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Out with the old …. In with the new!

Break out the party hats, serve up the cocktails!

Ta-Daaa! Behold, I give to you the new and improved Witty Woman Writing web site!

I got to thinking (always a costly proposition), and I realized that I hadn’t updated my website for over 2 years. Oh, that won’t do! Being current is something I pride myself on. And I wanted something a little more snappy and inviting. You know….like me.

My new site is a lot like me, fun, colorful and full of information you didn’t ask for but I eagerly tell you anyway. Same awesomeness but with a spiffier (yes, it’s kind of a real word) layout. I hope you like it, but if you don’t … lie. I am, after all, a sensitive creature who doesn’t always handle rejection well. At least not today.

Because today I not only unveil the new website, I’m also premiering my fabulous new program (drum roll), The Network. Likely to be one of the best ideas to pop into my head in months, maybe years. Yup, it’s that awesome! Check it out, won’t you, and give me your input (you know I listen to everything you say). In my humble opinion its perfect for those associates and clients who need ongoing help writing their book, blogs, promoting their business, acclimating to social media, and SO much more. It’s the best thing since chocolate cake. Can you tell I’m excited?

There are always glitches to deal with when you make a big changeover like this. I hope you get this post. Would love it if you let me know that you did. It’s a bit of a test run. That would make you my guinea pig. You might even receive it twice. If you do, I’d love to know that too. Be patient with me. I should have the bugs worked out by next week, God willing and the creek don’t rise!

Websites are the most important tool the self-employed person has. It’s our office. They should show your personality, invite people in, open dialogue and offer good information for them to mull over.

Take a walk around the place. Do a little clicking here and there. The closest thing I have to a water cooler is the Gallery. I hope you like it. I haven’t loaded all the pictures yet, but it promises to be a fun place to hang out.

Thanks, everyone for hanging in there with me.

Stay tuned for next week’s post. It’s a doozy! (Who talks like that?! Oh, yeah, never mind).  

Until next week …. the cocktails are on the house!


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Kitt Crescendo - I always knew you were a colorful lady. It’s great to see it on your blog, too! Just an FYI, I received notice that you’d posted through my email subscription…so that’s working. 😉

mel glenn - Love the new website. It’s perky, spirited and helpful, just like you. I hope many readers take advantage of The Network. May it soar.
I wish you nothing but the best.

Tammy - Hi Kitt, THANKS so much for letting me know. And for the nice review on the new site. I think that the delivery system has a bug or two. Hard to know for sure at this point, but it’s all par for the course. SO very appreciative that you reached out to let me know you are still on the other side of Witty Woman. Awesome!

Tammy - Hi Mel, whew, so glad you are among those that received the blog delivery. Appreciate it TONS that you let me know. From your mouth….to God’s ears…may it soar! Catch you next week, my friend. Thanks for being here!

Billie Jo - Love the new site, so proud of you! “Out with the old, in with the new”- I know a wise woman named Gertie that says that all the time!

Tammy - Hi Billie Jo, WONDERFUL to hear form you. Thanks tons for the affirmation! You tell that wise woman Gertie that I do love her MORE! Appreciate your stopping by.

Beverly Diehl - Congratulations – looks good, and I’m not just saying that.

Love the side buttons for FB, Twitter, etc – they are bright and colorful and DO NOT BLOCK the text on the page. I always hate those.

Tammy - THANKS, Beverly. So appreciate the feedback. I agree, I hate pop-ups and tabs that block the text. Ooof! Why do people even use them? I’m hoping the new Witty Woman site is easy and fun to navigate around. After all, it’s my office, and we all like our office to look and feel comfy. Thanks ever so for popping by!

A Pleasant House - I LOVE the new look! Very sassy like you my friend. Now I have to go check out The Network!

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