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Halloween Cat

A little Halloween fun from me to you ….

Once Upon A Halloween

When my daughter was just a wee one,

Reading scary Halloween stories was such f un.

Ghosts and goblins and witches galore,

Our scary stories were never a bore.

She dressed as a lion, a pumpkin and a witch,

Those were the days when laughter was our ‘rich’.

Now she is grown and living a grand life,

Life for her is good, but not without its strife.

There is work to do and bills to pay,

Not much time for fun in her every day.

But once a year this young woman does recall,

How she was a princess, a devil, and the belle of the ball.

She throws caution to the wind and allows her child inside to shine,

Teaching me that laughter, friends, and dress-up are all still divine.

Growing up doesn’t mean you stop having fun,

Because if you resign you are as good as done.

And with Halloween upon us once more,

It is time for greeting monsters and fairies at the door.

We learn from our children, what we so easily forget,

That time is a thief and fantasies our best bet.

Make believe has its place and you need not be a child,

Believe for a moment, let yourself go, be wild.

When we are all grown up its important for us to remember

That our childhood is something we should never surrender.

(I think we can all agree that Simon & Schuster won’t be soliciting my poetry any time soon). But it was awesome fun!

I miss the old days of Halloween. Dressing up our little girl, Halloween parades, ghostly cupcakes, Monster Mash playing on the radio and children squealing with delight at each other’s chosen costumes.

Mostly I miss her. Watching how happy she would always be to be a witch, a lion or a pumpkin. Those were the days when we had time for each other. Lots of it, it seemed. I look back now and know that time had never moved faster.

These days I experience Halloween vicariously through that same little girl (who happens to be 30 now). She and her fabulous husband still celebrate Halloween with wild abandon. I love that.

In her honor I wrote this little poem and decided to subject you to it (because I can).

I’ve shared my favorite moments….what are yours?

Happy Halloween! 

My little lionThe year of the pumpkins!

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Laura Lee Carter - Thanks for your poetry Tammy: “Growing up doesn’t mean you stop having fun, because if you resign you are as good as done.”

That says it all for me,
Laura Lee

Tam Warner Minton - How completely adorable!!!!!!!!

Doreen McGettigan - Awww I love your poem, I have so many Halloween memories and really miss my kids being little. I’m going to surpise my grandkids and dress up this year.

Tammy - Me too, Laura Lee. It’s as good a reason as any to keep on making mischief!

Tammy - Glad you enjoyed, Tam. A rare dabble into the world of rhyming!

Tammy - Thanks, Doreen, it was so fun to write, but I know I couldn’t make a living out of it! You must take pictures and share them with us!

Lisa at Grandma's Briefs - Oh, how I miss those days, too. I don’t think I’d miss my girls at that age/stage so much if my grandsons lived nearby. Alas, not now (and probably never).

Sweet, silly, and sometimes scary memories.

I love this:
“When we are all grown up its important for us to remember

That our childhood is something we should never surrender.”
So true!

Tammy - Hi Lisa, In writing this I realized what I have always known, silliness is important, time is a thief, and there is no one in charge of our glee and fantasy but us. Halloween is just one crazy night … but it gives us a glimpse of what it was like so many years ago. And what it can be again, if even for an instant.

mel glenn - Tammy, Though it will never make Norton’s Anthology
of Great English Poetry, it is a sweet, nostalgic piece
reminding all of us to have fun, and saying that no matter how old your children actually are, on some level they will always be your kids ready to scamper around.

Tammy - You are too kind, Mel. Scamper she does….and my little girl she will always be! Hope it gave you a chuckle.

Nancy Hill (@nerthus) - Thank you for reminding me of Halloween. I still get all teary-eyed when my 25 year old daughter tells me that she will always remember having the Mom in gradeschool who made the absolutely awesome Halloween Cakes for her class. Marshmallows dyed green and turned into Frankenstein, shortbread tombstones, rock candy trees with gummy bats…. Thank you, Tammy, for prompting these memories.

Tammy - Oh my gosh, Nancy, your description sounds ever so wonderful! I was a working mom and was the one who always showed up with the fancy schmancy spooky cupcakes from our local bakery. My poor kid never had those wonderful homemade treats for her class. But I made up for it at home, as we would bake from scratch and make a wonderful mess of the kitchen. Thank YOU for sharing with me those wonderful memories!

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