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What do boobs and brains have in common?

I’ve been well endowed pretty much since the day I entered puberty. I haven’t always been thrilled about it, but by the time I was 14, I was a substantially curvy girl.

Just like life, big breasts are a double-edged sword.

When you’re young, men look at you for all the wrong reasons, and women dislike you for the very same ones. If there was ever a truer example of the phrase a blessing and a curse, large breasts would be it.

In high school, the varsity basketball team affectionately nicknamed me “Milky”. A name like that is hard to live down. I remember one particular day after school when I had taken a tad too much teasing. I came home and slammed my bedroom door while screaming at my mom “Thanks for nothing, mom!” There were tears. Lots of them. Puberty is rough on everyone. I don’t imagine for a moment that anyone gets home free.

As I grew older, I became keenly aware of the power my breasts yielded. They seemed to open doors for me, send drinks my way, brought job offers to the table, and provided an endless line of suitors. They also seemed to escort me to the front of the line at concerts, comedy stores and dance clubs. Of course, in my later years, I realized that it wasn’t my upper torso that was gifting me these things. It was, in fact, the whole package of me. I was fortunate enough to have often been favored, but I was also often mistaken for not being very bright.  

Jayne Mansfield, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe didn’t help any. While they all proved, in the end, to actually be quite bright, they spent their careers focusing on their physical assets rather than their intellect.

Like many, I was sucked into the notion that big breasted women were less gifted in the intelligence department. This thought alone is responsible for me joining the chess club in high school. When assumptions are made about you, you will go out of your way to debunk their worth. I was a champion player on our team, but my nickname remained the same.

I won’t argue that large breasts may hold a certain mystique for some. But are they an asset or a disadvantage in business? And so I began to wonder, after all these years, was there any proof out there that women who have large breasts are any less smart? I was in for a surprise.

A Chicago sociologist conducted a study in 2003 where she included 1,200 women with various breast sizes. The aim of the study was to find out if the size of a woman’s breasts had any direct correlation to her intelligence.

The study was thorough and included 5 groups of women with breasts of: extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. It was concluded that women with larger breasts had a 10 point higher I.Q. rating, on average, than their less endowed counterparts.

It was also determined that 83% of the men surveyed (1,650 total), wanted and sought out larger breasted woman as companions. There isn’t a woman in the world that would be shocked by this statistic. Many who could debunk it, but not one who would be surprised by it.

At this point I should share that enhancing ones breasts does not increase ones I.Q. (Duh?!) We have only to look Heidi Montag and Tara Reid. Both I’m sure are very nice girls, but from what I can determine, not the brightest bulbs in the pack.

Having said all this, I know plenty of smaller breasted women who are wicked smart and could probably run rings around me in an I.Q. test. I’m not any too anxious to put my ample curves to the challenge.

Here’s my thought. Women, in general, are smart. Often way smarter than they are given credit for. I speak for myself when I say that I have spent half of my career being underestimated. I’ve always considered this as a huge advantage.

After living with my natural gifts for about 47 years now, I’ve made friends with that part of my body. Especially since the day, a few years ago, when one of my breasts was threatened with a cancer cell. Funny how you realize that you treasure something when there is a chance you may lose it.

Whether the sight of breasts insight attraction, excitement, or interest from others, I think it’s important to remember that they are simply an integral part of our body. Whether they feed our children, help us to feel sexy for our partner or just round out an outfit with some panache, women don’t always appreciated them for what they are. I do now. I appreciate knowing that they are a part of my sensuality, my mothering, and my self-image. Simply put, they round me out (pun intended).

And so it goes back to the age old advice we’ve heard since we were kids; don’t judge a book by its cover. The contents and value of the read are rarely what is depicted on the outside jacket.

Am I smarter because I have larger breasts? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’ll tell you what, I bet I can beat you at a game of chess, cinch a competitive contract, and surpass many (if not all) standards set in the business field.

Not because of my full breasts. But despite them.



I don’t know if I can speak as an expert on breasts, but despite the study you cite, I doubt there is much correlation between breast size and smarts, I.Q. related t genes, not cup size. For the reasons you give, society has blessed you with advantages, and I am sure your natural intelligence brought you to the top. If you had a choice between big breasts or small ones, which would you choose? Right.

Joan Cooper -

Such a profound statement, Tammy!

What puzzles me is – why are men so attracted to big breasts? And they don’t even seem to care if they are surgically augmented.

I have a theory. Men run the world – let’s face it – they do run the planet. Yet, they are such children at heart. They are addicted and I mean ADDICTED to “power”. Are BB s power? Well, one thing for sure – they are the first out of cave food supply. Is it that prehistoric? BB s represent food with which to survive? But women had the same experience. They are not mesmerized by BB s. Well…..maybe a little envy. My own gratefulness and hope is that if there is reincarnation, I will have the same tight closing of the two and not that inch or more separation sometimes seen. Nice tight together cleavage.

You probably wish I would stop writing on your blog. I don’t blame you, but this is just what came to mind. Mind???


Hi Mel, touché! I would opt for the fuller figure. But if you had asked me this same question when I was in my teens, well, the answer would have been different. Interestingly enough, the study cited that one of the reasons large breasted women were ‘smarter’ was because successful intelligent men naturally gravitate to them, thereby producing smarter offspring. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing your two cents. It’s always worth much more than that!

Frankie -

Did you hear host Seth McFarlane’s song on the 2013 Oscars-“We saw your boobs”? I thought it was tasteless. Guess men will always be fascinated with them, regardless of size.


I la la LOVE this post!

It reminds me of the episode on Designing Women when petite Mary Jo wears trial breast implants to a bar… and exclaims “These things are *power*!”

Men are visual creatures who love hourglass figures… even my youngest at age 6 couldn’t stop looking at Wonder Woman!

Hourglass or stick figure… having a healthy, functioning, strong body and an active imagination is a blessing and all that really matters.

Besides, everyone knows: “it’s not the meat it’s the motion!”



Hi Joan, gee, I don’t know what the fascination with larger breasts is, but clearly there is one. And a prejudice against many women who are well endowed. The silliness of mankind is never really understandable. I like your theory … maybe it does go back that far. I have always wanted to be seen as a ‘whole picture’ and not just cleavage. For a while I would never wear clothing that showed my cleavage and then one day I woke up and slapped myself around for it. Why not enjoy in the beauty God gave me? I don’t flaunt, but I don’t hide it either! I love that you always contribute here. Keep it coming!

Hi Frankie, yes, I did hear that song and thought it was pretty funny. Not sure what that says about me, since I have heard from many that thought it was in poor taste. I stopped trying to please everyone a long time ago. I think you’re right … the fascination will continue. Thanks for sharing your two cents. Awesome!

Hi Ande, I remember that show in particular. Funny stuff! Heck, I like looking at Wonder Woman. I appreciate nice breasts on a woman. Just like I appreciate beautiful legs, healthy hair and a bright smile. But as a woman, I’ve never made the mistake of seeing a beautiful fully blossomed woman and assumed that she was a dumb bunny. Oh, hell no! I’m way too smart for that. Do love your motto “it’s not the meat it’s the motion”. May be borrowing that from you, my friend! Thanks for the read and the post!

Malissa -

hi girlfriend,
We have something more in common , I too was large breasted in school and there is nothing worse then the eyes on your chest when talking to a man, or boy. I hated mine with a passion nothing fit right , like you plenty of attention, if I had a name I never heard it. I don’t think the IQ thing made it to me I didn’t do well in school. That may have been other factors in my life growing up. Anyway I do hair for a living so I had back aches and trenches on my shoulders and was granted a breast reduction. Best thing I ever did and would do it again.
I still have enough to keep hubby happy. 🙂 . Sorry you got teased, rotten kids! Hang in there pun intended! Hugs

Ah! The age old question, “Is bigger better?”

When it comes to female breasts it really becomes a matter of proportion and presentation for appearance. Peoples’ preferences have always varied with regards to size of anything. Some like large and some like small.

However, no matter what your preference for physical attributes, and I am a very visual person, nothing can take the place of a good personality, intellect, conversation, compassion and I could go on and on.

I have gone out with a few women who most people would think are very attractive and who were, shall we say, amply endowed. Nice to look at for a few minutes but it is the women’s character and everything else that goes along with it that makes for a lasting and meaningful relationship. Although they can be enhanced, looks typically do not last as long as all of the other important intangible qualities that make you who you are.

For me, I happen to like a fuller breast, however, having all of the other intangible qualities mentioned makes a woman far more desirable. I much prefer to have a relationship with a woman with a smaller breast size with whom I can converse, share, learn grow, etc.

That being said, on a lighter note, breast implants are now being manufactured with mpg players and speakers built in for women who always complain that men are always staring at their breasts but never listen to them!!

Hi Malissa, yeah, rotten kids is right! Bullying comes in many forms, and make no mistake, what we endure in school helps to shape us. Glad to hear you had corrective surgery and alleviated your back and neck pain, especially with your occupation. Life is too short to suffer with that! Hanging in there as directed! Happy as always to have you here.

Hi Jeffrey, well, you sound like a pretty solid guy. I understand preferences totally. I have mine as well. Like you, I don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. When someone walked into my life that was all the integral parts of a man that any woman could want, I paid attention. It mattered a lot less that he wasn’t as tall as I usually prefer, or perhaps as dynamic in manner as I was accustomed to. So happy I followed my instinct and not my preferences. I am a very happy girl because of it. Knowing what you like isn’t a bad thing. Disregarding what matters is. Happy for the both of us that we have our heads on straight. Not too sure about the mpg players in the boobs. Don’t think that would fly in my world! Love your humor and appreciate you being here!

Joan Cooper -

To all the guys who wrote in – Z Gabor once said: “men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears”

I think she was right. It is how a man talks to a woman that fascinates her – not how he looks – short or tall or whatever.

Did anyone ever explore this issue scientifically? Just kidding.

Joan Cooper

Wow, this hits home and not because I am a large-breasted woman, I am not. My best friend happened to have been the large-breasted girl in junior high and high school, leaving me to be in her shadow. I vividly recall the day she started wearing a bra! I was still in undershirts, not even a training bra at 13! Then came all the attention from the boys, and the men as you said, while I drifted far into the dark shadows around her big boobies! Oh well, I prayed for mine, got some that are actually average in size, and now I’m totally grateful. My best friend’s big beautiful breasts are now droopers that give her back aches, while mine are still relatively perky in comparison! LOL.
I am no longer worried about it, thank God, but I am now thinking that the IQ thing could be right. She is a big powerhouse at Sony, making twice my salary. She was always in advanced classes, was identified Gifted, and graduated from high school with honors and many accolades. For some reason, she was never perceived as the typical dumb, big breasted girl.
Hmmm. I may not have the IQ that she has, but I managed to do quite well as an educator, and now a self-published author. I have decided that we all have gifts, talents, sexy traits and attributes, but nothing is more powerful or meaningful than the impact we make on society. So if a big or small breasted woman can’t change the world for the better but happens to be the smartest in the bunch, what is it worth? Nothing to me, and nothing to our future generations.
Thank you Tammy! Time for a self-breast exam!! I love your thoughts!

Mark -

It seems we all have something about us that we’d like to change, augment or fine tune and the teen years bring it gushing to the surface.
We step out of the comfort of home (siblings aside, because we know they still love us even though they treat us otherwise) and into the discomfort of raw judgement from our peers from every angle. Is it any wonder that self-improvement is the largest category on Amazon?
Somewhere in our later years we begin to uncover that sense that it’s okay to be who we are. The most satisfied people are usually those who begin their journey down that road before they’ve made too many alterations to the original product.
Enjoyable read, Tammy. TY.

Hi Mark, boy, you sure hit that nail on the head. It has been in my later years that I am very comfortable with all that I am … and am not. Reality is far more pleasant than the pursuit of irrational expectations. Stepping out of our comfort zone plunges us into the realm of other peoples opinions. Often times, they leave us with a distorted view of our gifts and our being. You are so very right. I have to say, that many of those experiences helped to form the strength I draw on each and every day. So very happy you shared with me today. And so very happy to have you here.

Hi Stacey Lorinn, well now, you have brought a whole new perspective to the topic. I also had a best friend during my high school years. We still see each other every couple of months or so. Many years after we graduated she shared much the same story you did here. It broke my heart to hear that she felt like “leftovers”. Kids are so tough on one another. It can all be so brutal, really. But in the big scheme of things, boobs are the least of anyone’s problems. Life has a way of toughening us up one way or another. We all have our cross to bear. I am very happy for you that you are happy with yourself, your life and your accomplishments. That, my dear, is epic. Thanks you for the read and for sharing.

Well done Tami- great article, and especially in light of your recent scare. I can relate to your comments about being younger and having to deal with being larger. It can bang up your self-esteem quite a bit. And now as an adult woman with GG size breasts, I catch myself in a mirror and still say “dang, how can you not notice them”.. And, I am finally thinking of a reduction. Not because of any thoughts of smart or not, or beautiful or not, but because my arms go numb from the weight on my running bra and my back is tweaked from being misaligned. And now that I’m facing it, I think I’m going to miss them. They are a part of me.

Mark -

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read thus far and look forward to having you visit my corner one of these days when you have the opportunity to come explore.

Mark, appreciate the good review. Just visited your corner of the world and found it to be pretty awesome. Left you a comment and loved your post. You, sir, are a gifted writer with insight and heart. Consider me a fan.

Well, I guess I’m lucky that my husband is in the 17% minority, as I am not well endowed, although always wished I was. I would’ve had a hard time having any sympathy for any well-endowed girls getting too much attention. I always felt that those of us with a smaller frame had to work twice as hard to get noticed. And from your post, it sounds like we have to work twice as hard to get hired too!

I always wonder who comes up with these crazy studies, and who pays for them?

I have learned that there are benefits to a smaller frame, but certainly wouldn’t mind seeing how it would feel to be just a bit larger!

Hi Suerae, I get you. Just remember, every blessing has it’s curse. I have no idea who comes up with these goofy studies. I wouldn’t mind having the job of conducting them and getting a hefty salary for doing it. That would be an awesome way to earn a buck. Your husband is a smart and lucky man…to know what he has and to appreciate the beauty it brings to his everyday. We well endowed girls might have gotten twice the attention but I guarantee you that most of us did not appreciate the majority of it. As I’ve learned, value comes in all sizes. Thanks for the read, Suerae, and more thanks for your sharing.

Hi Virginia, they ARE a part of us, aren’t they?! Funny how we discover that when we are prepping to lose a part of them. I think you will be wildly happy for the reduction. The insurance company should pay for all of it due to the back, neck and arm pain caused by their weight. Keep enough to enjoy and you should be thrilled with the results. The weight of larger breasts is no laughing matter. Neither is trying to dress the double G’s you speak of. I can’t remember the last time I bought a Medium size top. All things considered, I know there are worse problems in this world to have, but dealing with this issue has taught me a lot more about people than I ever bargained for. Thanks for the read and for the post. I appreciate both!

Lol – leave it to you to take what would normally be a non-PC or inappropriate subject matter and not only talk about it well but include a positive, uplifting message to boot. You amaze me – you really do! And this is just one of many examples my friend. 🙂

Charity, thanks, girl, for that kind review. Awesome! It is not a PC post, that’s for darn sure. But then again, I’m not exactly the most PC persona you’ll ever meet. Half the time when I say something I question myself in my head “was that my outside voice?”. Yup. So glad you enjoyed and thrilled to hear from you!

Hongdae Jin -

I rember this saying “A skinny woman is like a racehorse: fast and fun, but no good for work.” [English, USA]

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