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Think You Can Solve The World’s Problems? Don’t Bother, I’ve Done It For You.


With a ton of time on my hands these past few weeks, I’ve polished plant leaves until I can see my face in them, have bonded with the FedEx man, and cleaned my oven. So, I thought I would move on to bigger things, like addressing some of the world’s problems. Let me know what you think of my conclusions of today’s trending news.

Do aliens exist? Of course they do! Does anyone out there really think that we are the only intelligent (questionable) life in the universe? Besides, how else could we explain Kim Kardashian and Gary Busey? Hello?

Should the US be worried about Russia? Duh! Vladimir Putin is a rat. A very ambitious rat. Can we ever forgive him for validating Sarah Palin’s prediction that he would indeed invade the Ukraine? Everyone should be watching their back with this guy. And for the love of God, someone please tell him to keep his shirt on. Nobody wants to see that.  

Can China be trusted? Don’t even get me started. I won’t even buy their pet products, as they have been known to be the demise of many an American pet. The real irony here is that they own so much of America’s debt and property. Yet another reason why we should all buy American. Just saying.

Is a couple at fault for taking their 1 year old infant and 3 year old daughter on a sailboat trip around the world? I feel about this the same way I felt when I saw a video of a woman skydiving with her 1 year old infant tied to her chest. What the hell were you thinking? Parents need to think ahead and do what is best for their children. Put your dreams on hold for a few years and parent your kids. Then go sailing around the world, just you and your spouse. If there was a common sense pill, I’d send it to you.

Is Oscar Pistorius innocent of murdering his girlfriend? Gee, if you don’t have enough sense to check the bed where your girlfriend is supposed to be before you fire 4 shots into your bathroom, then you’ve got big problems. I don’t doubt his sorrow, but his story has holes in it. A super sad situation all around, but I don’t think for a moment that he is innocent, M’lady.

Where the hell is Malaysia’s flight 370 and how could it simply disappear into thin air with 239 souls on board? At first, conspiracy theories filled my head and I was certain that the aircraft had been commandeered for evil purposes. Now, sadly, I think that it lies somewhere on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. One thing that the world knows for sure … the Malaysian government is manned by idiots.

Is global warming real? Seriously? Stop talking and look out your window.

Does America need more gun control? Yes. I am a gun owner and believe in my right to be one. However, and this is BIG however, a civilized society would not allow the purchase and ownership of rapid fire weaponry for their citizens. A government run by the people and for the people would never permit it. Clearly our government is run by lobbyist, crooks and special interests.  

And since I’m on my wisdom soap-box, let me add one last thing. People who abuse children and animals should be severely punished. A suitable punishment like being dragged behind a pick-up truck, then poisoned, peed on and burned. Zero tolerance, baby. Zero tolerance.

Yeah, I hope for everyone’s sake I’m out of this leg cast soon before I plot to take over the world.

That does it. Now it’s your turn to sound off.


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Kathy @ SMART Living - Oh no! Has it gotten that bad???? Wow, I really, really hope that your foot comes out of that cast soon 🙂 and I’ll bet your family does too! This post is just a clear indication that you are watching WAY-AY-AY too much television news. Time to watch a comedy okay?

mel glenn - Dear Tammy,
Well, that wraps it up. You have succinctly solved all the world’s problems, (with humor – love the alien line about Kim) and I salute you. But under the wide-ranging reaction to world news, I get the feeling you are exceedingly restless and wish to return to your peripatetic life. Hope you recover fully – soon!

Tammy - YES, it has come to this, Kathy. *sigh* I really need to sign off of CNN and BBC. Either that or run for the Presidency. So much going on in the world right now, I turn the television on at 7 at night and there it stays in the background until I hit the sack. Thanks for your awesomeness!

Jennifer Steck - Do you have a couch? I need a little help with some of my problems. I’d be happy to keep you busy for awhile. 🙂

Tammy - You got it, Jennifer. I am thinking I might follow Lucy’s (Charles Shultz character) venue of placing a box on the sidewalk and charging 5 cents for my wisdom. Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion. So happy to have you here to be mine!

Tammy - Hi Mel, you got that right, as I knew you would. Just itching (literally) to get back to my “real” life. Although this one has taught me many lessons. Some I can’t help but wonder if I’d be better off not knowing. Ever so happy to hear from you, my friend. Thanks for that.


Wow, what a mouthfull. One comment on Putin – crazy like a fox. He figured out why Russia was once so great and then not so great. I was unaware that they do not really have a big population of Russians. He knows that the greatest day in history was Stalins’ (no matter what you think of him) “Soviet Union” – look what they did at the Olympics with their government training.Watch this guy. I kind of hope he tries to out-populate China. I have a problem to handle for a client living in China right now – I feel like I am in a James Bond movie.

Joan Cooper

Joan Cooper - One more thing – about the lost plane – the thing I cannot forget or answer is….. why was that pilot practicing at home on his equipment, the very same turn they made which was not scheduled ?????

Joan Cooper

Kim Liebman - Funny thing, astrology sister, I agree with you on all points!

Tammy - Congress, Joan Cooper? I was thinking Presidency. Actually, who in the world would want that job?? Russia, China, North Korea, what a cluster mess it all is. Frightening to say the least. At least the people in the James Bond movies were a LOT better looking! Just saying.

Tammy - Now why does that NOT surprise me, Kim? Although it is highly unusual to be in agreement on all points. They are a bit touchy. SO HAPPY to have you here. Thanks for that, my new friend!

Doreen McGettigan - It all made sense to me. Hystericle sense.

Cathy Chester - I am an anti-gun, Million Mom March, anti-violence, anti-war, anti anti anti.


I think they should do to animals abusers what they did to the animals. Including Michael Vick.

Karen @BakingInATornado - That couple could have put their dreams on hold OR put having kids on hold, so that’s at least two options they should have considered.

Oscar Pistorius? Who actually thinks someone would break into their home and go shut themselves in a bathroom? There’s a whole lot that doesn’t make sense about that incredibly sad situation.

And flight 370. I wish I could think of a better option but, sadly, I think you’re right. I just wish we could get these poor loved ones some definitive answers.

Great post. Thoughtful and funny all at once. Just how I like them!

Tammy - So happy you dropped by for the read, Doreen. It makes hysterical sense to me too! In a sad kind of way.

Tammy - ESPECIALLY, Michael Vick!! My mind cannot wrap around such cruelty. So difficult to understand. ZERO tolerance for it, but you already know that. Happy to hear from you!

Tammy - Yup, Karen, I so agree with you … agreeing with me. Brilliant minds think alike (ahem). So pleased you popped in for a read and shared your comment. Thanks for that!

Suzanne Fluhr - Oh dear. Not only do you have too much time on your hands, you’ve also been watching too much CNN. As long as we’re ranting, “CNN People, you could update us like even once an hour about the missing Malaysian Air plane if you think you need to, but your hours of experts speculating about uncertain facts is not really productive AND other important stuff is happening in the US and the world.” Thank you. Peace. Out.

Cynthia - Oh Tammy, so so true. I am becoming consumed with the Malaysian jet disappearance….If they hear the pings, why can’t divers, etc find the damn plane? Does NOT make sense to me. Putin is a scary character…not sure or comfortable with what might come next from that man. Gary is going to be having surgery soon and I only hope that he spends his down time pondering and trying to solve world problems like you. I love you. BNIALW

Tammy - Hi Suzanne, just saw this comment and couldn’t agree with you more. On all counts! I have been completely turned off of CNN with their need to consume the airways for hours, with four talking heads discussing the “possibilities” is nothing less than nauseating. Surely there is something happening in the world we would like/need to know about. Peace Out, indeed!

Tammy - I’m with you, Cynthia! Have you noticed how so much of what we hear reported in the news lately makes NO sense at all? Life in it’s realities have become ridiculous in the play out of things. But for people like you and me, the Malaysia flight quandary defies logic at the highest level. How can something so big disappear into thin air WITHOUT a trace? Back at you …. BNIALW!

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