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So you want to be a writer when you grow up?

Yeah, me too.

Wow, there must be something special in the air for you to hear from me twice in one week….and there is.

I want to send a shout out to my readers about two awesome things that are going on.

First off, I have been asked to guest blog this week for the outrageously famous Scott Morgan over at his site,  If you haven’t visited his site, you’re missing out big time.  If you are a writer or a wanna be writer, this is a can’t miss read. Join me and trip over to for some refreshing nonsense about how to be a successful writer. Comments always welcome and a sassy answer is always waiting in the wings; just sharing the knowledge.

That’s not all that’s happening on the block today. A mentor of mine, Judith Briles, is a hugely successful author and marketer. She presents programs that lead the writing and marketing industry. I don’t have the space to give you her accolades but I will tell you that both she and her programs are amazing.  Judith is hosting a magnificent Authors Extravaganza in May; and attending could very well change your life. Yeah, I’m serious.

Hop on over to and you’ll see what I mean; you won’t believe the line-up. Eleven top notch speakers will lead the way on topics like publishing, promoting, marketing, social networking, video promotion and tons more. Her programs are always hugely affordable and produce results like nothing I’ve seen anywhere else (no, I don’t get any kickbacks for sending you there, but that would be awesome). A weekend in the Rockies in May is pretty much the perfect place to be.  

That’s it. You’re welcome. Have a great weekend everybody!

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Judith - Thank You Ms. Tammy–Witty Woman Writer and Author! Hey all … Tammy is on target–if you are truly serious about creating a book … one that you can sell and get paid for by happy buyers–you want to meet me in DENVER May 3-5. I’m bringing in all the master book publishing marketers–eBooks, pBooks, vBooks, aBooks–from marketing strategies via Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, your Cell Phone–amazing things happening. And here’s what most authors don’t get–5% of the book is in the writing, 95% is in the marketing. Come to Denver, the Mile High City–and since you are a friend of Tammy’s, if you contact me directly, you will get $50 off. See you in May. Judith

Tammy - Wow, thanks Judith for the client discount for my peeps. Awesome of you. Hope that some of them make it there, I know that your programs are life changing. You are a gift to writers everywhere!

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