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Sex and Marriage… an oxymoron?

Sex and marriage, I’m a fan of both.  One marriage with lots of sex is ideal. Not probable, but ideal. What about sex without marriage? Running the risk of alienating a select group of people, I have to raise my hand in favor of this one too. Sex is a good thing. All kinds. With consenting adults, and not breaking any laws, I’d have to say it keeps us healthy, happy and level.

The trick is to be finicky. Very finicky. Giving of yourself is a big deal. Once you start acting otherwise, it’s a slippery slope into the depths of mediocrity. It’s better to go without it for long periods of time, or have fun doing it alone (yes, I really said that) than to pick a partner who doesn’t mean squat to you. Something to think about.

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shari Lozano - Hi Tammy,
It was very nice to here from you. I loved GROWING OLD IS A BITCH and SEX AND MARRIAGE. Great Great!!!! When you have time let’s have lunch. I would love to see you again. I had so much fun. All was great!!!

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