she does its awesome! Check her site out. You won’t regret it.

Jacqueline Dick is (@fumanchucat) and reading her blog feels like I’m sitting down to coffee with myself. Seriously, there might be two of us (which I mean as the greatest of compliments). A large dose of sarcasm coupled with a sharp wit always provides for a great read. Do yourself a favor and check her out.

Tawna Fenske is (@tawnafenske) and she runs a little blog called ‘Don’t pet me I’m writing’. She is irreverent and topical and while I am a new reader, she has my respect and I believe has earned the mention.

So now…what are you waiting for? You have some good reads in store for you.

As I sit and wait for my gold statue (there will be a gold statue, won’t there?) it occurs to me that it would only be fair to know something about my readers that few people know. Fair is fair!


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Deb - Thank you so much for the time and effort spent on this article. Sometimes we all need to stop and enjoy a good laugh. While life has its ups and downs, it all boils down to how we view it. Your words are uplifting and oozing with positivity (if there is such a word). This provides us with an opportunity to laugh with each other and press on. Will save you as a favorite and return for future ‘shots in the arm.’ Best wishes and keep up the good work!

Billie Jo - I actually knew a few of these things about you (especially #9-customer service reps speaking english!) Congrats on your nomination Tammy! I do not believe that there is anyone out there that is more fabulous than you! Love you bunches!

Liz - How exciting to be nominated for the Kreative Blogger award. Congratulations and well deserved. I will keep fingers and toes crossed that you get your gold statue. You know I love reading your words of wisdom and enjoy your wicked sense of humor. Good luck!

Vicki - I second that nomination!!! Does this mean there will be an after party? Please Please invite me! I love you, I love your mind, I love how you put it all together on paper – you my darling friend are incredible! I also love Red Hots and Bit of Honey – my favorite is JuJubes! xoxox

Steven - Congratulations to you on a nomination well deserved. I really can say that I knew you when… I know the amount of hours and hard work you put into your blogs and it shows. I’m so proud of you. With my love.

Scott Morgan - Not sure I deserve a kiss on the lips, or anywhere else, but you’re welcome. 🙂 You have a great blog and I think people should know about it. And you’ve given me a bunch ‘ newbies to follow on Twitter. So thanks 🙂

Ande Lyons - I love finding Witty Woman Writing in my mailbox! Without a moment’s hesitation I quickly exit whatever I’m working on (today it’s role playing!) and jump over to see what WWW is sharing… knowing I’ll be amused, delighted, amazed and pleasantly distracted.

Congrats, Tammy, on your KBA nomination! And thanks for the Tweep recommendations – love meeting fine feathered folks to follow.



Tammy - Hi Deb, So happy you found your way to me. I LOVE being saved as a favorite but LOVE being subscribed to better (hint-hint). No worries, you’re awesome to post here and I adore you already. Yes, “positivity” is a real word (thank God for it) and I am grateful for your kind review. Humor is my key to survival. I don’t know how else to look at things unless it’s through humors glass. I do have my serious moments and do share them on my blog, but if I do say so myself…I’m still awesome. Come back and visit. I’ll leave the light on for you. Thanks for being here.

Tammy - Hi Billie Jo, It’s been so long since I’ve heard from you. Wonderful to get your post. Thanks for the sweet thoughts. I can think of a billion peeps more fabulous than me but tonight I’m going to take your word for it and revel in the glory of it all. Yes, I guess you would remember that fateful phone call. Will I ever live it down? Tell your mom I love her more. I love you bunches too. Thanks for posting and hanging in here with me.

Tammy - Hi Liz, It is fun and exciting to be mentioned and valued by my peers! Color me grateful. I’m not sure my words are wise but I know they are often wicked. So happy you enjoy reading the combination of the two. I so enjoy knowing you are on the other end of them and thank you for posting. Great to hear from you.

Tammy - Hi Vicki, gee, I never asked about an after party. Hmm, good thought. If there is, yes, you’re invited! If there isn’t…you’re still invited. My daughter has always told me that I’m a party in my own mind. One more attending can’t hurt. Rest assured there will be plenty of JuJubees and Red Hots. Let’s throw some cinnabuns in for good measure. Thanks for sending me all that love, I’m wrapping myself in it right now. And it feels great. By the way…I love you back! Thanks so much for posting. I’ve missed you.

Trenna - Tammy, my gal, you are one of my “people”. Love everyone of your blogs. You are a comic genius! We missed you, come back soon. tk

Tammy - Hi my Steven, yes, you knew me waaaay back when. I’m so very happy to have you here by my side as I crank this stuff out. Support is everything to me, and you are too. With my love back.

Tammy - Hi Scott, well then, how about a solid pat on the back and a hefty handshake? It’s always wonderful when a peer recognizes your work; a kind word, some encouragement, a helpful suggestion. I’m grateful for it. I do love my little blog and I hope that one day it will be read by millions. Well, maybe not millions, but a whole lot of people. Thanks for helping to make me feel like I’m not the only one who might think that. One day (fist waving in air). Thanks for posting – you’re pretty damn awesome yourself!

Tammy - Hi Ande, aren’t you just the nicest person in the world?! Gee whiz. I love being your distraction and I hope I don’t disappoint. I’d like to think of myself as amusing, delightful and amazing, but let’s not get crazy here, we both know I’m just an old broad that sits behind her computer and writes what she thinks and hopes not to get arrested for it. You are a boost in my day for sure! Thank you for being here … and thank you for posting. It means a lot.

Tammy - Hi Trenna, you are one of my ‘people’ too. I’m happy to know you are reading and even happier to know you are enjoying. Am I a comic? Kinda. A genius? Not hardly, but who am I to argue with you?! Thanks for dropping in and posting. It’s wonderful hearing from you!

Kesha Brown - Tammy, I am soooo flattered by, first, you nominating me and, second, for the kind, lovely words you’ve shared of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (overboard on the exclamation points??!!)

I am so glad we met because you are one of my uncommon chicks and I LOVE your writings! You are hilarious and I can see you on stage one day making millions laugh as well (maybe that’s what you’ll be when you grow up!) 😉



Tammy - Hi Kesha, I am awesome aren’t I?! But you, my dear, are even more awesome. Congrats on your nomination, you are a hard working blogger that always delivers. I never forget a good writer. My peeps will be checking you out. One day we must actually meet and have a cup of coffee and talk about how we are going to fix the world. Or maybe we’ll just gossip. Always happy to have you here.

Kesha Brown - I’d love to meet you one day and we can talk about fixing the world AND gossip because we’re versatile and kreativ like that 😉

Lee Lefton - Tammy,

First of all, many congrats on your nomination. I read very few blogs but always yours.

Second, almost everything you’ve said resonates big time with me.

Third, I just plain love you and always have. And Anne knows it. She’s always said that if I run off with you, just be sure to take my laundry.

In all seriousness, you’re really, really amazing.


Jeffrey Davidson - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
I too enjoy your creative, sensitive, poignant, humorous and topical blogging. Better yet, I enjoy knowing you.
Keep up the great work and remember that life is like an elevator, it has its ups and downs!

Tammy - Hi Lee, First of all, thank you for always reading my blog. I know you are uber busy and a very discriminate reader. I’m happy to have made the grade.
Second of all it appears that once again we have a lot of common ground; from being loyal, insecure, aging writers with teaming tempers that love dogs and refuse to grow up.
Thirdly, when we do run away together, please leave the laundry behind. Can we bring Anne with us?
In all seriousness, I love you too and think you are really, really amazing.
Thanks, Lee, I loved reading all of it and appreciate you tons.

Tammy - Hi Jeff, thanks! And I, kind sir, enjoy knowing you. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m so happy your are here with me.

Jane Redfern Jones - Well done Tammy! Very well deserved:)

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen - Hope you win! Are you back from Europe already??? How was it? – Laura Lee

Suerae Stein - Oh Tammy, what can I say? You SO SO SO deserve this award and I’m so glad to read about your life – it is SO SO SO much more exciting than mine! That must be why I love your blog so much – you have a worldliness about your writing and your humor is incredibly intelligent and thoughtful.

This all makes me feel even more honored that you chose to put my blog on your list – especially after my long absence. I am forever grateful to you. You even convinced me to go ahead and write and publish my latest blog about why I have been MIA. You’re an inspiration and I’m so glad to have found you and your blog – thank you, thank you, thank you! xo, Suerae

Tammy - Hi Laura Lee, yes, we made it back from Spain and we loved the adventure. It was tough hobbling around Europe with a cast on my foot (fractured it in 3 places the day before we left) but I didn’t miss a beat. Great to see you here and thanks for the post!

Tammy - Hi Suerae, oh my goodness, all I did was pass on the nomination to a very worthy blogger (um, that be you). I know you haven’t posted in a couple of months (maybe 3) but you’re blog is gorgeous and your writing sublime. I’ve missed it and knew you had to have a good reason for being gone. I also have an innate feeling that you need to be back at it and we need to read you there. Thanks for the kind words; I appreciate your compliments very much. I love my little blog and I love the people on the other side of it. I will be watching and reading you with complete delight…as always. It’s really wonderful to have you back.

Joan Cooper - I rolled on the floor laughing at you being a ‘dog in a prevous life’.

As I read on, I was completely sold on you as a writer and a person. And there are very very few persons I even care to give the time of day to. I realize my faults as I read your resume. I am told I am cynical, but I know I am a realist. Why is there so much contempt for reality in real life?

Keep it coming, Tammy. Proud of you.

Tammy - Hi Joan, you have just given me a great compliment; to read me and then be sold on myself and my writing, well, that’s pretty damn awesome. I am thrilled to bits to be one of the very few people you share a little time with in your day. Thrilled. I’m not sure how reading my ‘resume’ of life could in any way help you to realize your faults. Cynicism is only a fault if it is to the extreme (pretty much like all extremes). I’m not sold on the idea that there is contempt for reality but can offer that too much of it can cloud the ability to think positively, to dream, to anticipate good things. Reality, when dwelled upon, squashes hope. That’s my two cents. You always bring such interesting takes on the subjects talked about. I will keep it coming and I thank you for being proud of me. It means a lot.

Tammy - Thanks, Jane. And thanks for stopping by. I welcome the visit and appreciate the post.

Cindy buehler - Congrats, Tammy!!!! I love your blogs, I love your directness and honesty. I can’t believe we have so much in common! I hate clowns too!!!! When you win, the tequila shots are on me!!

Michelle D Keyes - Love your post Tammy! Congrats!

Tammy - Hi Cindy! I’m thinking we should form some kind of clown recovery program. It appears the fear is a lot more common than I ever imagined. Ya gotta wonder why! So happy to have you reading and always love your comments. I’ll take you up on those tequila shots (although after one, I’m wasted) – I’m a cheap date. Thanks for posting, its grand having you here.

Tammy - Hi Michelle, thanks, and I love that I know your are on the other side of them! Thanks for popping in and posting. You’re awesome!

jacqueline dick - Hi Tammy! First let me thank you for nominating me for this award. What a lovely surprise! You’ve raised the bar, and now I’ll really have to be good! Second, my apologies for being so late in thanking you and accepting this nomination. It is true what Tennessee Williams said about sometimes relying on the kindness of strangers. We don’t know one another at all…you through my blog and now me through yours…Love your sense of humor, and will be visiting more often. Thank you again, so, much, Tammy!

Tammy - Hi Jacqueline, nice to formally cyber meet you. No worries about the delay, there is no time frame on accepting honors and I was happy to bestow it. It is well deserved. Thanks for the kind words, I love your sense of humor too (shocker) and look forward to reading your posts. Hope you have a good weekend with your company. So happy you stopped in, hope to see you back.

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