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Reality Bites

The hard thing about being a grown up is having to face reality on a daily basis.  It’s not easy.

Mom doesn’t make our bed or do our laundry, dinner isn’t waiting for us, we have bills to pay, kids to raise, dogs to walk, bosses to please and lives to share with our spouses or partners. Reality is all so exhausting.

Life doesn’t always deliver what we want but I would venture to say that we generally get what we deserve.

Holding life and people responsible for the things that do or don’t happen to us is like drinking a pint of vodka and expecting the other person to feel its effects. It’s unreasonable and it simply isn’t reality.

If I may be so bold as to say so, I firmly believe that women usually have a better handle on dealing with reality than their male counterparts. It might be because we get slapped in the face by it on a far more frequent basis. That’s when we learn to either develop a rocking sense of humor or become bitter bitches. Both are realities.

If you want to succeed at anything, the reality is you need to make decisions, take chances, work hard, make sacrifices and be patient. If you are missing any of these ingredients, the reality is you might not make it. Fairness would be nice to have in the mix, but unfortunately it is not a reality requirement and is often overlooked. Be careful of that omission.

Realities have a way of speaking to us in a way we can’t ignore. Cars get stolen, personal relationships don’t work out, kids gets sick, we get sick, you get fired, a friend cheats you, and people die. The reality is life goes on with or without our participation.

A smile goes a long way in taking you to a place where you can manage. So does a hug. Love is the greatest reality of all. Too bad we don’t do enough of it.

As for me, I have a great sense of humor and I am, at times, a bitter bitch. It’s good to catch me on a day I am the former. That’s just a reality.


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Suerae Stein - So true! A rocking sense of humor is of utmost importance and hard to find when things get rough. I believe that there will always be someone with a harsher reality than mine at any given time and try to count my blessings often. But there are plenty of times I forget all that and get caught up in the day to day with plenty of bitter bitch moments as well! Thanks for another great post, Tammy! ~ Suerae

Cynthia - Hmmmmmmmm….get it.

Love you Tammy

tammy - Love you back Cynthia.

tammy - Thanks for sharing your voice. Reality is a bitter bitch much of the time. No coincidence that it shares it with us. The thing I’ve noticed about reality is that it is such a time and energy suck. You’re right, we all get caught up in it from day to day. Laughing and loving….two great answers to life bitch moments. Thanks for the post!

kriti - Tammy – I for one have been spared the bitchy Tammy in these posts and have always been delighted with the great sense of humor. So much so that it is difficult for me to even imagine the other “reality” in you. The reality in me is sometimes even though my inner voice speaks the language of reality – the other voice is screaming stupid stuff – that’s me : ))). Loved being here. - One of those lines were just the one I need to read today! I have a few projects in mind and yesterday the reality hit me that I better do something about it or they just will never be done and I would get just what I deserved if I do not act soon! Thanks for the words of wisdom!

Sarah - A kick ass sense of humor along with the bitter bitch we all know so well, relality, is what makes the world go round – just ask my kids. I find I may not always have what I want, but somehow always get what I need – and that’s the good stuff. Thanks Tammy for the wise words and the smile, girl!

Carmen - Oh Boy!!!!!!!Great article… true–how true . Reality bites hard!!!! Yikes!!!!

Tricia Linden - Holding life and people responsible for the things that do or don’t happen to us is like drinking a pint of vodka and expecting the other person to feel its effects. It’s unreasonable and it simply isn’t reality. …..
Love that part, had me choking on my DewRita (Diet Mountain Dew and tequila) ymmmy.
Anyway, that’s a problem with reality, it’s never the way we imagined it.
Enjoy always, T

tammy - You got that right, Tricia! Perhaps it’s our imagined perception that needs re-tooling. Now you’ve done it…I’m so in the mood for a Mountain Dew. Thanks for being here!

tammy - A humorous bitter bitch…hmmm, I like it. I’ve been called worse. So happy to have you here, thanks for the post.

tammy - Reality is her own mistress, that is no lie! It’s a little like death and taxes, there is no escape! Thank YOU, dear goodhealthdiva, for being here.

tammy - Kriti, I’m so happy for you that you’ve been spared the bitchy Tammy. I wish the same were true for me. Wait…that would be impossible. Yes, it’s exhausting being me. If it makes you feel any better…I have a voice inside of me that screams stupid stuff all the time. Sometimes, I even listen. Thanks for you post, always enjoy reading you.

Sid Sperry - Sometimes distance is a reality, too. It’s simply impossible to describe a much-needed ‘hug’ in such detail that it can be ‘felt’ from 1,500 miles away. But there is no doubt that sometimes – sometimes – a chance encounter, an immediate understanding, a willing to listen friend, will reach across the miles and say, “Here, Tammy, let me give you a hug, a warm embrace, a tall and steady shoulder to lay your head upon – holding you just long enough that you know without a doubt that you are experiencing the reality of a true friendship.” Oh yeah…feel free to laugh and smile, too…because it’s who you really are.

tammy - Sid, what a wonderful sentiment. What a wonderful reality. I’ll take the long distance hug and friendship and raise you a couple of laughs and a guaranteed smile of true friendship back. So happy you are here, Sid. Thanks for posting.

Talita - A wonderful post, Tammy. As always, your way with words gets right to the point and speaks for many of us. Well done and thank you.

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